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    DEFYclan Official Roster Senior Staff Five Star General @Mark Four Star General @Some_Person [Head of Operations] @Emo Hoe [Head of Technology | Forum Mod] @Hoodini [Head of Game Affairs] General Staff Three Star General @XenoGenesis [Head of Public Relations | Forum Mod] @Never Done [Head of Bans & Complaints | Forum Mod] @SensationalUnicorn [Head of Human Resources] Two Star General @Zarakattack [Assistant of Bans and Complaints | Forum Mod] Junior Staff One Star General @the gud succ [Public Relations Department Member | Forum Mod] @EnderX1 [Tech Department Member | Forum Mod] @Mr.Happy @Mobbster Colonel @XxDukexBeastxX @PotatoStyle @milo @Seven! Retired @Virnios @Verdant @MarthaTheWatermelon @BOT Albert Veteran Major [ 120 Hours in Game | 50 Forum Reputation | Staff Recommendation ] @Psycho @Krim Captain [ 75 Hours in Game | 37 Forum Reputation | Recruit 3 Players | Suggest a Rule/Idea That Gets Implemented ] Lieutenant [ 50 Hours in Game | 25 Forum Reputation | Invite 3 Players | Member for 3 Months ] @Lil_Serb @harambeisjesus Senior Sergeant [ Recruit 1 Player | 40 Hours in Game | 50 Posts (Not Spam) ] Corporal [ Invite 1 Player | 15 Forum Reputation | 30 Hours in Game ] Private [ Mature and Represents Community Well | Passes Knowledge Test | 20 Hours of Playtime | Member for 1 Month ] Enlisted Cadet [ 10 Forum Reputation | Join the Discord | 15 Hours in Game ] Apprentice [ Make an Introduction Post | Upload a Profile Picture | 10 Hours in Game ] Recruit [ Application Accepted | 5 Hours in Game ] Notes Requirements for higher ranks stack on each other. For example, you can't go to Private without making an Introduction Post.
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    As most of you should know by now its soon chrismas, we has officially hit 200 members on the group! we have ca 70 members and i hope ass many of you can join the givaway That being said, I'd like to give away a knife, yes a knife, Shadow Daggers (★) | Safari Mesh FT Anyone is welcomed to enter it. How do you join? Well simply you'll comment on this thread by typing: 1. Your steam PROFILE LINK/ TRADE LINK 2. The slot number you'd like to have. (1 slot per person) (1-40) 3. like the post Also it'll be nice to do the following but are (optional): 1. Refer a friend to these forums. 2. Have cl_join_advertise 2 in console. #Sellout The giveaway will be opened until all slots are filled (60 slots) or by the end of this month (31 of DESEMBER 2016 is the day I'll pick a winner) Slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.13. 14.15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.31. 32. 33. 34. 35.36. 37. 38. 39. 40. Winner will be chosen via random.org Hope you all enjoy the giveaway and your time on DEFYclan.com Be sure to advertise this all over the services . Also, pay attention to the above comments before you so you don't pick the same slot as someone else. I will try to update this whenever I can but sometimes I might be too slow. -mrbam the biggest defy fan
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    I just want to say that the ban system isn't as great and how it goes. I don't understand why it goes 1 week, then 1 month, and then Permanent. it would be better if it were something like, verbal warn (except for something like mass rdm,mic spam etc) I don't think that its a good way to ban people. I'm saying this because I have been a member since June 5th and have been active ever since. I would be on maybe 4 times a week maybe, and getting perm banned after 3 bans would be just straight bullshit. And the fact that people that actively play on the servers and that joke around and get banned and then get banned again for something accidental and then after that just get perm banned. If anyone agrees comment down below something to support me in this.
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    Instead of just going AFK without notice, you should be able to type the following command, "!AFK or !afk". This would essentially give you an [AFK] tag and it would switch you to the Spectator team. This would help with a bunch of AFK T's and CT's that go away for like 10 hours. Or maybe instead of typing !AFK, it would swap you if you do not show any activity for 2 - 3 minutes. Example: [AFK Manager] Swapping you to Spectators if you do not show activity in 2 minutes.. [AFK Manager] 1:30 minutes.. [AFK Manager] 1 minute.. [AFK Manager] 30 seconds [AFK Manager] 10.. 9.. (basically a countdown) What do you think? Please post a relevant reply down below!
