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  2. Seven's Pictures | Set Uno

    So this is just a few of my many pictures that I have taken. If you have any questions about them I will answer them. https://gyazo.com/aaf0805e010730d5a021bc83f431a485 https://gyazo.com/e35bcb797eb7c18caaf91a551e7e3aae https://gyazo.com/9f42ed5783c7004eb94b0444dc771e23 https://gyazo.com/b7076ada9834111dfd9b78a972b40625 https://gyazo.com/589a29163dc383721ee2112a0a09df97
  3. Yeet YeET yEET yEEt YeeT Y33T yèèt yéét yêêt yëët yēēt yėėt yęęt ÿèèt ÿéét ÿêêt ÿëët ÿēēt ÿėėt ÿęęt. 

  4. Prop surfing

  5. Prop surfing

    is it going to be a democracy?
  6. Prop surfing

    I'm still planning on reworking rules + polices & procedures. Lots of change coming soon hopefully.
  7. Jailbreak afks

  8. Prop surfing

    To tell you the truth I think we should have a list of unclear rules and then have a meeting to discuss it. @Emo Hoemaybe?
  9. Prop surfing

    Who is this friend?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Prop surfing

    Well I was also there and I said that the ban was not deserved..
  12. Prop surfing

    seven has issues with krim lol
  13. Prop surfing

    Sevens talking about the guy that didn't. if they go up, that's against the rules.
  14. Prop surfing

    That is true in that case, but most people just go up.
  15. Prop surfing

    when ur on a prop ontop of water.. floating pretty much. how are u high up in the sky?
  16. $100 Giveaway

    I'm the opposite of lucky, so no thanks.
  17. Prop surfing

    I know who your friend it It kind of can, because when you're killing people who looks to the sky for harry potter on a box
  18. Prop surfing

    Yea that is more like prop floating. Which to my understanding does not give u any advantages.
  19. Jailbreak afks

    Warning shot. Death shot. Good.
  20. Posting pictures

    Upload it as an attachment. Once it's uploaded, click + on the image provided.
  21. Jailbreak afks

    Do you have to shoot them and count to five or just shoot them once and then kill them?
  22. Posting pictures

    Is it possible to post pictues on the forums and if so how do you post them but if not can we make it possible?
  23. Handicapped coming back

    You left about when I joined, I somewhat remember you. Welcome back btw.
  24. $100 Giveaway

    I don't have a lot of friends. But I'm fairly nice. Hope I win. Best of luck to anyone else that enters the giveaway!
  25. $100 Giveaway

    Cause being nice might pay off and make ya win lol
  26. $100 Giveaway

    Why would i tell my non-realistic friends about it if i want to win xd. Edit maybe i should have watched the video before hand xd
  27. $100 Giveaway

    Im gonna go for it. Not Expecting to win though. Im just hoping.
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