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  1. Its double credits on jailbreak.
  3. LOL So far everyone has same answer.
  4. this guy is my dad I promise here is how my dad look

    Bilderesultat for ugly dad

    look like mark

  5. Closed, Resolved.
  6. I will need to update that post. I wanted to give members a treat for a bit of what vips will get. So to answer your question lasers are VIP only perk now. Anyhow currently Members get the following; Current Benefits Forum +Member Status Members only Forum Area Tag in game Chance of getting a paper clip when tazed Chance of Paper clip working and freeing yourself from cuffs 1 Extra Heal Request 1 Extra Repeat Request 1 Extra Refuse Request Planned Members Benefits Teamspeak member tags based on rank on roster Division Tag on Teamspeak Possibly access to 3 hats in game More to come
  7. How do you +rep or -rep someone? +Rep can be given by clicking the Green up arrow -Rep can be given by clicking the Red down arrow How reputation is Earned or Lost? You can usually earn rep by creating helpful or quality content You can lose rep generally for low quality content How much Rep can Be given or Removed? Members can give 3 +reps and 1 -rep per 24 hours Vip/Staff Can give 5 +reps and 1 -rep per 24 hours Misc Asking for or exchanging rep is against the forums rules.
  8. It's not my biggest priority to fix this issue. However what I can say is that it really doesn't matter if a dead person answers because as the warden you just need to look in chat who typed the correct answer first. Dead players chat wont be seen to alive players.
  9. I was working on the server, for some reason I did something which caused the server to go down which it was not supposed to go down but it did. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. How Fast is your Internet? Please use to check your internet speed. Select Chicago, IL as the location for the test. Most of our servers are in Chicago, doing the test there would be ideal but if you cannot figure out how to switch it to that location its fine. Location of Chicago: Chicago is the red dot near the upside down U. You may need to zoom out a bit before you can see the U shape. Please use this template when making a post. Only Post if you have an image with proof. No Trolling. Template: Download: 32.06 Mb/s Upload: 11.07 Mb/s Ping: 30 ms Image:
  11. Which style do you like better Jailbreak or TTT???
  12. jailbreak

    I do not see this as a good thing because we would loose so many players because when no member is on then the game is broken because only members can be CT.
  13. Gametracker tracks your stats by player name so when you change your name from Mp3Gold to Defy | Mp3Gold it's tracking two different things.If you changed your name from Mp3Gold to Mp3Gold1 same thing it will track that name as someone else.
  14. jailbreak

    It is possible to make rules pop up. It will require some custom coding. Ill add this to my todo list.