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    I just want to say that the ban system isn't as great and how it goes. I don't understand why it goes 1 week, then 1 month, and then Permanent. it would be better if it were something like, verbal warn (except for something like mass rdm,mic spam etc) I don't think that its a good way to ban people. I'm saying this because I have been a member since June 5th and have been active ever since. I would be on maybe 4 times a week maybe, and getting perm banned after 3 bans would be just straight bullshit. And the fact that people that actively play on the servers and that joke around and get banned and then get banned again for something accidental and then after that just get perm banned. If anyone agrees comment down below something to support me in this.
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    So in Jailbreak all the T's get out of cells and go for guns and stuff and fight each other till the last man standing. Once its last man he can LR. Saw it on another server and looked pretty cool.
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    The afk timer kick is way to short, it should be at least extended to 1 minute. When the admins are checking for rdm in the logs they constantly get moved to afk because they have their console open. Ty
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    I think if any staff/members see a player that is active on the servers we should ask if they would like to enlist or give them some help on the website. The new message that pops up on TTT is awesome, but there will most likely be few people that pay full attention to it. (Or might have issues signing up, it happens. XD)
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    So i really miss the old way to tell if someone was dead.
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    ive been playing on the server for a while now. I have a field tested bowie knife boreal forest. that is my only redeeming quality.
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    Should go Day, Week, Month, Perma. Also when you become member you should get a extra ban
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    It eliminates some of the background noises and makes things overall not as loud.
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    Now, I realize the staff already has a lot of stuff on their minds. If you guys have time I think it would be a good Idea to implement a system that auto mutes and bans people. I saw on another server that when we tried to mic spam it automatically muted us. So if you have the time implement this plz. Also I think if you are auto slayed for rdm 2x in an hour you should get a 30 min ban. Ty if you have any critics or ideas feel free to comment
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    We added a lot of stuff. It's pretty lit. Added Drones and Cameras Pretty neat things you can use to scout out certain parts of the map. Once you buy it, type "/cd_cam" in chat to activate your drone! Added Knockout Tasers Available for traitors, knocks someone out by fading their screen to black and muting them until they wake up from the knockout. Detective Victories If there are no innocents left, just detectives and traitors, the detectives win. Buy Roles Instantly Traitor is 50k credits Detective is 27k Flashlight unbound from Inspect and changed to !flashlight Bind the flashlight to a key by typing "bind [key] sm_flashlight" in your console Added Silent AWP Wallhacks Fixed Guns act normally in warmup Jihad Bomb Reduced to 30 Seconds Use Decoy Teleporter Twice Per Round AFK Timer Changed to 60 seconds
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    For those who dont know, in teamspeak i designated the 1v1 channel as my office. That is where i would spend most of my time in teamspeak when i wasnt doing much. But after the teampseak changes the 1v1 channel was destroyed and sadly it no longer exists. This poll is here as kind of a petition to see if i should get my office (the 1v1 channel) back.
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    DEFY Clan We are having a community event this weekend and come join us in a game of Town of Salem. We will be play for at least an hour or more as long as there are a lot of people wanting to play. How: Either buy ToS on steam or play for free in your browser at: http://www.blankmediagames.com/ Join the TeamSpeak: ts.defyclan.com And meet in the Community Event Lounge Time: 7 pm EST See you guys this weekend! - DEFY Staff Team View full record
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    Hello everyone, I am Craig Topper, i am 22(yes i dont sound or look like it) i work in construction, and love gaming. and when i was 14 i had cancer(i don't anymore) and i will make fun of cancer. but other than that. i will see some of you on TTT:CSGO..... P.S Defy should really make a hide and seek server or micheal myer's. if not whatever it your choice
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    Well, we hit 500 members so that's coolio. Defy has grown quite big, lets hope that the community continues to improve/grow!
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    Hey, I'm drac0. I'm 16, Silver 4, and completely ass at everything except T hunting (and surf). I mostly play TTT on DefyClan servers, but yesterday I did log on to Jailbreak for some fun. It was great. When I'm not playing TTT or attempting to finish KZ maps, I surf. I surf a lot. At least 450 of my hours on CS:GO were spent surfing and I dont regret it. Anyway I hope to see you all in the future, hopefully with me throwing your body in some random location on the map. ByeO!
