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  1. Jailbreak Rules

    Go back to General Rules Last Updated: August 15, 2017 Jailbreak Specific Rules # Rule Description Punishment 1 CT Violation 2 Warden Violation 3 Cheating in LR 4 Swap Violation 5 Terrorist Mute 6 Invalid Warden Kick Explanations Roles CT(Guard): Assist the Warden in controlling all prisoners. Warden: Give out orders to prisoners, kill any prisoner who rebels. Deputy: Warden can appoint him to control the prisoner(s) while the Warden is off elsewhere. T(Prisoner): Either follow the wardens rules to get your last request or to rebel against the guards and control the map. Terrorist Guidelines You are automatically KOS if you… Enter restricted areas. (Armory, Vents, Teleporters, Catwalks, guard Areas. Unless specified otherwise) Are AFK for more than 1 minute. Point any gun at a guard. Charge a guard with a knife. Claim you don’t know a prison game when the game has already been explained to you. Damage vents Kill or damage a non-baiting guard. Are a rebel unless the guard pardons you or does not take action. Definitions: AFK Freeze: Cannot use mouse or keyboard at all for 20 seconds except voice and text chat. AFK freeze becomes a regular freeze after 20 seconds. Freeze: Cannot move at all. May move mouse to look around. Action Once: When the warden says for example, “Jump” you are to only jump once unless specified otherwise. Warden Death: Last order given is still in effect for 15 seconds upon the warden’s death. Repeats: When someone requests a !repeat. The warden will only repeat once. Anyone who requests a repeat shortly after he already repeated the order in an attempt to troll will be slayed/killed. Delaying: Not complying with an order within three seconds. Bomb rushing to a beacon: If a warden tells you to bomb rush to their warden beacon, you must run to it, without delaying, and freeze inside. Take one step out: When the Warden tells you to take one step out, you must move about one step out of your cell. You must be within knifing distance of your cell door/the wall next to it, otherwise guards can kill you. Misleading commands: If a command is intended to trick prisoners AND results in the death of three or more prisoners, it is misleading. Misleading commands are only allowed in Simon Says. Freeday: These are days where prisoners and guards can do whatever they want within the normal prison rules. Event Days: These are special rounds that can either be started via players voting for them, or manually by the warden. If an event is started manually by a warden, the event lasts for the entire round, even if the warden dies. Freeday if… Cells open before orders are given. Warden does not give orders within the first minute of the round. Warden dies and no guard takes over within 15 seconds. Baiting Intentionally going within knifing distance of a prisoner. Entering a prisoner designated area. When can you kill a baiting guard? Prisoner(s) may attempt to kill any guard that goes inside a prisoner designated area. Prisoner(s) may knife while lining up shoulder to shoulder however you cannot move WASD, NOTE if you move WASD while lined up to knife a guard that is not baiting and guard may kill you. guard may not kill you though if you didn’t move WASD but you knifed them. Warning Shots: All warning shots must be given below the knees. You will be given a warning if you… Detour or delay. Do not actively participate in prison games. Block doorways. Opinionated Games: Warden must ask the Prisoners if they would like to play an opinionated game. Majority decides whether or not the warden can proceed with the opinionated game or not. Example; Warden has the T's line up shoulder to shoulder and says "If you would like to have a joke day, crouch." Assuming 5 prisoners are alive and 3 of them crouch. The warden can play the opinionated game as the majority of the T's would like to play. Opinionated Games: Joke Day, Singing Contest, Dancing Contest, Diving contest (talent based), Talent Show, Shoot Or don't shoot Prison Games: Simon Says: To begin playing Simon says, Simon must say "Simon says I am Simon, Simon says we are now playing Simon says." T's must only do the order that Simon says until the next Simon Says order is given. T's must not do any actions that Simon did not issue. Warden CANNOT begin playing Simon says at the beginning of the round. Simon says can only begin once prisoners are at a T Designated area. Ex: warden markers, lines, big cage, etc. Do the Simon says order once then stop unless instructed otherwise by Simon. Ex. If Simon says crouch you must un-crouch after 2-3 seconds. Ex. If Simon says jump, jump once unless instructed otherwise. First Reaction Last Reaction: Warden will say first reaction or last reaction and then an action… First Reaction: First person to complete the action dies. Last Reaction: Last person to complete the action dies. Death Walk: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, All prisoner(s) must look straight up with their flashlights turned on (Type /flashlight), Looking down is KOS. When the warden indicates to begin the prisoner(s) will crouch walk backwards until they fall off of a ledge, or when they feel that they are at the edge they stop, stand up and freeze while still looking up Red Light Green Light: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, there is a finish line further away from them. When the warden says green light all prisoner(s) are then allowed to move forward, but once the warden says red light all prisoner(s) must stop. If a prisoner doesn’t stop in time then the warden is allowed to kill the prisoner. The game goes on until the set amount of winners is reached. Shoot or Don’t Shoot: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, All prisoner(s) must face away from the warden and freeze. The warden will then ask prisoner(s) at random shoot or don’t shoot, while his crosshair is on a random prisoner(s) head. If the prisoner asked says shoot then the T that he is aiming at will die, and if he says don’t shoot then the game goes on and the warden picks new prisoner. prisoner(s) can only say don’t shoot 2 times in a row, then they must say shoot. Odd Man Out: Can only be played if there are 3 prisoner(s) remaining, the prisoner(s) form a triangle (On positions set by the warden). The warden will tell the prisoner(s) to face away from their teammates, and when the wardens says to the prisoner(s) will turn around and look at one of their teammates. Whoever has 2 prisoner(s) facing them is the odd man out and is KOS. Zombie Freeday: Zombies must walk and may only right click Knife a guard. Zombies can only climb objects/ladders to get to a guard. Guard may not kill a zombie that right click knifes them. Guard may not restrict areas. Panda Freeday: Pandas must crouch at all times. Pandas may climb ladders/objects. Guards may not restrict areas. Prisoners may only left click knife guards. Monkey Freeday: Monkeys must be bhopping at all times (constantly jumping). Monkeys may climb ladders/objects. Guards may not restrict areas. Monkeys are only allowed to right click guards. Guards can't kill prisoners in knifing distance.
  2. General Server Rules

