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    Emo Hoe
    Hello DEFY community!
    Today we'd like to announce a contest that will go on until Saturday at 11:59 PM EST.
    Basically, those of you who have recently been in the TeamSpeak have seen the new spacers. We decided to modify these to be able to store the child channels, and we've had to change the formatting to better fit this.
    Your task is to submit a spacer format that will look good on the TeamSpeak. 
    Example: ★ >> Channel Group Name << ★
    The winner will receive a special icon in TeamSpeak of their choosing. (Approved, of course.)
    Good luck!
    We would like to announce that we are having a double XP Weekend (PS: vips get x4 XP since they already have double!) starting Friday 12:00am EST and ending Monday at 12:00am EST! On the other hand on Monday(April 17, 2017), we will be adding a second Jailbreak server with 16 slots. We will be looking for your feedback the following week to see whether you prefer two 16 slots servers vs one 32 slot Jailbreak server. Also bronze VIP will be 20% off this weekend starting Friday-Sunday! Use promo code= 20off to apply the discount! (1 month=20% off 3 months=30%off 1 year=35% off)
    Hello DEFY Members,
                 Today we wanted to ask you about your thoughts about DEFY having an official competitive team. This team would practice, scrimmage, play competitively (obviously), and much more. We want to see how many members would be interested in having an official team, before actually assembling one. This is still in early stages of development, so please be patient.
    If You Are Interested In Having A Competitive Team, Please Click One Of The Options Below:
    If You Have Any Questions About The DEFY Competitive Team, Do One Of These Options Below.
          (WARNING: Some Options Might Take Longer For A Response)
    - Apply Above With The Link Provided
    -  Leave A Comment On This Forums Post
    - Leave A Comment On The Group
    - Message DEFY | Mobbster
    - Message DEFY | DSyR
    (ATTENTION: If you message Mark he will redirect you to one of the options listed above.)
    Thank You! Have A Great Day!
    Special Thanks To
    For Setting All This Up.