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    DEFYclan Official Roster Senior Staff Five Star General @Mark Four Star General @Some_Person [Head of Operations] @Emo Hoe [Head of Technology | Forum Mod] @ImNotRacist [Head of Bans and Complaints] @Hoodini [Game Manager] General Staff Three Star General @MarthaTheWatermelon [Head of Human Resources] @Never Done [TTT Server Manager | Forum Mod] Two Star General @SensationalUnicorn [HR Assistant] @XenoGenesis [Head of Public Relations | Forum Mod] @IcePack [B&C Department Member | Forum Mod] Junior Staff One Star General @BOT Albert @Gabe @the gud succ [Forum Mod | Public Relations Department Member] @EnderX1 [Tech Department Member | Forum Mod] @Zarakattack [Forum Mod] Colonel @krit @Evil Morty @XxDukexBeastxX @milo Retired @Coco @Virnios @Verdant @DeadBoltJr @Cozy @Psycho @SIR Veteran Major [ 120 Hours in Game | 50 Forum Reputation | Staff Recommendation ] @Psycho @Krim Captain [ 75 Hours in Game | 37 Forum Reputation | Recruit 3 Players | Suggest a Rule/Idea That Gets Implemented ] Lieutenant [ 50 Hours in Game | 25 Forum Reputation | Invite 3 Players ] @Lil_Serb @harambeisjesus Senior Sergeant [ Recruit 1 Player | 40 Hours in Game | 50 Posts (Not Spam) ] Corporal [ Invite 1 Player | 15 Forum Reputation | 30 Hours in Game ] Private [ Mature and Represents Community Well | Passes Knowledge Test | 20 Hours of Playtime ] Enlisted Cadet [ 10 Forum Reputation | 15 Hours in Game ] Apprentice [ Make an Introduction Post | 10 Hours in Game ] Recruit [ Application Accepted | 5 Hours in Game ] Notes Requirements for higher ranks stack on each other. For example, you can't go to Private without making an Introduction Post.
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    I was thinking that maybe a day or a weekend that offered double the credits to players would be cool because i always find that people like the items and options in the shop but barely any people can buy them. Also double credit events would attract more attention to the server on the event days. Just my opinion though.
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    Hey my name is XxDukexBeastxX's I am 17 years old and I have a job at Emtec. I think the Defy server has one of the best staff.
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    I want it back. Why was it taken out in the first place. The server crashes on all maps. #BringBackBowling Need to add a 2nd line to make it not spam.
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    Hi I'm Kelly and I like to rebel occasionally and play jump rope. I also like bending over.
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    Hey guys, I am giving away 1 key of choice to a lucky winner! The winner will be Sunday, March 12. The way to enter you MUST: Good luck!
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    There should be an auto Afk Time out that kicks you or moves you to spectators if you are afk for more than 2 minutes because its really annoying to lose karma for killing the afk.
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    Tag Grenades (yes, for me I call them tag) - Big flaw here. Only warden and deputy should get tags, as said by Zarakattack. These are to capture prisoners in cells and hiding in spots. If you could buy tags, it would cause a imbalance giving them wallhacks. Armour - Most maps will feature a armour button, so this is entirely useless. Open Cells from Anywhere - Script limitations. Plugins have to know the names of the cell doors in the bsp and every cell door is different. My cell doors is cell_fence, while others will be cell_door. We couldnt detect of a area search either because of how in bsps, solids like brushes dont exist. Instead, they exist as one giant piece of geometry with collision layered on and textures. Every maps origin is different.
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    Introduction: Hello I am Armin1002 and I mainly play on the TTT server which at the moment That I wrote this I had 140.97 hours on that server. I am from the UK, I am a 15 year old male and My height is 6'2 and I can speak 3 languages Likes and dislikes: My liked things are CSGO and gaming, my favourite console is a Ps4. I enjoy music especially Grime, some of my favourite artists are Skepta, Jme and Tyler the creator and Action Bronson. I enjoy sports my favourite basketball team are the Toronto Raptors and my favourite football or soccer team is Manchester City. I also like foods such as grilled cheese, pizza and Chicken for example Nando's. I dislike emojis.
