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    Age: 13 What is your steam ID: STEAM_0:1:172482069 Why do you want to join DEFY: I want to join DEFY because of the great community and the playerbase it has. The atmosphere in general is pretty good and I would like to help out also I know 90% of the rules by now and can help others in the near future. Who invited you to DEFY: Defy | Dreams Do you have Teamspeak3: Yes Misc: N/A
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    I would like to say I have had a great time on DEFY, but I feel like my time is up. I want to do more things regarding school and just have some more time. I want to give special thanks to Mark, Some_person, and Psycho for being great head admins. I would like to thank Copes, Deadboltjr, Krim, Racist, Emo, Springbreak, Hoodini, Bot Albert, Sensational and Nick for making my time on Defy worth it! I have had a lot of good times but I feel like I cant do it anymore... Next, I would like to thank IcePack, for being my best friend on DEFY. I love you all and I hope you understand why I'm doing this. If you still want to play comp or something with me hit me up http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198291605336/ Lastly, I would like to just say a simple goodbye <3
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    Hey guys, i'm starting to wonder if I should get back on PC and just play some time on the weekends? I know I said I would quit permanently but I have a lot of free time on the weekends after going to the gym. I love playing with all of you and just want some feedback. Drop it down there in the comments.
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    I already have a nipple sized dick...
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    No. It's not a T sided map if you know how to counter the secrets. It's a favorite for a lot of people and removing it completely would be a bad idea. The map brings out the creativity in people, and i've seen activities/games that you would never see on other maps. This map was the shit when I played it in source.
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    If you want to do misleading commands so bad play simon says. Simon Says allows you to do trick commands.
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    We should make toxic behavior and incessant complaining against the rules.
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    I have been working on this for a while and this is the prototype atm!
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    I added onto the original and made this one
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    Me and a Server Mod were talking and we thought of this idea with would restrict most people from becoming CTs and to meet new requirments to join CTs. CT Requirments: Must Have 250+ Mins. (4.1hours) played on the server. Another thing which might not be as good but convinent would be members could only be CTs. How this helps: Less Freekill Less People Complaining About CTs Not Knowing Rules Forces People To Play The Server And Learn Rules A Bit More Let Me Know What You Think!!
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    Yeah, what emo said. If you've ever joined a gmod server with a lot of addons you'll know what we're talking about.
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    hello, i just wanna say that I'm leaving Defy. that's why I have been unactive a lot. gonna come back in many week. I gonna post a video on yt where I say god bye to all of you. mark I fucking love you ( gay as fuck) cyya. Mrbam stand for #MakeDefyGreatAgain. love you all so bad and been with you all for so long. remember when I was like 5 people on the server max. fun time.
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    For our own clan team, I think there should be a couple. One for silvers, One for gold novas, one for Master Guardians+ It gives of a a chance of being on a team. So your allowed to slowly make your way up to a better team. Becoming better working with better people and enjoying life! The names for which Team your on should be like this.... DefyS | IcePack (DefyS = Silver) DefyG | IcePack (DefyG = Gold Novas) DefyP (Defy P = our like "pro" team) Maybe theirs captains for each section. This will evolve everyone one in the community to play with some staff or members or what ever. Making it enjoyable. We should for each section try to have around 10 people. So if people aren't on we can Que. But if your not doing a full Que put your name back to just Defy. Obviously Silver team will have the most. So we should try to rank up to help gold novas, and Master guardians.Because a lot of members and I play together we have a full 5 Que (of silvers) It would make it more fun to be a "team"
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    We're working on it. We have a few candidates for staff at this point, but until we get some good members who are active and deserve powers we may be a little short. We're doing our best right now in order to compensate for this lack of staff.
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    We had an issue with TTT today where some skin fraud craze swept the entire server and all everyone wanted to do was get free skins and not focus on the game. I feel like we should not allow any form of this skin gambling to be promoted on DEFY servers, since it essentially ruins the entire game if the craze winds up sweeping the entire server. Also, I'm not sure if this is a necessary or worth enforcing measure, but I also think we should not allow CS:GO skin site links, (gambling, trading, etc.) on the servers as they promote the loss of skins and money and I feel like those are not values that DEFY should have to keep a steady and promising community. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts. - Emo
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    The admins who have retired from their positions have stated that they don't have time for a commitment on the staff team. I can relate but i'm a fucking trooper, all i'm seeing is pussy shit .