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    If that means less heavy metal, I'm all for it. <3 heh.
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    If you're at 60 karma or lower, DO NOT KILL ANYONE. You don't need to kill literally everyone who may be a T. Don't always assume someone is the T because they're shooting. Wait until you see them kill somebody to actually kill them. Don't kill off high sus in OT unless you're almost 100% and there's almost no chance they're not the T. Play smart, not hard in your T rounds. If you do happen to fail in the above aspects and your karma gets low, just go for more frags that you can be sneaky with. The less likely you are to be caught, the more karma you'll get. If you have any other tips, leave them in terms of replies. "IF YOU'RE AT LOW KARMA, DON'T KILL ANYONE UNLESS YOU'RE A T"
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    Can we make it where if you got freekilled you have the option to send a message of why you think you were freekilled. This would help lot for when you dont know what happened and why they want to be respawned.
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    So a lot of people have been saying Jailbreak is dead, mostly because we don't have as many players as usual. But why is that? Because everyone suddenly stopped liking the gamemode? No, it's because of how we play it. Here's what we need to do to keep Jailbreak interesting Do different things every round No one wants to rotate from a freeday to a restricted freeday to a war day and back to a freeday Don't do stupid games to eliminate people quickly Don't say shit like "First person to jump gets LR" cause that pretty much ruins the game for the T's. Don't just make people come out of their cell and then do a Krim day. Also no fun. Basically just play games that people can win out of skill, and not luck. Play map games Map games are there to keep the game different and interesting with every map. If the map has no map games, you can always type "rtv" in chat. Just a reminder of some games from when I was really into Jailbreak Death Walk - "All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, All prisoner(s) must look straight up with their flashlights turned on (Type /flashlight), Looking down is KOS. When the warden indicates to begin the prisoner(s) will crouch walk backwards until they fall off of a ledge, or when they feel that they are at the edge they stop, stand up and freeze while still looking up" Red Light Green Light - "All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, there is a finish line further away from them. When the warden says green light all prisoner(s) are then allowed to move forward, but once the warden says red light all prisoner(s) must stop. If a prisoner doesn’t stop in time then the warden is allowed to kill the prisoner. The game goes on until the set amount of winners is reached." Odd Man Out - Our rules say one version of this game but I like the other as there's no way for ties. The way I like to play is that we either jump or crouch and the person who does the opposite of the other two (i.e. one jumps and two crouch) would die. Even if you're on a map with no map games, you can still play games like this For example, on electric razor the big cage is really good for Death Walk. And the radars don't ruin it because they're not 100% accurate. When being CT, make sure to ask yourself "Would the staff need to make a rule against this?" when issuing commands that prisoners don't really like. We've had to make rules concerning a lot of trends that have happened on the server (i.e. misleading commands) and if we don't have to do this the experience should really get better. If you guys have anything to add please leave it in replies.
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    I suggest you donate to charity that is surely gonna get your karma up or you could volunteer at charity shops.
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    Mods and G1s are together because they are new staff. you may not think that G1s are new staff but they are new to bans and mutes/gag. we have them together bc of departments senior staff is for heads of departments and general is for department members and assistance.
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    Name: TheKingReynolds Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:195693707 Date of Incident: 07/23/2017 Complaint Prop Surfing. Evidence https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1xN_XCPIAuRYjYwZTNSZ0xvRm8/view Have you read How to Post a Complaint? 1
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    The forums were updated to IPS version 4.2.1 and that changed a lot of the appearance. As of right now, we have no plans to revert the theme or change the look back. We'll be releasing a more official statement once we get a lot of this sorted through.
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    Weasel is just salty that he has a fake girlfriend
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    Limit Content posted per day to like create 2 topics and post 10 replies? People can Raise their content like crazy in less than a month by posting lots of bad suggestions and the first thing that comes into their mind on topics. Somewhat like what I do, but faster. If I'm too active, its because I'm trying to make up for the 3 month gap between my account creation and my acutal activity.
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    The update which allows VIP's to get any gun for free at the beginning of the round is extremely overpowered. As you can see this clip (thanks to zarak), People get the auto nearly every round. The auto is too strong of a weapon to be able to be gotten for free every round. Sign this petition if you believe this overpowered VIP feature should be removed.