    Last Updated: August 15, 2017 Jailbreak Specific Rules | TTT Specific Rules General Rules # Rule Description Punishment 1 Avoiding Punishment Leaving during the round you committed an offense on. RDMing and then leaving the same round you RDMed. Leaving or using a glitch to avoid any form of punishment. Example: Freekilling then disconnecting. Changing your name to communicate when you are muted/gagged. 2 Mini-Modding Telling Admins to take any sort of action on a player. Do not enforce any rules, leave it to the staff team. Examples: Telling an admin to slay a player for freekill. Constantly telling people rules or telling them to read the rules. 3 Spamming Repeatedly using any means of communication for annoyance. Typing any line of text 3 times or more in chat. Example: Singing, playing music, accepting multiple trade offers or repeating disruptive noises over voice chat. 4 Mass Freekill/RDM Killing 3+ players without a valid reason. Example: Killing 3+ non-rebelling prisoners on jailbreak. Killing 3+ innocent people for no reason on TTT. 5 Command Abuse Using any command improperly. Example: Using the !call command when you don't really need an admin or for an invalid reason. Or typing !freekill when you know you were killed for a valid reason. Example: Using !freekill when you were killed fairly in a game. 6 DDOS Threat Threatening to DDOS. Example: Saying something like, " I'm going to DDOS the server." 7 Ghosting Providing or receiving information that would give an unfair advantage. Example: Using in game private chat, admin chat, steam chat, Skype, Teamspeak, etc. to give out information while dead.Changing your name to convery information when dead. 8 Common Courtesy If someone asks you a reasonable request to stop then stop. Example: If someone asks you to stop saying a racial slur, then stop. 9 Exploiting Using any game exploit that gives an unfair advantage or interferes with the game mechanics in some way. Example: Using a glitch to get to an area of the map that is not intended to be accessible. 10 Delaying Doing anything (intentionally) that would make the wait time for living players longer. Staying in an area for longer than 30 seconds is considered camping. All T rooms in TTT count as one area, even if it's not the same room. Example: Camping, going AFK, not actively pursuing when necessary. 11 Using Voice Changers Using any software to change your voice Example: Downloading and using a program that makes your voice sound really high pitched. 12 Impersonation Pretending to be someone with a certain position within the community. Example: Using an admin’s name in-game or claiming you are staff. 13 Freekill/RDM Killing or damaging someone for no reason Example: Killing a non-rebelling prisoner in jailbreak. Killing an innocent for no reason in TTT 14 Trolling/Harassing The act of targeting a player or players, usually in order to get a reaction from them. Don’t disrespect players/staff Example: Making fun of someone’s speech impediment, race, religion, age, etc. 15 Arguing If you have a disagreement, don’t argue about it, make a forum post/complaint. Example: Arguing about an interpretation of a rule. 16 Ban Evading Joining on a different account when you have been banned Example: Getting banned for Mass RDM on TTT and then joining back with a different account. 17 Hacking Using 3rd party software to give yourself an unfair advantage.
  3. I need a name change