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    I have the same commitments (sports, gym, school, etc) and i'm able to balance it. I know i'm not as active as I should but I still make an effort. Consider doing the same, but if you have problems with other staff I respect your decision.
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    Boy this is like the only map Mark plays, and it's also the best map. CTs do have the ability to hold down the map, if they work hard enough.
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    Traitorous Acts Shooting towards players (traitor baiting) Throwing frag, incendiary towards players Not identifying bodies Calling KOS on innocents Planting C4 Having traitor weapons (silenced m4,etc) Hurting another player with a explosive Prop (Explosive Barrel, etc) Entering/Leaving a traitor only area (traitor rooms) @Mark Instead of making "traitorous acts" Put "Kosable Acts" because then it makes it easier for people to know what they can call a kill on sight for and these all are considered kosable/sus
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    NO NO NO. This map is the best map for people that like to play T side. Not all maps need to be for ct's.
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    I do not see this as a good thing because we would loose so many players because when no member is on then the game is broken because only members can be CT.
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    During Clouds especially I see this happen. I see people go deputy or Guard and all they do is go surf. Or play Hard climb or any sort of climb. I think you should be able to slay them for that because it gets really annoying. They have no idea of things that are happening around them. Or if warden dies and they take over they have no idea whats going on. Who's rebelling. What today and more. I have had this idea for a while I have warned people your suppose to protect your Warden. It has helped sometimes. Yet when I die T side I just see them playing games. It can get frustrating. Like why do you even go on CT if your not gonna do a CT thing. Just download the map and play the games yourself. -IcePack
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    I agree. The automated ban should be a little less time.
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    Who gives a fuck if you've hacked in a video game. As long as it's not on DEFY servers, I don't care at all and many shouldnt too.
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    The DEFY Staff are proud to announce that the TTT server is now live! TTT is a old favorite gamemode of people from Gmod and The Defy community is Proud to now have a Server for it on CS:GO! The Server has recently been released from Beta and released to everyone. Remember to do !hub to keep up with the rules on the new server and make sure you stay out of trouble. If you're interested in Joining the DEFY TTT server go on over and search 'Defy' in Community servers or add TTT.DEFYclan.com to your favorites. With that Being said, Good Luck, And Happy Hunting! -The DEFY Staff Team
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    A fuckton of p250 sandunes
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    As the title suggests, there needs to be heavier enforcement of rule 1.1. Constant complaining about being freekilled or crying about people not following the rules is extremely annoying and detrimental. Having a populated server with 3-4 of the same kids incessantly bitching sets a terrible precedent. Also, this generally happens at the beginning of a round which means the prisoners will not be able to hear new rules, thus resulting in more bitching. There are repeat offenders...some being in Defy. I'm not going to name anyone but I would hope management acts on this because it makes playing on the server less than enjoyable.
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    Birds fly in the air Birds like flying Birds make nests They lay eggs in nests Usually only a couple survive before they are abandoned by their mother to die
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    That's what I said, cause it's true for me
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    Admins are quiting! I dont really know why but I miss you guys and thanks for being great! Can someone please explain why most are quiting?
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    The reason i retired is that i didn't have enough free time and it was a lot of work. I will come back in about 1-2 months hopefully!
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    stop by on the server to say Hi gonna be on all night, feel free to say happy birthday!
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    Shiiiiiiiiiitttttt a tear has been shed man ;-;
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    noooooooooooooooooo </3
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    I like the Jailbreak one better. If I were to make a suggestion though I think a good idea would be to use the offence level colors in the body to denote what punishments you'll receive if you break a certain rule.
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    Thats way to much, you could do like... a few 5 dollar skins or something
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    broken hit reg man. This shit is a pain. Just picture if they were moving. I have another video of krim shooting hiwatt in the head and it counted as a body shot each time.
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    Yo I'm playing some bo2
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    i just want to thank mark for adding a ttt server (trouble in terrorist town) it is super fun and i personely didnt like jailbreak and ttt befote untill i came across DEFY the only jailbrak server and ttt server that isnt flooded with 50 people. thank you mark.
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    Ig u can say that u got memed, heh
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    Maybe hide a secret code within !hub and players that can give the secret code have priority over others? If you change it once a month people will have to read the rules regularly
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    This is the original creator of mankind. He has made many incredible things happen. He IS the one. He will always be the one. From a boy without any pubes, to a full bearded man. Mark, I personally thank you for making my life better. Thanks, Ya boi
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    yeah we need more active admins...