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    Yo I just noticed that this was even a tab on the forums so I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm 15 in 10th grade and I have way too much free time. Bam, done. Mission complete
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    Hello my name is Majin Vegeta. You may know my name from the semi popular anime Dragon Ball z. My real name is Sam and I'm 14 years old. I got my pc 4 weeks ago and I have been playing cs:go on it for a while. Some of my favorite hobbies is to play sports, I play Baseball, Basketball, Water Polo and Tennis. I'm not that smart I had a 3.4 gpa my first year of high school. I love 80s 70s Classic Rock and Soft Rock. I listen to heavy metal when I work out. I hope you enjoyed my Intro to DEFY.
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    Happy Fourth of July Weekend Everyone! Hey guys so the DEFY Staff team and I have decided to kick start this fourth of July weekend with a pretty dank giveaway! Please enter the log-in fields with an email I can reach you with and preferably your In Game Name for Steam. Winners will be chosen (up to four) on July 2nd, Sunday at 7:00 PM EST. Enter below! https://gleam.io/5jzAY/defy-gaming-steam-gamevip-giveaway-four-winners View full record
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    Hello DEFY, If you need help with anything member rank related, then I am your man. If you need your in-game member rank, TeamSpeak rank, your name on the roster, your member application accepted (once you have 5 rep), or a promotion within the member ranks, just ask me to do it. I am slow and a little dumb so I might forget to do one of those things for you. You can message me on the forums, talk to me in game, over TeamSpeak, or add me on steam. Oh I can also give you the knowledge test too if you need that.
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    Note: This is not the development forum. At the time, the only edits I will make are for critical bugs or extra information (jailbreak server ip used for testing). Any bugs lower than the rank critical will not be fixed until the full version comes out. Hello, DEFY. As some DEFY members may know, I have been working on a map. Its dubbed by the name jb_warehouse. It makes me feel proud that this is the first exclusive map for DEFY and I cant wait to release the beta. But, as all betas, we need beta testers of the map before I release the beta. Im just calling these beta testers "The Omega Team". These people are not gameplay testers. These people are to test that everything works. A beta test server will go live a little bit after I upload the beta onto a server, but that might take longer than anticipated. Ω The Omega Team Roster Ω Ω Omega (Operation Holders) Ω @autistic fuck @TS-Dream. Ɣ Gamma (Admins of Test Server) Ɣ Noone, expecting Princess Luna ϐ Beta (Raw Map Testing) ϐ Noone, at the time ɑ Alpha (Server Testing) ɑ N/A at the time How to apply for The Omega Team? Its simple, post on this topic, with a @ your name, and any comments about the project (if you have none, then dont post any comments.) Currently, you can only apply for Beta rank, but one the test server is out, you can apply for Alpha. Upon a new version of the map, the map file will be pmed through forums. Same thing with Alpha, but once a full version is complete, the test server will be released to the public, and the 2 day suggestion/bug period will commence before the upload onto DEFY. If you would like to be a admin, you need to be part of defy and be known by me. Then ill give said person a knowledge test of the rules and your in. Its temporary, so its not a vigourous recruit process. 🐛 Bug Levels & Reports 🐛 New maps comes new bugs, of course. There is still a few bugs on obama that involves the low-grav. These are bug levels, how we organize those pesky things. 🎉 Fun Bug - Tier 1 Bug - A bug that has no effect on gameplay yet is fun to experience. Examples - Bug that puts a T prop way high above his/her head. Estimated time of fix - Never, unless it becomes a... ߀ Zero Bug - Tier 2 Bug - A bug that is neutral. Or its a fun bug that has been requested to be fixed (only one person needs to request the fix, and it will become a zero bug) Examples - Bug that makes a T purple, A fun bug that was requested to be fixed. Estimated time of fix - Every major release. 🛠 Exploits - Tier 3 Bug - A bug that has any change in gameplay at ALL. It can be a negative change or a positive change. Examples - A bug that lets you kill everyone in a certain T game. A bug that kills you when you do something to cause it. Estimated time of fix - Any minor release before a major 🍪 Bite Sized Bug - Tier 4 Bug - A bug that has a positive change for any T or CT that gives them a unfair advantage. Examples - Scrapped game or weapon that is still accessible. A catwalk that has a gun on it that isnt a T secret. Estimated time of fix - Every minor release 🔸 Minor Bug - Tier 5 Bug - A bug that has a large positive change on any T or CT that gives them a unfair advantage. Examples - Randomly all T's get a weapon. Estimated time of fix - Every minor release (if it takes too long to release a major, it becomes critical (long is 2dys)) ◆ Major Bug - Tier 6 Bug - A bug that has serverwide consequences Examples - All players die. Estimated time of fix - Force major release. 