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  3. im better than everyone

    suck a dick /|\ |
  4. Question about Credits

    you are also my sugar daddy
  5. heh

    ik lol
  6. heh

    It's the dojo map but not minecraft
  7. heh

    21 fps?
  8. Last week
  9. heh

  10. Question about Credits

    I'm just a master raffle @Hexaquan
  11. im better than everyone

    ur so bad not even silver 1
  12. im better than everyone

    4 real
  13. im better than everyone

    The silver grind has ended.
  14. im better than everyone

    Thank God ur not silver
  15. im better than everyone

    ur all bad xd
  16. Quiting

    love you
  17. Question about Credits

    Dude, i was on when you had won 5000, 200 is nothing too you, now 200 would mean a lot to me
  18. DEFY Here i come!!!!!

    h i s i r w h a t s u p
  19. DEFY Here i come!!!!!

    Before my short time on this server, but I've seen you once and you seemed cool!
  20. DEFY Here i come!!!!!

    Welcome back Sir! Don't end up leaving us like last time again. xD
  21. DEFY Clan Holiday Giveaway!

    Wow I could actually win this since my friend JOE doesnt have to accept a invite. I would have won that giveaway but no, HE DIDNT ACCEPT THE FUCKING INVITE. THANKS JOE I COULOD HAVE HAD A AK VULCAN
  22. DEFY Here i come!!!!!

    Well my comeback has started. I am officially back with DEFY. Cant wait to see all of you guys on the servers. Love yall seeya soon.
  23. Youtuber cements his head in a microwave

    Desperate need of money.
  24. Comback?

    You shouldn't need the approval of others, if you wanna come back its all you man. More then welcome to come back always, the more people the better
  25. Question about Credits

    Talked to Mark about this issue and it's going to be kept the same, However on the Rtv issue Mark has made it so the map won't change until round end which is when the raffle will end. It's more a gamble at your own risk!
  26. Quiting

    Cya later Witchy, have a good time playing other various things.
  27. Question about Credits

    Recently I have lost over 200 credits because I raffled when the map changed or the server crashed. Could we make it so that when a map is changed by RTV that we get a refund on credits, or keep the raffle when the map changes.
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