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  3. TTT Death Leaderboard

    I think we're fixing it, but I'm not sure.
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  5. TTT Death Leaderboard

    Yep, seeing them faded out was better. It's hard to tell now.
  6. TTT Death Leaderboard

    So i really miss the old way to tell if someone was dead.
  7. TTT Update 8/18/17

    We added a lot of stuff. It's pretty lit. Added Drones and Cameras Pretty neat things you can use to scout out certain parts of the map. Once you buy it, type "/cd_cam" in chat to activate your drone! Added Knockout Tasers Available for traitors, knocks someone out by fading their screen to black and muting them until they wake up from the knockout. Detective Victories If there are no innocents left, just detectives and traitors, the detectives win. Buy Roles Instantly Traitor is 50k credits Detective is 27k Flashlight unbound from Inspect and changed to !flashlight Bind the flashlight to a key by typing "bind [key] sm_flashlight" in your console Added Silent AWP Wallhacks Fixed Guns act normally in warmup Jihad Bomb Reduced to 30 Seconds Use Decoy Teleporter Twice Per Round AFK Timer Changed to 60 seconds
  8. Seven!'s Player Complaint

    You dont need to make a complaint if you are mod
  9. It worked on cleansing the nazis.
  10. Seven!'s Player Complaint

    Like 5 secs after i slayed him
  11. ABUSE

    stfu you are all jews
  12. The "L" For Stewie Griffin:A Story of sadness

    Omega Loss
  13. The "L" For Stewie Griffin:A Story of sadness

  14. Dedicated Music Bot

    I mentioned something like this earlier, glad someone made a post.
  15. Dedicated Music Bot

  16. This Should be Defy Server.

    I agree with you. I never said it wasnt
  17. This Should be Defy Server.

    Yea I know but spending money on a hide and seek server is kinda pointless.
  18. This Should be Defy Server.

    Just like what uncle did like 5 days ago with that alien thing. Seven and a lot of other people were there, and it eventually turned into that defy shitstorm of a 5v5 competitive that you were shunned out of
  19. This Should be Defy Server.

    Hide and seek servers don't really attract a lot of players. You can just make a private server with friends for this.
  20. This Should be Defy Server.

    Shit. i wish i had known.
  21. Seven!'s Player Complaint

    Did he leave on the same round as the slay?
  22. Happy's Office

    If theres gonna be a Happy's Office there should be a Pinkie's Office. No reason at all, just to be there.
  23. The "L" For Stewie Griffin:A Story of sadness

    Hold this L
  24. Dedicated Music Bot

    Add a dedicated music bot on the discord. I reccomend FredBoat or Rythm, just anything besides dyno. Dyno has a lot of stops and skips and Dyno's music system is extremely buggy. Lots of people use the bot and with dyno going offline and skipping portions of the music, its really not a good bot for music.
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