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    I was thinking that maybe a day or a weekend that offered double the credits to players would be cool because i always find that people like the items and options in the shop but barely any people can buy them. Also double credit events would attract more attention to the server on the event days. Just my opinion though.
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    Hey my name is XxDukexBeastxX's I am 17 years old and I have a job at Emtec. I think the Defy server has one of the best staff.
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    How do you +rep or -rep someone? +Rep can be given by clicking the Green up arrow -Rep can be given by clicking the Red down arrow How reputation is Earned or Lost? You can usually earn rep by creating helpful or quality content You can lose rep generally for low quality content How much Rep can Be given or Removed? Members can give 3 +reps and 1 -rep per 24 hours Vip/Staff Can give 5 +reps and 1 -rep per 24 hours Misc Asking for or exchanging rep is against the forums rules.
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    So in Jailbreak all the T's get out of cells and go for guns and stuff and fight each other till the last man standing. Once its last man he can LR. Saw it on another server and looked pretty cool.
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    So, one day I was just Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool shooting some b-ball outside of the school and looking at my 24 mutes when this great idea popped into my head! What if we had a weekly Defyclan update? Like a cute little newsletter that everyone saw when they come into the forums, like it would have one sections of new rules and shit, what staff were promoted/demoted, who joined defy, latest trends, like rust/minecraft and maybe even some surveys that defy wants answered. It would look kinda like this but not in uni-code.x I just thought it would help not having to here all the shit though the grape vine. _______________________________________________________________________ | DEFYCLAN UPDATE #420 | |______________________________________________________________________| | Roster | | Benji demoted to member for being a raisin | | Uncle perma banned for having 24 mutes | | Kelly promoted to mod | |______________________________________________________________________| | Rules | | Saying "look at my red choad fat b***h" is now considered misleading and is punishable| | by hoodini tapping dat a** with a tuna | | Tac grenades can no longer be used to go into vent | |______________________________________________________________________| | Survey | | WOULD U TAP THIS OR NAH?!?! | | | | Dat A** | | |_____________________________________________________________________| | OTHER | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | _____________________________________________________________________ |
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    Honestly, pardoning is stupid, especially when there's only 1 other person left who's not rebelling. It screws with the last person, and it's really dumb if they won a variety of games to get last 2. Pardoning should be disabled when there's 2 people left, it gives a rebeller a chance to win a round when they didn't do a singe thing but hide and or attack ct's. from Pepe
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    IT TAKES ME LIKE 20 MINUTES TO READ ALL THE UNREAD POSTS I LOVES IT special thanks to the members who have started being more active on the forums and their rep is going crazy. i gotta work to keep my rep at the highest now and i can't make suggestions cause I can literally implement most of them if I feel like it
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    I think that when you join a defy server a message should pop up that says if you leave after a RDM/Freekill you will recieve a 1 wk ban. I see a bunch of people complaining about the ban because they never knew about it in the first place.
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    I'm krit, whatever you may heard about me in the past is irrelevant. Past cannot be changed, thus dwelling on it would make no sense. What holds possibility is the future..
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    As you all know there is a +/- rep system for the forums and this shows next to peoples names. All it takes is one person to -rep all of another persons post. There are people that abuse this system and they make a good person look bad and gives them a more negative view. I think there should be a system like 3 +/- reps per day just to stop this issue. Tell me what you think about this.
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    absolutely not.
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    Hello DEFY Members, Today we wanted to ask you about your thoughts about DEFY having an official competitive team. This team would practice, scrimmage, play competitively (obviously), and much more. We want to see how many members would be interested in having an official team, before actually assembling one. This is still in early stages of development, so please be patient. If You Are Interested In Having A Competitive Team, Please Click One Of The Options Below: https://goo.gl/forms/Lz0wBgKRJldxAqoh2 If You Have Any Questions About The DEFY Competitive Team, Do One Of These Options Below. (WARNING: Some Options Might Take Longer For A Response) - Apply Above With The Link Provided - Leave A Comment On The Group - Message DEFY | Mobbster - Message DEFY | DSyR (ATTENTION: If you message Mark he will redirect you to one of the options listed above.) Thank You! Have A Great Day! Special Thanks To Mobbster DSyR Mark For Setting All This Up.
