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  2. Two servers are wack. Never thought i'd ever have to wait in a queue to join jb since one is full and the other is empty.
  3. +rep look like the dude that makes fun of vaping on vine #RipVine2k17
  4. Hello DEFY, Here is a template for posting suggestions for rules, feature, or anything else you would like to see implemented. Make a brief title summarizing your suggestion Type the prefix in "Tags." Make sure to type a comma after you finish typing the prefix, this should pop up a box called "Item prefix:" then change the prefix to the proper prefix (jailbreak, ttt, general, or technology) Write your suggestion Write why you would like to see this implemented Write how you think this should be implemented/worded in the rules page (Optional.) Add a poll so that I can see what other players think of this idea. You can do this by clicking on the poll tab underneath "Topic Details" at the top of your screen (Optional but strongly recommended.) Be sure to keep checking your post as often as you can because I will probably ask clarification questions, because I'm a bit slow. Your help is greatly appreciated, - Hoodini, Game Manager.
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  6. When an we have another community meeting it's April 26 and in still very desperate help me
  7. no one thinks your racist just calm the fuck down with the n word
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  9. How am I supposed to slay them if the update broke source mod Smh
  10. Name: Disney Age: 14 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:84590644 Have you read our server rules? Yes Do you have Teamspeak 3?: Yes Why do you want to join DEFY?: I have been playing on this server for awhile now and I really enjoy it. It would be nice to try and notify the admins for players that dont follow the rules. Who invited you to DEFY?: His in game name is Pixar, He is a good friend of mine.
  11. -rep completly ignores my reqest to stop impersonating being my brother.
  12. yea ikr
  13. did u slay them??
  14. jailbreak

    dude u spelled harambe wrong its in my name ur stupid enough to spell it wrong jk. love u handicapped
  15. ttt

    Keep in mind that if we do add new maps, they have to be in the CS:GO workshop or have ported files for now.
  16. ttt

    The maps on ttt server have been over played and outdated. Here are a few map suggestions to add... Desperados Ape House Nuke house ttt subway MW2 highrise slayers Ht bank ***Most maps made by Kilroy***
  17. Good thing no one knows you've been on because we would get complaints on complaints
  18. ive already been on lol no one knew LOL XDXDXDXDXD
  19. Wtf lol
  20. Like I went on the server and everything was so messed up. Like there were like 6 CT's while there are 3 T's. Nothing was playable. Every ct was freekilling and everyone started mic spamming at some point, and there were like some tango world wide people lul. And then I just left and went on a surf server and then a bhop server and every one was knifing and killing each other. It was kind of fun Idk
  21. Wut
  22. Wut
  23. Lmao u racist ballsack fight me on the streets if you can't take the heat. I have the balls to each cheetos in all white so come and find me on 69911 handicapped lane. I'll beat u with my wheelchair. Citations: lil yachty Diss god my baby daddy Christian my cracker krit
  24. @krit I do play but very little. I have a job and school so it's a bit hard to manage. However I do check forums often so that means that I cool
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