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    So, one day I was just Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool shooting some b-ball outside of the school and looking at my 24 mutes when this great idea popped into my head! What if we had a weekly Defyclan update? Like a cute little newsletter that everyone saw when they come into the forums, like it would have one sections of new rules and shit, what staff were promoted/demoted, who joined defy, latest trends, like rust/minecraft and maybe even some surveys that defy wants answered. It would look kinda like this but not in uni-code.x I just thought it would help not having to here all the shit though the grape vine. _______________________________________________________________________ | DEFYCLAN UPDATE #420 | |______________________________________________________________________| | Roster | | Benji demoted to member for being a raisin | | Uncle perma banned for having 24 mutes | | Kelly promoted to mod | |______________________________________________________________________| | Rules | | Saying "look at my red choad fat b***h" is now considered misleading and is punishable| | by hoodini tapping dat a** with a tuna | | Tac grenades can no longer be used to go into vent | |______________________________________________________________________| | Survey | | WOULD U TAP THIS OR NAH?!?! | | | | Dat A** | | |_____________________________________________________________________| | OTHER | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | _____________________________________________________________________ |
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    For those who have been asking or in general trolling me about my player complaints, when me and 4 friends are on the TTT server at 10pm-2am having fun and 6 people join to mic spam and rdm don't be surprised when it ruins the fun of the 5 people who were on before you. Don't complain when i put a player complaint out about it, you were trolling and rdming and i used the player complaint feature on the site as it is intended.
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    I want it back. Why was it taken out in the first place. The server crashes on all maps. #BringBackBowling Need to add a 2nd line to make it not spam.
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    There should be an auto Afk Time out that kicks you or moves you to spectators if you are afk for more than 2 minutes because its really annoying to lose karma for killing the afk.
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    How do I find my Rank within DEFY? How do you rank up? If you are ranked as an Apprentice and would like to become Cadet you would need to acquire the following; Total of 10+ REP 15+ hours of playtime on our servers Why do some People have Defy | Name and others have DEFY | Name? Anyone ranked Enlisted (Recruit, Apprentice, or Cadet) must use Defy | Once you become a Senior or higher (Private, Corporal, Sergeant, etc) you must use DEFY | When can I apply for Staff and How? You may apply for staff once you each the Senior Category of our ranks. So if you hold the rank of Private, Corporal, Sergeant or higher. DEFY Official Roster Enlisted Senior Veteran
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    Hey guys, I am giving away 1 key of choice to a lucky winner! The winner will be Sunday, March 12. The way to enter you MUST: Good luck!
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    I have recently noticed how people who have been on the server for like 1 day can get accepted and people who have been here for months get denied just because some people have bad opinions about them. This is extremely unfair, can we change the rules of being accepted. Like if more than 5 people +repped You then you get in no matter what, saying this because if 5 people plus rep someone then the 2 people who MINUS rep cancel out the plus rep and good people get denied for that.
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    It eliminates some of the background noises and makes things overall not as loud.
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    Hello, I am pr0fs. I'm 15, a boy, and play cs go. I play club/school soccer and like to play FIFA and PES. I used to play Battlefield Play4Free (one of my all time favorites), until it shutdown. I also like Need for Speed and GTA, I enjoy playing DEFY TTT and I'd say its my favorite cs community server.
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    Staff should have colored names in chat, it would help new players understand who the staff are. It's easier to see a brighter color rather than white too. Overall would be helpful. (Besides when going incognito)
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    listen to this for 10 hours on repeat. It helps me.
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    what if all the admins start rdming than huh who will save you now!
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    Dictator for a democracy. Who u think u are hoelarry cunton. You guys don't see the part where I said that some people get member after they get on for like 1 day. Make it so u have to be on a minimum of 3 days or 2 to apply for member.
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    On your profile instead of displaying one of your statuses it should display them all. (Your current member rank, your staff rank if you have one, and if you have VIP) So basically one status will not override the other statuses that you have.
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    @Ks is a fucking legend
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    I think we should just have 1 tag like this. [Supreme Leader] Emo Hoe I think it would be perfect and only emo wears it? @Emo Hoe
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    Since the update a month ago buying a taser no longer proves you. However, if you buy a taser and you throw it to somebody it will say "DEFY | That Butcher's Zeus x27" while holding it. This is how you can prove yourself with a taser. The best option is to give your taser to the detective and have him prove you by reading the owner of the taser.