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    So you want to become staff member? Staff Requirements: Must Reach Senior Rank. Must have a working mic and Teamspeak3 Fluent in English Must be 14 unless an exception is made Click Here to Apply **If you get an ERROR when clicking this link this means you are not eligible to apply for staff yet.** How will members be accepted as staff? Once the acceptance points reaches 10, the Head of Human Resources will review the post and said member will be screened. Please note that even though a member reaches the required acceptance points, they may still be denied. Applications will only be reviewed one week or later from the time the post was made to allow staff to either give -points or +points. Points System You may give up to the amount of points listed below when recommending someone for staff. Example: So if you are a General admin you can only give out 1 point or -1 point. If you are a Lead Admin you may give 1 point, 2 points, -1 point or -2 points. Recommendation Template Use the following when replying to staff Recommendation posts. Misc Mods may recommend players but their recommendation wont count.
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    The afk timer kick is way to short, it should be at least extended to 1 minute. When the admins are checking for rdm in the logs they constantly get moved to afk because they have their console open. Ty
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    I have recently noticed how people who have been on the server for like 1 day can get accepted and people who have been here for months get denied just because some people have bad opinions about them. This is extremely unfair, can we change the rules of being accepted. Like if more than 5 people +repped You then you get in no matter what, saying this because if 5 people plus rep someone then the 2 people who MINUS rep cancel out the plus rep and good people get denied for that.
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    Today im asking you about favourite miods not copyright
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    listen to this for 10 hours on repeat. It helps me.
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    On your profile instead of displaying one of your statuses it should display them all. (Your current member rank, your staff rank if you have one, and if you have VIP) So basically one status will not override the other statuses that you have.
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    For those who have been asking or in general trolling me about my player complaints, when me and 4 friends are on the TTT server at 10pm-2am having fun and 6 people join to mic spam and rdm don't be surprised when it ruins the fun of the 5 people who were on before you. Don't complain when i put a player complaint out about it, you were trolling and rdming and i used the player complaint feature on the site as it is intended.
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    Senior member should have to be worked hard for and not be done in two weeks. The requirements need to be much more demanding to increase time spent on the website and servers. As of right now, it is just too easy. A likable member could become a Senior within a very short time period. My suggestion would be to change this. Make the requirements for the ranks harder to get, so this way players work hard to get them. Requirements could include: Time of join date (a minimum of 'blank' months since joining), and more forum rep/posts.
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    I want it back. Why was it taken out in the first place. The server crashes on all maps. #BringBackBowling Need to add a 2nd line to make it not spam.
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    There should be an auto Afk Time out that kicks you or moves you to spectators if you are afk for more than 2 minutes because its really annoying to lose karma for killing the afk.
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    okay, so uhhhhh i was thinking maybe, players could get like a free kiss from Mark? like Mark types in chat !kiss*name* and then it like makes the person happy or cared for you know? Just a suggestion though
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    Hi I'm Kelly and I like to rebel occasionally and play jump rope. I also like bending over.
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    So a lot of people, understandably, have been complaining about playing the same non-map games over and over (first reaction last reaction, simon says, death walk, etc.) I figured that to deal with this problem, instead of restricting those games, we should try to think of new, interesting games they can use an alternative. If you have an idea for a game, put it here so that others can see, and maybe I could add a definition for it in the rules page. I'll try to keep looking at this post everyday, and don't worry if your idea sounds dumb, something is better than nothing and we can always modify your idea if end be.
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    Steam Name of user you are complaining about: LaZeR BeAm Your Steam Name: Emo Hoe Users STEAM ID: STEAM_1:1:156214983 Your STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:97420462 Complaint/Issue towards this user: All he does at this point is spam on the forums. He's always been a toxic player on the community, and Evidence: He has a total of 12 mutes across his names: http://bans.defyclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:156214983&advType=steamid He's currently on a month karma ban from TTT, after previously having a week ban. http://bans.defyclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:156214983&advType=steamid If you open all of the spoilers in his spam post, the last line of it says "fuck this community," which is disrespectful towards staff and just the community as a whole. He's also advertised other servers, as shown in a hidden post I can't link here. I personally think he's done too much to be allowed on the server at this point. If he should actually be permabanned is up to the HRs, but I think he should just go at this point.
