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  2. Auto ban

    T killing a t is already an autocslay 3 rdm in a round, I mean this could be really glitchy and unfair because 3 people could have tried to t bait someone and you never know what can happen.
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  4. Ima cry

  5. Auto ban

    Yeah i get that, I was meaning the like T kills a T slay or the 3 rdm's in a round slay.
  6. Ima cry

  7. Increasing our member count.

    Hit them up with the teamspeak if they don't read chat and try to encourage them to come on
  8. Yesterday
  9. Intro?

    of what?
  10. Intro?

    I'm The Suspect
  11. Increasing our member count.

    I mean, I assume most of our members do this already.. but notifying people may get a couple of more people's attention.
  12. Increasing our member count.

    Great Idea
  13. Yesterday I was playing on TTT, and 2 people rdmed me multiple times and reported me when I killed them. When I did kill them, it was my T round. Make /call for only enlisted and above so only people who know not to be idiots can use it. (It would also be another reason for people to apply for member)
  14. Add drops to the TTT and Jailbreak servers

    Ok thanks I didn't realize that
  15. Auto ban

    Well then why is it when I go on servers and use my soundboard, I get muted automatically But if I play music through my Mic, I don't unless an admin is on. There has to be a way
  16. Increasing our member count.

    I think if any staff/members see a player that is active on the servers we should ask if they would like to enlist or give them some help on the website. The new message that pops up on TTT is awesome, but there will most likely be few people that pay full attention to it. (Or might have issues signing up, it happens. XD)
  17. Auto ban

    Some people use a program that runs music in game through the console.
  18. Add drops to the TTT and Jailbreak servers

    You get drops but you dont see it unless you go to the home page and it says 1 New Item
  19. Add drops to the TTT and Jailbreak servers

    Every now and then I get drops from the servers. It just doesn't show up for everyone to see.
  20. Auto ban

    Shouldn't be, unless they have access to the programs you're running. Which I'm assuming they don't.
  21. Auto ban

    Their is a way that servers detect a soundboard. Idk how.
  22. Add drops to the TTT and Jailbreak servers

    Watch someone get a d lore
  23. Auto ban

    Auto mute could be a pain. Idk how it would work but there are 2 ways I could see it, not sure if either are possible. Detect a certain number of decibels that the server considers "too loud" and issue a mute for that The issue with this is that if someone's mic is just broken and happens to be too loud, it could mute them for no reason Detect the length someone's been talking for. If someone's explaining a story or something else, it could mute them for it. Auto bans aren't a good idea either. Neither are short bans. If someone's banned for half an hour, they'll literally come back and do the same thing in half an hour after they get banned from another server It also messes with our time system People aren't slayed twice anyways. It goes Slay>Kick>Ban If we implemented this, we'd have to create something to monitor people who were kicked recently and that just seems like something that really wouldn't work on the server.
  24. Auto ban

    It's on sooooooo many servers already. Their is a plug in for it, I'm pretty sure. Most servers just detect that you are using a soundboard.
  25. Auto ban

    and how would that be implemented. I doubt there is a software that does that
  26. I don't know if you can do this or not but add cases or drops at the end of the round
  27. Last week
  28. Name Change

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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