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    Congrats to the winners! 30$ Game @honeystick @Never Done VIP For the Month! @sonic @chrisbloom
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    Xeno and Emo were chillin' in TeamSpeak one day. Xeno was quite sad and lonely, wrapping himself in a blanket and eating pizza by himself. He had no one to play PUBG with so he asked Emo if he would play with him. Emo said in a sad tone, "I can't, I don't have PUBG." Xeno responded, "Shit, anyone have King of the Hill?" Emo replied, "Yeah, and it's King of the Kill." Xeno told Emo to shut up in a little weeb voice and Emo began explaining the difference between KOTK, Xeno suddenly said, "Fuck it, I'm just gonna gift you PUBG." So Xeno did as he said, and it gave Emo a rock hard boner. "I only wish there was something I could do to repay you..." Emo said. "Nah, you don't have to, just play more than like 5 minutes," Xeno responded. "No, there's more I can do..." Emo said as he drifted his hand over the top of Xeno's army pants. "No, Emo, we can't do this. No more workplace romances after IcePack and Sensational, remember?" “It’s okay, who’s gonna knark?” “I-I guess you’re right…” Emo put his hands on the edge of Xeno’s pants and slowly pulled them off. Xeno was a poor weeb so he had no underwear on, and his Asian chode popped right out.” “It’s not much, but it’s all I have…” he said. “It’s okay, I have something for you,” Emo said as he faced the camera, “Ron Jeremy Penis Size Enhancement™.” Emo slipped the small pink pills into Xeno’s mouth, and his dick grew until it was the size of a pen. “Wow, it grew almost ten times as much…” he said. Emo responded with, “Yes, now use your fucking Samurai Dick™ and fuck me!” Emo jumped down on Xeno’s now raging boner and it was so sharp and hard that it tore right through his black skinny jeans and into his asshole. Emo, whose dick was still as floppy as a rubber band, said, “This isn’t getting me horny at all, let’s change that.” He pulled out a knife, furry handcuffs, and an anime mask. “I’ve been preparing for this a long time, he said.” He put on the anime mask and began shaving off the corners of Xeno’s dick to make it sharper. Xeno bit his lip in pain but was so turned on by the anime mask he just let it happen. Emo had Xeno put on the handcuffs. After the handcuffs were on, he told Xeno his master plan. Xeno looked at him in awe for a moment, but then nodded. He took his now razor sharp dick and cut Emo’s wrists with it. He put his dick inside the cuts and Emo began to moan. His dick grew to twice the size of what Xeno’s dick had been when they started. Xeno did this up and down his arm until they were both covered with blood. Then Emo whispered one last request in Xeno’s ear. Xeno took his Samurai Dick™ and began putting the sharpened tip up Emo’s dick hole. He kept going until his dick was all the way inside Emo’s. At this point, Xeno came inside Emo’s dick and then pulled out. Emo then bent over to suck his own dick and Xeno’s cum dripped into his mouth. After a bit of this, his own cum mixed with blood dripped into his mouth. “You can’t tell anyone,” Emo said. “I won’t,” Xeno said as he went to go wipe off his bloody dick. And then Emo died of blood loss. The End. Dead!
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    Senior member should have to be worked hard for and not be done in two weeks. The requirements need to be much more demanding to increase time spent on the website and servers. As of right now, it is just too easy. A likable member could become a Senior within a very short time period. My suggestion would be to change this. Make the requirements for the ranks harder to get, so this way players work hard to get them. Requirements could include: Time of join date (a minimum of 'blank' months since joining), and more forum rep/posts.
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    While I am playing on TTT I always hear new players complaining that they got rdm'd only to find out that you can kill off of high sus at 2 minutes. I think we should add a 2 minute marker message that says something along the lines of "2 minutes left, overtime is now in effect. You may kill off of high sus now". This would really help new players know what is happening.
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    Are you the realz ownwr of DEFY?
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    People fall off all the time and have no way to get back up. If there are admins on sometimes people get drowned out and cannot get a tp. I think in the pre-round time a command should be available to teleport you back to your spawn point. Just as simple /tp and you get teleported to one of the spawn points on the map.
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    I think there should be parachutes in ttt to prevent fall damage. People might say fall damage is part of the game but theres really no point to it when the point of the game if for the traitors to kill innocents, not the ground. I have seen about 50% of ttt servers have this plugin, we should be one of them.
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    Lol. Although I think we also need to add like a command VIP can type that kills all innocents or all traitors (depending on what team they are on)
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    Why don't u just go on the website through ur phone . That's what I do, works fine.
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    If you dont stand by the edge, you wont get pushed off. Simple as that.