🗴 Critical Bug - Tier 7 Bug - A bug that has server-related consequences Examples - Server Crashes Estimated time of fix - Patch. Bug Reports None, at the time! Yay! How to submit a Bug Report? Fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/TJqGVPduw5qwKsUw2 Map Version Organization This map comes in different versions, which if you have ever updated CSGO, you would know what a version is. Versions of this map are funny. This is how they are sorted out. jb_warehouse_ v1 < Major Release. Each major is released onto DEFY servers .3 < Minor Release. Released to the jb_warehouse dev forum (which is this one) .15 < Build Release. Released to friends if they want them _defy Majors are versions of the map where major changes of the map are released to DEFY servers. Majors are determined by what changes have been made to make a major for it. These are listed here. 0/1 NEW GAMES CREATED 0/3 BUGS FIXED 0/2 CHANGES TO SECRETS 0/5 FOILAGE CHANGES 0/5 MINOR CHANGES or 0/10 MINOR RELEASES Keep in mind these stack on each other. Its needed that 200% of stacked changes to become a major. So if I created a new game, and fixed 3 bugs, it would become a major. It would also mean that if I made only 2/5 minor changes, 1/2 changes to secrets, 1/1 new games created, and 1/5 foilage changes, it would still be a major. It can also become a major if 10 minor releases have been made. Majors are also made indefinitely if no milestone is met by a month's time. Minors and Builds are just changes to contribute to the changes for a major. Keep in mind, this map may only make it to v3.0.0 before reaching a stage where the map nears perfect. Patches are wierd, because they are fixed in a timeframe of a hour and released as v1.3.0.patch. Patches wont be used due to the sheer rarity of a glitch. So thats it of the beta dev page of jb_warehouse. Im happy to be building this map with DEFY! Thanks for reading, and bye.
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    I feel that war days should not be allowed to be through portals because they can just camp the portal.
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    I ain't no weather man but u can be expecting 1inch tonight
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    Hey, My name is Stephen but my friends at school call me Stevey. I'm 13 years old, tall for my age at the height of 5'11''. Im in to Basketball, Video Games of course, and I perform on stages by singing. I got blonde shaggy hair with blue eyes and im single rn since im only in 7th grade lol I love doing magic with cards and im really good with sleight of hand. If u want to leave some comments go ahead.
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    Okay, so my pc started to slow down, so i painted it black so it would run faster, but instead it stopped working...
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    Well, Not a lot to say but I'm Linxus. I am hated by some and loved by many, Emo is my dad because he lets me tickle his penny I'm black and white I like Chicken I've been VAC'd 4 times I'm getting a tattoo next year (14) I dyed my hair gray I laugh like the joker on a late night when tired I Believe I'm the youngest mod/admin (13) That's It Folks <3
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    If you play on ttt their is a way to make yourself proving when you are a T. You have to kill a person with a zeuz when you are a T then you can take it and zeuz someone to make yourself proving.
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    So my real name is Jake, I am 15 years old blonde hair brown eyes and am currently single My Hobbies include: Soccer, Cs go(obv), a bit of football, and hand crafts. My Interests include: Outdoors and girls If you have any questions about my me just comment below and I'll be sure to answer
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    Are you the realz ownwr of DEFY?
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    We'll see. We've done events like this in the past and now that we have a new head of PR we should have a whole bunch of shit like this start to happen soon.
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    This does happen once in a while like i think psycho did a double credits for jailbreak like a couple months ago. It seems like a good time to make another one.
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    Hi I am Werther's, or as pretty much everyone calls me, "Weathers". My favorite Defy server is TTT since i stopped playing jailbreak (im sure no one misses me). Now that it is my Summer vacation, I will probably be playing more (or less, depending on my mood). My favorite games are CS:GO, Fallout 2, 3, and NV, and Stardew Valley, pretty much. My favorite bands are Journey, Queen, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, so I suppose my favorite genre of music is rock. My main hobbies are airsoft and gaming, I also enjoy to do speedrunning in my freetime. I am not a very creative person.
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    Hello everyone in the fourms i am so glad to be a member on this server thank u so much for the 8rep thank u all members that reped me i am so glad to me a member i cant wait till i rankup and become more on this server
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    You're basically the description of an American white boy. Legit. I like. Welcome!