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    Lol. Although I think we also need to add like a command VIP can type that kills all innocents or all traitors (depending on what team they are on)
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    Because why has noone done this yet?
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    Simply put my real name is Mark. Some believe that my real name is Patrick, that is not the case. I went by the name Patrick cause it was kind of a meme.
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    So you want to become staff member? Staff Requirements: Must Reach Senior Rank. Must have a working mic and Teamspeak3 Fluent in English Must be 14 unless an exception is made Click Here to Apply **If you get an ERROR when clicking this link this means you are not eligible to apply for staff yet.** How will members be accepted as staff? Once the acceptance points reaches 10, the Head of Human Resources will review the post and said member will be screened. Please note that even though a member reaches the required acceptance points, they may still be denied. Applications will only be reviewed one week or later from the time the post was made to allow staff to either give -points or +points. Points System You may give up to the amount of points listed below when recommending someone for staff. Example: So if you are a General admin you can only give out 1 point or -1 point. If you are a Lead Admin you may give 1 point, 2 points, -1 point or -2 points. Recommendation Template Use the following when replying to staff Recommendation posts. Misc Mods may recommend players but their recommendation wont count.
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    Mate that's shit now this is what the French call, le magnifique ar and I also fixed yours Ha goteem you got pranked.
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    We added the following maps to TTT last night: ttt_afterglow_v1_defy ttt_closequarters_defy ttt_community_bowling_csgo_v3_defy ttt_community_pool_2017_v1_defy ttt_gunkanjima_defy ttt_hoodrat_v1_4_defy ttt_hybridgrounds_alpha1_defy ttt_magma_v2b_defy ttt_splash_defy ttt_tumbleweed_v1_3_defy ttt_vertigo_beta1_defy
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    When a fake body is Idenified the body should explode. just an idea
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    i listen to jazz some rap and weebu music xd
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    Or you could just play a gamemode that isn't garbage.
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    I have Kaspersky, never had any issues.
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    It's my birthday to all that care.
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    You do not have to apply, just dm hoodini and he will give you a test which will determine if you become senior member or not. (By dm I mean direct message him on forums)
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    Maybe after a certain amount of hours after the ban you get relieved of it. But if you get another ban before then you have to start over and the time is longer. I'm thinking like 150 hours to relieve a week ban and idk for a month edit: Oh and permanent is just permanent 3 strikes your out I say. Just don't mess up that much.
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    depending on what you classify that as we already do, we give perks to people who do certain things. i don't see how an increased leniency on bans would be different
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    That would definitely be much better.
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    You can. But what Ender is asking is if there are no AWPs on a map can you kos someone for having one. Since the AWP could only be bought by traitors before the VIP update. (I think this is what he was asking)
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    Pretty much what he said. Honestly I think push to talk is better because I don't wanna have to keep pressing my mute Mic bind whenever my parents walk in my room or something.
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    We currently have no plans to make new servers in the near future. If we do release new servers, it is highly likely our next server will be a Gmod server, but we have no plans for a specific server. Please stop making suggestions for new servers. Any new server suggestions will be issued warning points until we decide we want to open a new server.
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    Ok. I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible. You're dumb.
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    Senior member should have to be worked hard for and not be done in two weeks. The requirements need to be much more demanding to increase time spent on the website and servers. As of right now, it is just too easy. A likable member could become a Senior within a very short time period. My suggestion would be to change this. Make the requirements for the ranks harder to get, so this way players work hard to get them. Requirements could include: Time of join date (a minimum of 'blank' months since joining), and more forum rep/posts.
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    Welcome to the Suggestions forum! The purpose of this forum is for you to suggest new ideas for us to implement. These suggestions can include (in order from fastest to be added to slowest): Rules Forum Sections (i.e. Polls) TeamSpeak or Forum features Maps In-Game features Make sure you format your suggestion with a prefix that is relevant to what you are suggesting. For example, if you're suggesting we add a new forum, use "Forums" as your prefix. Suggestions without a prefix will be ignored until a prefix is added. Prefixes: Jailbreak TTT TeamSpeak Forums Misc How to Add a Prefix: How to Format Your Suggestion: Be sure to follow your suggestion posts, so people can ask clarification questions on your ideas! Don't forget that suggestions are a great way to get reputation to progress through the member ranks.