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    970 is all a real nigga needs.
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    Let's start off simple. I'm 14, my birthday is September 12th and I was born in 2002. My hobbies include playing games, occasionally riding my bike, and other miscellaneous things. I am currently a sophomore and I am in band (I play the trumpet. If you ask, I might play it). Usually during August I won't be able to play often due to constant marching band rehearsals. That's about all I can say, if you wanna know more. you can ask me in-game. Later nerds.
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    I'd like to thank everyone for the bullshit things that they said would help but didnt help at all, and to the people that said to pour water on my mac would help (p.s it didnt) and i'd like to announce that my mic finally works in teamspeak.
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    If you mean me. I completely agree with ur complaints. No hate towards you because it's your opinion and not mine. Last I checked people can have their own opinions and I apologize for any misguided behavior that was done by me.
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    Like for JB you get 1 heal as a normal, 2 heals as a member, 3 heals for Staff/VIP (I THINK) Also more refuses, pardons and more. If anything there should be for TTT it should be like being able to buy multiple tasers or other stuff.
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    Hey I'm a Spork, I like to play videogames and eat bread. My mom was a spoon my dad was a fork so then i was born!
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    If they're on YouTube there's a whole forum section for that, so I don't see why not.
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    Servers should now automatically check for updates to avoid the need for Mark to manually update them each time. Servers now scan for new updates every 15 minutes and will automatically update if an update is required.
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    1. Ray gun 2. War Machine
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    I would say 20 seconds would be fine, and the range of it should be increased, but price should be left alone.
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    Hello, I have always wanted to see more T vs T type of games in jailbreak (some that are actually good and takes a bit of skill) like CTF, LMS (last man standing), FFA and other juicy stuff. Using IcePack's suggestion to bind a T to a specific color for an event, we could make this work. Of course, these events would be using knives to beat each other and low damaging guns can be found inside of the event map. Find IcePack's suggestion here:
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    This feature is only available to admins for them to be able to determine who the a T is so we can solve problems faster. Also if members could do this, Ghosting would be a bigger problem.
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    Forgot to make one soooooo...*in ring announcer voice* IN THIS CORNER WEIGHING IN AT 110 POUNDS WHEN IN REALITY SHOULD BE 9000, 5'11, WHITE AND ARAB MALE, WHO ENJOYS SITTING AT HOME BEING AN UNSOCIABLE FUCK, EATING FOOD, IS CURRENTLY SINGLE (but is making an effort to get a girlfriend) AND ALSO PLAYS BASKETBALL A LOT WHICH IS THE MAIN REASON FOR BEING INACTIVE AT TIMES *insert drum roll here* MR.HAPPYYYYYYYY (or senor contento for the mexicans). if you want more details about my boring but some what intresting life, feel free to comment down below. Make sure to like, subscribe, and share with you friends, its been Mr.Happy guys see ya. BTW my real name is #%$&*@ but you can just call me Happy.
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    Hello my name is Majin Vegeta. You may know my name from the semi popular anime Dragon Ball z. My real name is Sam and I'm 14 years old. I got my pc 4 weeks ago and I have been playing cs:go on it for a while. Some of my favorite hobbies is to play sports, I play Baseball, Basketball, Water Polo and Tennis. I'm not that smart I had a 3.4 gpa my first year of high school. I love 80s 70s Classic Rock and Soft Rock. I listen to heavy metal when I work out. I hope you enjoyed my Intro to DEFY.
