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  2. Download:69.96 Mbps Upload:10.49 Mbps Ping:16 ms Image: \ I live in Ontario
  3. In-Game Name: Uncle (Usually followed by outdated memes) Age: 12 What is your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:17181906 Why do you want to join DEFY: I'm enamored with the great community, every time I join the servers it feels as if I'm being wrapped in the love of the DEFY community.(No Homo) Who invited you to DEFY: Nobody, I just found the jailbreak server. Do you have Teamspeak3: Yes Misc: I know some java, I'm well versed in HTML, I'm okay at CSS, I know some PHP, and I'm the best in Cpp (so HMU if you need help with coding problems) 2
  4. Moderating that doesn't seem any fun
  5. Also why can't I upload the image
  6. Post pictures of what you look like
  7. AYYY CHICAGOO. I live in chicago and i have xfinity.. can relate to EnderX1 Download:18.7 but i pay for like 50 or 80 i think Upload:8 Ping:14 Image:
  8. nice to meet you sir
  9. +rep just played jb with him. pretty cool and knows rules!
  10. Today
  11. +rep from me, pretty chill
  12. +rep instead. Improved from when I saw him.
  13. I live in Chicago and since I have xfinity I have trash internet. Download : 45 Mbps Upload : 15 Mbps Ping : 10 ms
  14. +rep, I think gloves or something would look nice. I have 2200 credits and have nothing to use it on. I dont like the powerups because it can ruin a round and only lasts for 1 minute while it takes a day to grind. Nice idea Chub.
  15. Emo, that is sexy af. I say keep that one for the logo. My opinion, +rep. Nice design's Trip
  16. You guys should start giving out some more info about this. This has been at a standstill. Maybe start organizing teams? A MG, Gold, Silver and a DMG ^ team?
  17. +rep i like how this man thinks
  18. +rep good guy, knows the rules and can follow them.
  19. +rep Very Funny
  20. I believe a shoutbox should be part of any forums. It helps users get information without necessarily posting at all. Also many questions can be asked, and would be fulfilled almost right away because of how it should be on the home page
  21. So I was banned just a few minutes ago (time now 8:51 PM EST, 2/21). It was due to a glitch in the map. When you throw a grenade apparently the physics go wonky when it hits the ground and it makes an obnoxious sound. I had no idea. I tried throwing a smoke at the ground, and lo and behold, obnoxious sound. The admin did say at one point "If someone does this again, I'll ban him.", but I had no idea it was for that glitch at the time. Actually, I didn't know the glitch existed. Anyways, long story short, admin says "I said if anyone did this again I'd ban them.", and I'm banned.
  22. Dont bump your own post please.
  23. I feel like a competitive team would be really cool I don't no I should personally be on the team YET because I am still practicing
  24. Come on guys only need a couple more rep!
  25. -rep Pretty toxic ingame and gets salty after we don't want to race him. Definitely not from me
  26. The red looks great with it If needed I can use this format and same text, but make a forum header for it
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