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  2. Rule Update 1/19/18

    ok, that sounds pretty good. I swear every time i had to go leave unexpectedly i had a slay
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  4. Intro for Maine Coon

    Great! I meet you once and you seemed nice..... Anyway welcome back!
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  6. Intro for Maine Coon

    Hi all, My name is Maine Coon and I was one of the first members of this clan but have not really been involved in a while until now because of R6S. A little info about me, I am a 19 yr old African American male who lives in Maine and is a huge sports fan. I mostly like single player games but most of my playtime is on multiplayer games lol. I love cats, thicc girls and alcohol. You can usually find me drunk on the Defy team speak and discord. So if you see me in there say hi to me, I promise I dont bite xD.
  7. RDMing

    yes lol
  8. Rule Update 1/19/18

    If the admin already assigned the Rslay on you, technically you can leave since you will get punished once you come back anyway, but we recommend waiting the slays. If it is an emergency you can leave but wait till the admin assigns the slay first.
  9. RDMing

    Top 10 Questions Science still can't Answer
  10. Rule Update 1/19/18

    So if i have to leave but I rdm'd the round before the admin can assign me the slay and then I can leave?
  11. RDMing

    is it still RDM if u got consent first 🤔🤔🤔
  12. Rule Update 1/19/18

    awe dang i think this means i can't quick scope xiv anymore
  13. Rule Update 1/19/18

    I like it because, for the new players, they'll have to sit out two rounds and watch and learn. They probably won't learn much in just one round. Plus the people who come to just RDM will get a harsher punishment, and it won't really be worth it for them.
  14. Rule Update 1/19/18

    if they get turned off they may stop to rdm, and people who get rdm’d are getting turned on when they see that the one who rdm got a punishment. With this rule the amount of rdm can decrease which would make the gameplay alot better and maybe new people will join for the rdm amount is less. I also think new players should maybe get 1 slay if they clearly dont know how to play or they dont know any of the rules.
  15. Rule Update 1/19/18

    But then it's harder for me to get banned, wtf gay.
  16. juan taps

    hes mid omgggg. goes mid. misses like 100 shots, I think hes z peeks back one tap. peeks again one tap. so fucking weird.
  17. juan taps

    did y'all like the reload after 2 bullets
  18. Rule Update 1/19/18

    nope, the admin must issue the slay on you first. then you can leave. People that rdm other turn them off and I think its only fair they dont get to play.... why would we let someone who makes the game less fun for others be allowed to roam arouind with no punishment.
  19. Rule Update 1/19/18

    I don’t support this new rule. TTT should be fun for everyone, even the guy that rdm’d. Longer slay times just turn people off.
  20. Rule Update 1/19/18

    I think that's a no because admins need you to be on the server to issue the command
  21. Rule Update 1/19/18

    Does this mean that its ok to leave after you rdm someone, since you will get punished when you return
  22. Emo Cult Confirmed

    oh shit ya got me
  23. Rule Update 1/19/18

    RDM Punishment Changed Punishment now includes a new function called Round Slays or Rslays. (new rule should be displayed in Rule #13 of General Server Rules) Each person that is rdmed from one individual=2 Rslays. Example: Zarakattack RDMed 1 person, that would be 2 Rslays and if Zarakattack RDMed 2 people, that would be 4 Rslays Before this rule was added, the punishment was an ordinary slay. The new rule is better in a way that it combats leave to avoid so if someone leaves after the round they rdmed, they would still get slayed automatically when they come back on the server.
  24. Emo Cult Confirmed

    https://imgur.com/a/IazxX You have to keep it this way now @Emo Hoe
  25. Unoriginal intro

  26. Unoriginal intro

    TTT is the good stuff. Welcome to Defy Blank. ;^D
  27. Unoriginal intro

    whats poppin b I’m blank, I’ll probably only play ttt because im gay no homo though because thats that gay shit.
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  29. Backstabs.

    I think you need to check your smell if you can't see. canadian people have too much moose cum in their ears to stab.
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