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    Is it allowed to use T secrets during LR? like in a race. if so can we make it so that isnt a thing thanks
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    Note: This is not the development forum. At the time, the only edits I will make are for critical bugs or extra information (jailbreak server ip used for testing). Any bugs lower than the rank critical will not be fixed until the full version comes out. Hello, DEFY. As some DEFY members may know, I have been working on a map. Its dubbed by the name jb_warehouse. It makes me feel proud that this is the first exclusive map for DEFY and I cant wait to release the beta. But, as all betas, we need beta testers of the map before I release the beta. Im just calling these beta testers "The Omega Team". These people are not gameplay testers. These people are to test that everything works. A beta test server will go live a little bit after I upload the beta onto a server, but that might take longer than anticipated. Ω The Omega Team Roster Ω Ω Omega (Operation Holders) Ω @autistic fuck @TS-Dream. Ɣ Gamma (Admins of Test Server) Ɣ Noone, expecting Princess Luna ϐ Beta (Raw Map Testing) ϐ Noone, at the time ɑ Alpha (Server Testing) ɑ N/A at the time How to apply for The Omega Team? Its simple, post on this topic, with a @ your name, and any comments about the project (if you have none, then dont post any comments.) Currently, you can only apply for Beta rank, but one the test server is out, you can apply for Alpha. Upon a new version of the map, the map file will be pmed through forums. Same thing with Alpha, but once a full version is complete, the test server will be released to the public, and the 2 day suggestion/bug period will commence before the upload onto DEFY. If you would like to be a admin, you need to be part of defy and be known by me. Then ill give said person a knowledge test of the rules and your in. Its temporary, so its not a vigourous recruit process. 🐛 Bug Levels & Reports 🐛 New maps comes new bugs, of course. There is still a few bugs on obama that involves the low-grav. These are bug levels, how we organize those pesky things. 🎉 Fun Bug - Tier 1 Bug - A bug that has no effect on gameplay yet is fun to experience. Examples - Bug that puts a T prop way high above his/her head. Estimated time of fix - Never, unless it becomes a... ߀ Zero Bug - Tier 2 Bug - A bug that is neutral. Or its a fun bug that has been requested to be fixed (only one person needs to request the fix, and it will become a zero bug) Examples - Bug that makes a T purple, A fun bug that was requested to be fixed. Estimated time of fix - Every major release. 🛠 Exploits - Tier 3 Bug - A bug that has any change in gameplay at ALL. It can be a negative change or a positive change. Examples - A bug that lets you kill everyone in a certain T game. A bug that kills you when you do something to cause it. Estimated time of fix - Any minor release before a major 🍪 Bite Sized Bug - Tier 4 Bug - A bug that has a positive change for any T or CT that gives them a unfair advantage. Examples - Scrapped game or weapon that is still accessible. A catwalk that has a gun on it that isnt a T secret. Estimated time of fix - Every minor release 🔸 Minor Bug - Tier 5 Bug - A bug that has a large positive change on any T or CT that gives them a unfair advantage. Examples - Randomly all T's get a weapon. Estimated time of fix - Every minor release (if it takes too long to release a major, it becomes critical (long is 2dys)) ◆ Major Bug - Tier 6 Bug - A bug that has serverwide consequences Examples - All players die. Estimated time of fix - Force major release. 🗴 Critical Bug - Tier 7 Bug - A bug that has server-related consequences Examples - Server Crashes Estimated time of fix - Patch. Bug Reports None, at the time! Yay! How to submit a Bug Report? Fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/TJqGVPduw5qwKsUw2 Map Version Organization This map comes in different versions, which if you have ever updated CSGO, you would know what a version is. Versions of this map are funny. This is how they are sorted out. jb_warehouse_ v1 < Major Release. Each major is released onto DEFY servers .3 < Minor Release. Released to the jb_warehouse dev forum (which is this one) .15 < Build Release. Released to friends if they want them _defy Majors are versions of the map where major changes of the map are released to DEFY servers. Majors are determined by what changes have been made to make a major for it. These are listed here. 0/1 NEW GAMES CREATED 0/3 BUGS FIXED 0/2 CHANGES TO SECRETS 0/5 FOILAGE CHANGES 0/5 MINOR CHANGES or 0/10 MINOR RELEASES Keep in mind these stack on each other. Its needed that 200% of stacked changes to become a major. So if I created a new game, and fixed 3 bugs, it would become a major. It would also mean that if I made only 2/5 minor changes, 1/2 changes to secrets, 1/1 new games created, and 1/5 foilage changes, it would still be a major. It can also become a major if 10 minor releases have been made. Majors are also made indefinitely if no milestone is met by a month's time. Minors and Builds are just changes to contribute to the changes for a major. Keep in mind, this map may only make it to v3.0.0 before reaching a stage where the map nears perfect. Patches are wierd, because they are fixed in a timeframe of a hour and released as v1.3.0.patch. Patches wont be used due to the sheer rarity of a glitch. So thats it of the beta dev page of jb_warehouse. Im happy to be building this map with DEFY! Thanks for reading, and bye.
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    If you want to #realtalk then get on ts if you have a report on someone rdming and 90% of the time there will be an admin there. Ts: ts.defyclan.com
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    Simply put my real name is Mark. Some believe that my real name is Patrick, that is not the case. I went by the name Patrick cause it was kind of a meme.
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    Hi, I'm josh wick, but you can call me tonight ;). -17 -Movie Buff -Hip Hop Head - IcePack's mans is me -Who's mans is this? -Memer - Loophole Finder -🅱epis