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  2. You may be sick of it but it what must happen. Everyone makes mistakes but if we give them a chance to redeem themselves and they don't, then they will be swapped. Either way even if it automatically opened the rules most people could just close it and not care anyways. Our current system works just fine.
  3. jk
  4. but its only $10
  5. i know ;(
  6. Way to expensive
  7. The non members that are on when I get on get chosen the members do too but I choose all of the admins. After that will pick one from each group so those people win
  8. +rep too annoying
  9. wait so ur picking people?
  10. +rep this is true as getting people that say he isn't warden confuses me and when people mic spam while on t over warden I would get killed for following orders that I couldn't hear
  11. yea it is on the bans part of DEFY but it is still pretty cool.
  12. this is a really good idea im sick and tired of the admins telling people to read the rules or they will be moved to t side. +rep
  13. I don't think we'd give someone mod that quickly. Even our regulars take a while to get mod.
  14. We will have three winners one from non members one for members and one for admin. The prizes are an ak47 blue laminate min wear and flock weasel for each of the winners with one mlg trams sticker im gonna pick 10 non members 10 members and all admins. winners will be chosen by
  15. Ig u can say that u got memed, heh
  16. Maybe hide a secret code within !hub and players that can give the secret code have priority over others? If you change it once a month people will have to read the rules regularly
  17. Does this actually happen? It has always seemed like mods were too powerless/scared to do anything @SensationalUnicorn2.0 see my post post below. Mods need gag powers or the server gets disorderly
  18. Then if that kid gets mod then Krim would be retarded
  19. paypal it bud
  20. k will give u $100000000000 tell me ur adress
  21. no not u real donald trump
  22. Yesterday
  23. The DEFY Staff are proud to announce that the TTT server is now live! TTT is a old favorite gamemode of people from Gmod and The Defy community is Proud to now have a Server for it on CS:GO! The Server has recently been released from Beta and released to everyone. Remember to do !hub to keep up with the rules on the new server and make sure you stay out of trouble. If you're interested in Joining the DEFY TTT server go on over and search 'Defy' in Community servers or add to your favorites. With that Being said, Good Luck, And Happy Hunting! -The DEFY Staff Team
  24. So we are getting married, but he wants me to propose with a knife, that is not something i can easily acquire... If anyone can send me some $$$$$$$ You will get a invite to the wedding
  25. Make sure you know the rules and then it's a maybe.
  26. love that people are mass rdming
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