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    Since May, 1 till now we have hit 1692 posts. Can we hit 2000 posts next month?
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    A lot of people want mod and they are unable to get it for a various amount of reasons. I think there should be people that are "trusted" and they should be able to ask mods/admins to slay/kick a person if needed. I think this could prove if people deserve mod or not and could prove if they are good enough to be mods or not. This should be given when recommended by multiple staff and is separate from staff. This is basically permission to be a mini-mod and will show staff if a player is good or not before +/- repping them on their staff apps. I dont know, just came up with this, tell me what you think. - Ender
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    How do I find my Rank within DEFY? How do you rank up? If you are ranked as an Apprentice and would like to become Cadet you would need to acquire the following; Total of 10+ REP 15+ hours of playtime on our servers Why do some People have Defy | Name and others have DEFY | Name? Anyone ranked Enlisted (Recruit, Apprentice, or Cadet) must use Defy | Once you become a Senior or higher (Private, Corporal, Sergeant, etc) you must use DEFY | When can I apply for Staff and How? You may apply for staff once you each the Senior Category of our ranks. So if you hold the rank of Private, Corporal, Sergeant or higher. DEFY Official Roster Enlisted Senior Veteran
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    Hey guys, I am giving away 1 key of choice to a lucky winner! The winner will be Sunday, March 12. The way to enter you MUST: Good luck!
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    Commands defyclan.com commads before i start you need to know this if a command is red that means is a new command if the command is an blue command that means its a command that are inside of a bigger commands !menu ( this is a command that helps the warden) (when you type !menu you get all of this commands ) (weapon menu inside of menu) you can type !guns in game to get this menu up ass we here are all the weapons : M4A1 M4A1-S AK-47 FAMAS galil AR AUG SG 553 Negev M249 AWP SCAR-20 G3SG1 PP-bizon P90 UMP-45 MP7 MP9 MAC-10 SSG 08 Nova XM1014 Sawed-off MAG-7 -----pistols----- desery Eagle Dual berettas Tec-9 Five-seveN Glock-18 USP-S P250 P2000 CZ75-Auto (begin a countdown timer inside warden menu) this command alow you to start and stop an timer you can do: begin a START countdown (10sec) begin a STOP countdown (20sec) set a START/STOP countdown (count prisoner in sight inside warden menu) this command helps you to see ts that are in your sight for that moment you type sight (un/mark a player as rebel inside warden menu) this alow you to mark and remove rebels on ts you can do : mark a player as rebel remove a player from rebels (painter menui nside warden menu) this is a menu that can give warden and ts painters is many colors you can get like: rainbow white red green blue yellow magenta orange (extend the round time inside warden menu) this alow you to extend the round you can do: 2 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes (start a math quiz inside warden menu) this is a math quiz for only alive ts (start an event day voting inside warden menu) this is a command were all the players can vote for an event day here are all the funny event days they can play: War day Free for all day Zombie day Hide in the dark day catch and freeze day suicide bomber day HE battle day No scope day Deal Damage day zeus day Drunk day knife fight torch relay freeday (Set event days inside warden menu) only warden can set event day (Laser pointer menu inside warden menu) this alow the warden to get a new laser out of his gun is many colors like: rainbow white red green blue yellow cyen magenta orange (mute menu inside warden menu) this alow you to mute and unmute a t or all the ts you can only do this: mute a prisoner unmute a prisoner mute all prisoner unmute all prisoner (check rebellers inside warden menu) you can see how many ts that are rebelling ( Enable FF for ts inside warden menu) this just turn of FF for ts (toggle NoBlock inside warden menu) this command turn on block and it can turn it back to Noblock again (kill a random prisoner inside warden menu) this command pick a random t and he gets killed by the plugins (retire from warden) the warden lose his warden powers (!ct/!guard) when you type ct/guard you get moved to ct or you join in a queue to get a place in the ct team (!shop) this is a place were you can get many cool things you use !credits that you get from killing/make it to lr and more when a round start ts and cts can use !shop and get many cool things see