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    Happy Fourth of July Weekend Everyone!
    Hey guys so the DEFY Staff team and I have decided to kick start this fourth of July weekend with a pretty dank giveaway! Please enter the log-in fields with an email I can reach you with and preferably your In Game Name for Steam. Winners will be chosen (up to four) on July 2nd, Sunday at 7:00 PM EST.
    Enter below!
    Emo Hoe
    Hello DEFYclan!
    Today I'd like to make some real quick points towards the community.
    Our new ranking system and its requirements have finally shipped. More info @ http://defyclan.com/forums/topic/863-defy-roster-explanation/
    Make an introduction post. If you haven't already, these are required to rank up past apprentice.
    Interact with the community in our Interests / Discussion forums. DEFY isn't just about game servers, it's also about building a strong community around these serversl
    Join the TeamSpeak. It's great for admins and members to be able to talk to new people in TeamSpeak, it's always great to meet someone new!
    Thanks again to everyone who has applied, been accepted, and played on our servers! We really appreciate the opportunity to meet all of our dedicated players, and we love playing with you guys!
    Hello DEFY Members,
                 Today we wanted to ask you about your thoughts about DEFY having an official competitive team. This team would practice, scrimmage, play competitively (obviously), and much more. We want to see how many members would be interested in having an official team, before actually assembling one. This is still in early stages of development, so please be patient.
    If You Are Interested In Having A Competitive Team, Please Click One Of The Options Below:
    If You Have Any Questions About The DEFY Competitive Team, Do One Of These Options Below.
          (WARNING: Some Options Might Take Longer For A Response)
    - Apply Above With The Link Provided
    -  Leave A Comment On This Forums Post
    - Leave A Comment On The Group
    - Message DEFY | Mobbster
    - Message DEFY | DSyR
    (ATTENTION: If you message Mark he will redirect you to one of the options listed above.)
    Thank You! Have A Great Day!
    Special Thanks To
    For Setting All This Up.