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  1. How Fast is your Internet? Please use to check your internet speed. Select Chicago, IL as the location for the test. Most of our servers are in Chicago, doing the test there would be ideal but if you cannot figure out how to switch it to that location its fine. Location of Chicago: Chicago is the red dot near the upside down U. You may need to zoom out a bit before you can see the U shape. Please use this template when making a post. Only Post if you have an image with proof. No Trolling. Template: Download: 32.06 Mb/s Upload: 11.07 Mb/s Ping: 30 ms Image:
  2. Which style do you like better Jailbreak or TTT???
  3. I do not see this as a good thing because we would loose so many players because when no member is on then the game is broken because only members can be CT.
  4. Gametracker tracks your stats by player name so when you change your name from Mp3Gold to Defy | Mp3Gold it's tracking two different things.If you changed your name from Mp3Gold to Mp3Gold1 same thing it will track that name as someone else.
  5. It is possible to make rules pop up. It will require some custom coding. Ill add this to my todo list.
  6. So basically we should add a rule such as "Ct may not.. 2.23 - wander the map unless looking for a rebel. (Ct's Should be actively helping the warden control the prison.)" ? Would this work?
  7. Last guard(!lg) only works if the round starts off with a minimum of 4 CTs. Then the last CT alive may type !lg and he will then initiate last guard. I do not see why we would restrict people from using !lg if it allows him. Usually when someone is last guard that means that the round is going to shit and most prisoners are already in the process of rebelling. So yeah I believe last guard is allowed on a full day freeday or whatever day. As long as he types !lg and it announces that its last guard then its last guard. Id like more peoples opinion on last guard though.
  8. This is the original creator of mankind. He has made many incredible things happen. He IS the one. He will always be the one. From a boy without any pubes, to a full bearded man. Mark, I personally thank you for making my life better.



    Ya boi

  9. Why did you create a new account. LOL. Could have asked for a name change.
  10. you ruski?


  11. hello my step dad

  12. Shoot or don't shoot is now an opinionated game so any ct who wants to do this game must enable the refuse command or ask the T's. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. AFK check has been updated. Check the new rules. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Jailbreak 2 channel was added. Thanks for the suggestion