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  1. I need a name change

  2. Jewie2k's Introduction :D

    Welcome to the forums!
  3. drac0's Intro

    Welcome to the forums drac0, see ya on the servers PS: Nice tags
  4. How do you get the Team speak server?

    Download Link: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads.html#client Once it is downloaded and installed go to your bookmarks and in the server address field put ts.defyclan.com Then all you need to do is connect.
  5. Petition to nerf the VIP changes

    The auto snipers have been removed from the gun menu so what is shown in the video is no longer possible Closed
  6. hey mark. my name is noob you might not know me but ive been on the server since  October 23 2016 and ive always been trying to get to become mod// admin but nobody been such a help. the reason i want to become mod or admin is so i can help the server be better and more understandable and i want my voice to be heard.I want to fix the things people do wrong i want to help the server be stronger than the day before.so i say to you Mr.Mark will you help me achieve my dream.

  7. I got a 1080 Ti now

    I have a MSI GeForce GTX 760 Twin Frozr Gaming 4GB Edition. I run all the games I play on highest settings
  8. what is the discord join link?

    http://www.Defyclan.com/discord although for this link you must open it in a browser first.


    @TS-Drumsticks What would you like your new name to be?
  11. Ct Banned

    I have lifted your ctban as yesterday their was a minor issue with the website and Ct bans were not being removed properly. If you are still CT banned though feel free to PM me.
  12. Vip

    Thank you for supporting DEFY. I have issued your Bronze VIP. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  13. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    Are you the realz ownwr of DEFY?