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  1. Yesterday
  2. Nutt

    "211coolman" sick name faggot xd
  3. Nutt

  4. best silver clip

    god silver
  5. TTT Voice Chat

    If you become inno and you still had it enabled in the previous round I believe it would change it back.
  6. Never Done is unranked

    Department of Bans & Complaints @milo Admin Resolution Denied Misc Information
  7. Last week
  8. TTT Voice Chat

    Does it auto-change it back afterwards?
  9. TTT Voice Chat

    This is why I love you mark.
  10. TTT Voice Chat

    This sounds great, can't wait to try this out.
  11. TTT Voice Chat

    Binding a key to sm_tvoice or typing in console sm_tvoice when you are a Traitor will put you into a Traitor only voice chat. What this does is only T-buddies can hear what you say. In this voice chat you can still hear everyone else but when you speak on your mic only fellow traitors will hear you. So you can use this to communicate useful info to fellow T-Buddies.
  12. Nice little AWP ace

  13. TTT idea

    Happy to hear this.
  14. TTT idea

    The credits are setup in this manner because we believe that members and players will feel the items they attain will have more value to them if it takes longer to get them. If for example we gave everyone 10k credits and everyone was able to get the same items or things within an hour, would you feel special having that item??? Would you feel like you accomplished anything??? We do not believe in handing credits out like its candy. Also on a side note there will be weekends in the future that we offer double credits, so this would be a good way to earn credits faster so look out for those announcements LOL no admin can rig the system. Their may be a pattern to the betting but the betting system needs some work or temporarily disabled until we fix the issues with it.
  15. TTT idea

    But all the admins rig it so they win.
  16. Plz

    Appreciate me you will.
  17. TTT idea

    Also admins get same as members
  18. TTT idea

    I don't think admins get more than normal just vip
  19. TTT idea

    You are so right about this suggestion. If you become become member btw you get x2 credits
  20. TTT idea

    Credits are a little hard to come by for a non-member for you only get 1 credit every time, so I (and a few others) are constantly on 10 credits or less. Maybe we could add a new way to get betting credits? Like "Bet on T 100 times" or "Bet on CT 100 times" or just kill xeno on his T round, but let's be honest, no one is going to get that. I know for admins and VIPs it's rather easy to get credits, but I think it would make the servers more enjoyable if you get could get credits a tad bit faster.
  21. Plz

    Post a bunch of Galil Fragclips below so I can NUT Appreciate You Greatly
  22. I like winning the day :P

  23. Jewie brags about his silver clips...

    That's just luck. ;D
  24. TTT

    You didn't specify what kind of list
  25. TTT

    this isnt a grocery store
  26. TTT

    1. Eggs 2. Milk 3. Bread 4. Soda 5. Peanut Butter 6. Chips 7. Plastic Cups 8. Paper Plates 9. Paper Towels 10. Frozen Dinner
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