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    I was the one that brought up the idea. I would still love to see this implemented if possible.
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    Make it a png and it would look nice. Just not white, make it a dark grey or black would look nice.
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    Ive seen maps for this server, and they are all made for DEFY. I mean, I have no portfolio, but I do have experience in making maps. Is it possible to make maps for this server?
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    Hello fellow persons i am handicapped. no srysly im handicapped but i play mostly ttt and sometimes jailbreak. i wanted to say hi and goodbye. Im a male around the age of 911 and i love memes. send me memes on my phone number at 911. Thanks!!
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    That Ender guy seems cool
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    Hi, I'm josh wick, but you can call me tonight ;). -17 -Movie Buff -Hip Hop Head - IcePack's mans is me -Who's mans is this? -Memer - Loophole Finder -🅱epis
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    An emo kid, a Jew, a Mexican, and a black guy jump off a building, who wins? Society. Did you hear about that new emo pizza? It cuts itself! Drive an emo insane: Put ‘em in a round room and tell them to go cry in the corner. Emo is to music as Terrorism is to society. Emo’s aren’t food products.. So DONT friggin label em’ How can you tell it’s an emo guy hitting on you and not a regular dude? Instead of asking for your phone number, he asks for your poetry blog. How do you exterminate all the emo’s? You don’t, Just wait till they cut wrong How do you get an emo out of a tree? Cut the rope. how many emo kids does it take to drive a car? two, one with bangs over his right eye… and another with his bangs over his left eye. How many emo kids does it take to fix a lightbulb? One to fix it, and thousands to write a song about how the shattered pieces reflect their broken lives. How many emo kids does it take to make a microwave burrito? Four. One to write about it on LiveJournal, One to post a MySpace bulletin, One to take a picture of himself in the mirror with the burrito, and One to microwave the burrito. How many emo kids does it take to paint a wall? Depends on how hard you throw them. How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? 3. One to replace it and two to write a poem about how they miss the old one. How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. They Like To Sit In The Dark Corner And Cry. I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself.. (works for hair too.) If a dumb blonde and an emo jump off a bridge, who drowns first? The dumb blonde- from the emo’s tears on the way down. Q: What do you do if there’s an emo in your backyard with his hand blown off? A: Stop laughing and reload! So, an emo kid walks into a bar… Then he quickly leaves to go home and write in his Livejounal about it. Tickle Me Elmo was so last year. Now it’s… Cry With Me Emo! What did the emo kid say to the other emo kid? Stop crying. You’re stealing all of the negative attention. What do emo kids use as birth control? Their personalities. What do you call 1000 emo kids at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. What do you call an emo kid outside the mall? Anything he’ll cry no matter what you do. What would you rather be: emo or handicapped? trick question: being emo is a handicap. What’s the difference between emo grass and normal grass? Emo grass cuts itself. What’s better than 50 emo kids nailed to a tree? One emo kid nailed to fifty trees. Whats so tragic about 4 emo kids dying in a car crash? The car seated 5! Whats the difference between an emo and and a tomato? Tomatoes don’t cut themselves. What’s the difference between an Emo kid and a dead baby? The baby doesn’t cry. What’s the difference between an emo kid and an onion? You cry when you cut an onion. whats the emos favorite chocolate milk? hemoooo! Who is the sponsor of the “National Team of Emos”? Gillette Why did the emo kid cross the road? To get a box of tissues. Why do emo kids always take the flight that leaves at midnight? They prefer to take the red-eye.
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    Good Evening To All of You Beautiful People! It's most definitely that time of night! It's time for another Nightly Poll!
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    We could play like a riddle game... The warden says a riddle or a puzzle and the T's have to solve it. Whoever gets it first gets LR or something. This could also work as an alternative to joke days (The T's have to compete to see who has the best riddle or poem, etc.)
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    cut your wrists upwards for results, cut your wrists sideways for attention
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    AND WHEN THEY ASK ME TO JOIN IN. https://gyazo.com/96bdad9156639f07d4c1e159e8cddd99
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    Hey so i wanted some serious opinions of what events you guys want to see in the future? It'd be great to get some good ideas going so we can bond better as Server with the members and everyone else that plays here. Comments are appreciated (:
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    Hey y'all, what is the teamspeak server?
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    I have good hunger games maps
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    add a -IcePack I copyrighted that shit
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    I still play pong