all the cool things you can by (here <-click it) (!credits) you can see the credits you get from killing/get to !lr and more (!w/!warden) you become warden (!lr) only the last t can type this, you get many cool things like knife fight and noscope and duckfight and duckhunt and many more cool things (!freekill) you can report an freekill and the warden or staff can accept it or they can not accept it if warden/staff accept your freekill are you going to get respawn if they don't accept if nothing happends (refuse the current game) you can refuse a game but only 1 time, when you type !refuse you don't need to do the game anymore (!pardon) when the ts that are rebelling they can type this to have a !pardon and the warden can say yes or no if the warden say yes can you join the wardens commands again (!heal) when you type this you ask the warden to heal you here are all of the commands you can say !buyammo1 - opens the menu depends on players team/rank !drop - Change the flymode 'be a bird'-items !ff -turn ff on /off !nextmap - see the nest map !advertisements-Reload the advertisements !again - Allows Warden to toggle on/off the wardens Laser pointer !alive - Use jail shop item revive !allcredits - Show jail shop credits of all online player !arms - Open the weapon menu if enabled (in EventDays/for CT) !block - Allows the Warden to toggle no block !bomber - Allows players to vote for a duckhunt !capi - Allows a rebeling terrorist to request a capitulate !capitulate - Allows a rebeling terrorist to request a capitulate !capitulation - Allows a rebeling terrorist to request a capitulate !cat - Allows players to vote for a catch !catch - Allows players to vote for a catch !catchfreeze - Allows players to vote for a catch !cd - Allows the Warden to open the Countdown Menu !cdmenu - Allows the Warden to open the Countdown Menu !cdstart - Allows the Warden to start a START Countdown! (start after 10sec.) - start without menu !cdstartstop - Allows the Warden to start a START/STOP Countdown! (start after 10sec./stop after 20sec.) - start without menu !cdstop - Allows the Warden to start a STOP Countdown! (stop after 20sec.) - start without menu !cells - Allows the Warden to open the cell doors !close - Allows the Warden to close the cell doors !collision - Allows the Warden to toggle no block !comms - Shows current player communications status !cookies - sm_cookies <name> [value] !count - Allows a warden to count all terrorists in sight !countdown - Allows the Warden to open the Countdown Menu !cow - Allows players to vote for a cowboy !cowboy - Allows players to vote for a cowboy !credits - Show your jail shop credits ct - Allows the prisoners to queue to CT !cure - Allows a Terrorist request healing !d - Allows the warden to choose a deputy or a player to be deputy !damage - Allows players to vote for a dealdamage !day - open a vote EventDays menu for player !days - open a vote EventDays menu for player !dd - Allows players to vote for a dealdamage !deal - Allows players to vote for a dealdamage !dealdamage - Allows players to vote for a dealdamage !deathmatch - Allows players to vote for a FFA !deputy - Allows the warden to choose a deputy or a player to be deputy !dm - Allows players to vote for a FFA !draw - Allows Warden to toggle on/off the wardens Painter !drunk - Allows players to vote for a drunk !drunken - Allows players to vote for a drunk !duck - Allows players to vote for a duckhunt !duckhunt - Allows players to vote for a duckhunt !ed - open a vote EventDays menu for player !eventdays - open a vote EventDays menu for player !extend - Extending the map !extendtime - Allows the warden to extend the roundtime !ffa - Allows players to vote for a FFA !flashlight - No description available !free - Allows players to vote for a freeday !freeday - Allows players to vote for a freeday !freeforall - Allows players to vote for a FFA !freekill - Allows a Dead Terrorist report a Freekill !g - Allows the prisoners to queue to CT !gbgift - Gift jail shop credits to a player - Use: sm_jailgift <#userid|name> [amount] !gfd - Allows a warden to give a freeday to a player !giftcredits - Gift jail shop credits to a player - Use: sm_jailgift <#userid|name> [amount] !givefreeday - Allows a warden to give a freeday to a player !giveweapon - Open the weapon menu if enabled (in EventDays/for CT) !guard - Allows the prisoners to queue to CT !guards - Allows the prisoners to queue to CT !gun - Open the weapon menu if enabled (in EventDays/for CT) !gunmenu - Open the weapon menu if enabled (in EventDays/for CT) !guns - Open the weapon menu if enabled (in EventDays/for CT) !h - Allows a Terrorist request healing !he - Allows players to vote for a hebattle !heal - Allows a Terrorist request healing !heb - Allows players to vote for a hebattle !hebattle - Allows players to vote for a hebattle !help - Displays SourceMod commands and descriptions !hide - Allows players to vote for a hide !hidenseek - Allows players to vote for a hide !hud - Allows player to toggle the hud display. !hunt - Allows players to vote for a duckhunt !jailcredits - Show your jail shop credits !jailgift - Gift jail credits to a player - Use: sm_jailgift <#userid|name> [amount] !jailshop - Open the jail shop menu !jailshop - Open the jail shop menu !jailstore - Open the jail shop menu !jbrevive - Use jail shop item revive !jbshop - Open the jail shop menu !jihad - Allows players to vote for a duckhunt !killrandom - Allows the Warden to kill a random T !knifeday - Allows players to vote for a knifefight !knifefight - Allows players to vote for a knifefight !laser - Allows Warden to toggle on/off the wardens Laser pointer !lastguard - Allows terrors to vote and last CT to set Last Guard Rule !lastguardrule - Allows terrors to vote and last CT to set Last Guard Rule !lastrequest - No description available !leavequeue - Allows a player to leave queue to CT !lg - Allows terrors to vote and last CT to set Last Guard Rule !lgr - Allows terrors to vote and last CT to set Last Guard Rule !lock - Allows the Warden to close the cell doors !lq - Allows a player to leave queue !m - Allows the Warden to start a MathQuiz. Show player with first right Answer !makeboom - Suicide with bomb !markrebel - Allows Warden to mark/unmark prisoner as rebel !math - Allows the Warden to start a MathQuiz. Show player with first right Answer !menu - opens the menu depends on players team/rank !menus - opens the menu depends on players team/rank !moretime - Allows the warden to extend the roundtime !mutemenu - Allows a warden to mute all terrorists for a specified duration or untill the next round. !noblock - Allows the Warden to toggle no block !nominate - nominate a map Special Thanks To: Mark for making the community STAFF TEAM for the help with freekill and more on the server DSyR for the good job on the jb server credit: mrbam
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    I think if any staff/members see a player that is active on the servers we should ask if they would like to enlist or give them some help on the website. The new message that pops up on TTT is awesome, but there will most likely be few people that pay full attention to it. (Or might have issues signing up, it happens. XD)
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    So i really miss the old way to tell if someone was dead.
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    It eliminates some of the background noises and makes things overall not as loud.
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    Hello, I am pr0fs. I'm 15, a boy, and play cs go. I play club/school soccer and like to play FIFA and PES. I used to play Battlefield Play4Free (one of my all time favorites), until it shutdown. I also like Need for Speed and GTA, I enjoy playing DEFY TTT and I'd say its my favorite cs community server.
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    what if all the admins start rdming than huh who will save you now!
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    I think we should just have 1 tag like this. [Supreme Leader] Emo Hoe I think it would be perfect and only emo wears it? @Emo Hoe
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    Xeno and Emo were chillin' in TeamSpeak one day. Xeno was quite sad and lonely, wrapping himself in a blanket and eating pizza by himself. He had no one to play PUBG with so he asked Emo if he would play with him. Emo said in a sad tone, "I can't, I don't have PUBG." Xeno responded, "Shit, anyone have King of the Hill?" Emo replied, "Yeah, and it's King of the Kill." Xeno told Emo to shut up in a little weeb voice and Emo began explaining the difference between KOTK, Xeno suddenly said, "Fuck it, I'm just gonna gift you PUBG." So Xeno did as he said, and it gave Emo a rock hard boner. "I only wish there was something I could do to repay you..." Emo said. "Nah, you don't have to, just play more than like 5 minutes," Xeno responded. "No, there's more I can do..." Emo said as he drifted his hand over the top of Xeno's army pants. "No, Emo, we can't do this. No more workplace romances after IcePack and Sensational, remember?" “It’s okay, who’s gonna knark?” “I-I guess you’re right…” Emo put his hands on the edge of Xeno’s pants and slowly pulled them off. Xeno was a poor weeb so he had no underwear on, and his Asian chode popped right out.” “It’s not much, but it’s all I have…” he said. “It’s okay, I have something for you,” Emo said as he faced the camera, “Ron Jeremy Penis Size Enhancement™.” Emo slipped the small pink pills into Xeno’s mouth, and