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  2. Sick Desktop Visualizer

    veri noice
  3. Sick Desktop Visualizer

    It's NOICE.
  4. Yesterday
  5. xd

    man im good at this game
  6. xd

  7. Last week
  8. Artistic help

    That is very interesting.
  9. Nobody is playing TTT?

    It's just slow right now.
  10. Rule Update 2/22/18

    RDM Rule Explained: The RDM rule was misused and confusing before. This has been better described in detail. Location: TTT Rule Explanations. Before the RDM rule was very confusing and lead people to believe anything was RDM and having to slay someone for 2 rounds on a non-intentional kill is not fair, We have modified the rule explanation.
  11. Artistic help

    oooooo ninja make me one pls @Ninja
  12. Artistic help

    made these pretty quickly, first one would be "7" and second one would be "seven"
  13. Nobody is playing TTT?

    nah this is an emergency ttt is dead and it needs to be repopulated 100emoji
  14. I'm cold

    blankets? i’ll send you some for nudes
  15. Artistic help

  16. Artistic help

    Money plz
  17. Artistic help

    Hey can someone make me a profile picture? I would like it to be the japanese verison of seven in black and white.
  18. IM BACK

    You disgust me. You'll pay for this!
  19. IM BACK

    Yes officer this is the post...
  20. I'm cold

    You probably would tbh. Get a tower heater lol.
  21. I'm cold

    My basement has little to no heat and my parents won't let me get a space heater cause they're worried I'm gonna burn the house down. But I wouldn't blame them, it'd probably happen by accident.
  22. IM BACK

    welcome back daddy I hope you're not gonna be DUNN with us again!
  23. Nobody is playing TTT?

    At lease TTT gets more love then JB ;c
  24. IM BACK

    i know it has been a long time since ive played defy but i miss it too much so im going to be playing more often

    Do you even English.
  26. Nobody is playing TTT?

    I've noticed no one is playing TTT. Just saying, we need more people on it, NOW! Ok, it is not that much of an emergency, but still.
  27. Community Event 1 - Fragfest

    Can we get points based on kills?
  28. Community Event 1 - Fragfest

    We get a good old randomizer.
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