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  1. Last guard(!lg) only works if the round starts off with a minimum of 4 CTs. Then the last CT alive may type !lg and he will then initiate last guard. I do not see why we would restrict people from using !lg if it allows him. Usually when someone is last guard that means that the round is going to shit and most prisoners are already in the process of rebelling. So yeah I believe last guard is allowed on a full day freeday or whatever day. As long as he types !lg and it announces that its last guard then its last guard. Id like more peoples opinion on last guard though.
  2. This is the original creator of mankind. He has made many incredible things happen. He IS the one. He will always be the one. From a boy without any pubes, to a full bearded man. Mark, I personally thank you for making my life better.



    Ya boi

  3. Why did you create a new account. LOL. Could have asked for a name change.
  4. you ruski?


  5. hello my step dad

  6. Shoot or don't shoot is now an opinionated game so any ct who wants to do this game must enable the refuse command or ask the T's. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. AFK check has been updated. Check the new rules. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Jailbreak 2 channel was added. Thanks for the suggestion
  9. Thanks <3 you can update your desktop background now
  10. Post your setup below **Please use a spoiler if including pictures, so we do not have to scroll too much.** Specs OS: Windows 10 Mother board: MSI x79A-GD45 Plus LGA 2011 Intel x79 SATA 6Gb/s CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E 3.6GHz RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB DDR3 Graphics card: MSI nvidia geforce gtx 760 4GB GDDR5 Hard Drive(s): Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD + 2TB Seagate HDD Power Supply: Corsair AX series AX860W Platinum Certified Case: Sentey Extreme Division GS-6600 Wolf Black Some Pics Pictures
  11. ---------------------------------------------------------- CS:GO TTT Rules ---------------------------------------------------------- Last Updated: January 14, 2017 Offence Levels: 1. General Rules: 1.1 - Spam (Repeatedly using any means of communication for annoyance) 1.2 - Common Courtesy(If someone asks you a reasonable request to stop then stop.) 1.3 - Ghosting (Providing or receiving information that would give an unfair advantage) 1.4 - RDM (Killing any player while being innocent without a valid reason.) 1.5 - IRV/Innocent Rule Violation Violation(View Game Guide) 1.6 -DRV/Detective Rule Violation Violation(View Game Guide) 1.7 -TRV/Traitor Rule Violation Violation(View Game Guide) 1.8 - Delaying the round.(Camping, hiding, etc) 2. Misc Rules: ---------------------------------------------------------- Game Guide ---------------------------------------------------------- Roles: Innocent: Find out the traitors among you and kill them. Detective: Assist the Innocents to figure out who the traitor among the group is. Traitor: Kill all Innocents and Detectives without getting caught to win the round. 1. Explanations: 2. IRV/Innocent rule Violation: 3. DRV/Detective rule Violation: 4. TRV/Traitor rule Violation:
  12. Murder is not really a game mode that needs to be heavily moderated, as when someone does kill the wrong person the gun drops. We will need some mods but not too many. Also I have not finished setting up the murder server yet.
  13. Rep does need some love. I'll add this to my list of things that need to be improved upon.
  14. DEFY | name - This tag is for admins, mods, vip, and veteran members of the community. Defy | name - This tag is for players of the community who have been accepted into the clan as a member. defy | name - Any player can use this tag. All players who apply should change their name with this tag, so members of the community can take notice.