his dick grew until it was the size of a pen. “Wow, it grew almost ten times as much…” he said. Emo responded with, “Yes, now use your fucking Samurai Dick™ and fuck me!” Emo jumped down on Xeno’s now raging boner and it was so sharp and hard that it tore right through his black skinny jeans and into his asshole. Emo, whose dick was still as floppy as a rubber band, said, “This isn’t getting me horny at all, let’s change that.” He pulled out a knife, furry handcuffs, and an anime mask. “I’ve been preparing for this a long time, he said.” He put on the anime mask and began shaving off the corners of Xeno’s dick to make it sharper. Xeno bit his lip in pain but was so turned on by the anime mask he just let it happen. Emo had Xeno put on the handcuffs. After the handcuffs were on, he told Xeno his master plan. Xeno looked at him in awe for a moment, but then nodded. He took his now razor sharp dick and cut Emo’s wrists with it. He put his dick inside the cuts and Emo began to moan. His dick grew to twice the size of what Xeno’s dick had been when they started. Xeno did this up and down his arm until they were both covered with blood. Then Emo whispered one last request in Xeno’s ear. Xeno took his Samurai Dick™ and began putting the sharpened tip up Emo’s dick hole. He kept going until his dick was all the way inside Emo’s. At this point, Xeno came inside Emo’s dick and then pulled out. Emo then bent over to suck his own dick and Xeno’s cum dripped into his mouth. After a bit of this, his own cum mixed with blood dripped into his mouth. “You can’t tell anyone,” Emo said. “I won’t,” Xeno said as he went to go wipe off his bloody dick. And then Emo died of blood loss. The End. Dead!
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    While I am playing on TTT I always hear new players complaining that they got rdm'd only to find out that you can kill off of high sus at 2 minutes. I think we should add a 2 minute marker message that says something along the lines of "2 minutes left, overtime is now in effect. You may kill off of high sus now". This would really help new players know what is happening.
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    Tag Grenades (yes, for me I call them tag) - Big flaw here. Only warden and deputy should get tags, as said by Zarakattack. These are to capture prisoners in cells and hiding in spots. If you could buy tags, it would cause a imbalance giving them wallhacks. Armour - Most maps will feature a armour button, so this is entirely useless. Open Cells from Anywhere - Script limitations. Plugins have to know the names of the cell doors in the bsp and every cell door is different. My cell doors is cell_fence, while others will be cell_door. We couldnt detect of a area search either because of how in bsps, solids like brushes dont exist. Instead, they exist as one giant piece of geometry with collision layered on and textures. Every maps origin is different.
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    Introduction: Hello I am Armin1002 and I mainly play on the TTT server which at the moment That I wrote this I had 140.97 hours on that server. I am from the UK, I am a 15 year old male and My height is 6'2 and I can speak 3 languages Likes and dislikes: My liked things are CSGO and gaming, my favourite console is a Ps4. I enjoy music especially Grime, some of my favourite artists are Skepta, Jme and Tyler the creator and Action Bronson. I enjoy sports my favourite basketball team are the Toronto Raptors and my favourite football or soccer team is Manchester City. I also like foods such as grilled cheese, pizza and Chicken for example Nando's. I dislike emojis.
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    Even if we added something to prevent players from Joining CT until they type !rules, this does not guarantee they will even read the rules. Its sort of like a TOS(terms of service) most people just skip to the end and hit agree without reading them. Forcing someone to do something they do not want to do will just more likely annoy them and have them disconnect.
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    Sorry i havnt been active lately, im going to try and be more active!
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    If you want to do misleading commands so bad play simon says. Simon Says allows you to do trick commands.
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    So you want to join DEFYclan? Steps To Join: 1. Join Steam Group 2. Sign up on Forums 3. Link Steam Account to Forum Account 4. Apply Here Requirements: Get 5 +rep from other DEFY members. 12 years of age or older Understand server rules Benefits: Thank you for considering or completing the application process, we hope to see you active on the server soon!