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  1. done
  2. @TS-Drumsticks What would you like your new name to be?
  3. I have lifted your ctban as yesterday their was a minor issue with the website and Ct bans were not being removed properly. If you are still CT banned though feel free to PM me.
  4. Vip

    Thank you for supporting DEFY. I have issued your Bronze VIP. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  5. Are you the realz ownwr of DEFY?
  6. Like Icepack said, you can use game tracker to check your hours. We have not yet released our tracker to the public yet.
  7. @Some_Person do you agree?
  8. Simply put my real name is Mark. Some believe that my real name is Patrick, that is not the case. I went by the name Patrick cause it was kind of a meme.
  9. Nice dude!
  10. According to this post Unranked & Expired Ranks section. "Every new account will display its skill group after 10 Wins (NOT 10 games)" Maybe something changed though idk.
  11. So I was playing comp on my ALT account and... How did I get a rank before 10 wins, We tied the game but still???
  12. Since May, 1 till now we have hit 1692 posts. Can we hit 2000 posts next month?
  13. Hyper X, is the way to go You can even see it in my post here.
  14. Since Day ONE #DEFY
  15. askdefy

    Nice Setup #3Monitor. Here is my setup; For more details on my setup click here. Made a post a while back.