  4. Jewie2k's Introduction :D

    Welcome to the forums!
  5. drac0's Intro

    Welcome to the forums drac0, see ya on the servers PS: Nice tags
  6. How do you get the Team speak server?

    Download Link: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads.html#client Once it is downloaded and installed go to your bookmarks and in the server address field put ts.defyclan.com Then all you need to do is connect.
  7. Petition to nerf the VIP changes

    The auto snipers have been removed from the gun menu so what is shown in the video is no longer possible Closed
  8. I got a 1080 Ti now

    I have a MSI GeForce GTX 760 Twin Frozr Gaming 4GB Edition. I run all the games I play on highest settings
  9. what is the discord join link?

    http://www.Defyclan.com/discord although for this link you must open it in a browser first.
  10. TTT Rules

    Go back to General Rules Last Updated: July 1, 2017 TTT Specific Rules # Rule Description Punishment 1 Claiming an Area 2 Innocent Rule Violation (IRV) 3 Detective Rule Violation (DRV) 4 Traitor Rule Violation (TRV) 5 Prop Violation Explanations Roles Innocent: Find the traitors among you and kill them. Detective: Assist the Innocents to figure out who the traitor among the group is. Traitor: Kill all Innocents and Detectives without getting caught to win the round. Traitorous Acts: Shooting towards players (traitor baiting) Throwing an HE/incendiary grenade towards players. Not identifying bodies. Calling KOS on innocents. Planting C4. Having traitor weapons . Hurting another player with a explosive prop (explosive barrel, etc) Entering/Leaving a traitor only area (traitor rooms) Not following detectives orders Damaging health stations Definitions: Karma: Karma is kind of like a reputation system. If you kill someone who you aren’t supposed to, then you may lose karma. Everyone starts off at 90 karma, you have a max of 100, and if it hits 50, then you will be automatically banned for 1 week. Karma rewards and deductions are given for these actions: Killing a traitor as an innocent: +5 karma Killing an innocent as an innocent: -10 karma Killing a detective as an innocent: -15 karma Killing an innocent as a traitor: +2 karma Killing a traitor as a traitor: -15 karma Killing a detective as a traitor: +5 karma Killing an innocent as a detective: -4 karma Killing a detective as a detective: -15 karma Killing a traitor as a detective: +7 karma KOS: Means kill on sight, if someone said, “KOS Hoodini!” then you can kill Hoodini if you see him. You can only KOS someone if you are 100% certain that they are the traitor (almost always need to see them do a traitorous act.) Suspicion (Sus): If a person calls suspicion on another player, it means that they believe they could be the traitor, but don’t have enough evidence to call a KOS. Live Checks: If someone says for instance, “Live check or KOS,” then you should say in chat or through voice chat that you are alive. Otherwise people have permission to kill you on sight. You can only call live checks during overtime. Overtime: This starts when there are only 2 minutes left in the round. During overtime you are allowed to kill people for being suspicious, but be careful, because if you’re wrong it will affect your karma. In order to kill a player for suspicion, you must say in voice/game chat why you have a valid suspicion on the player. Misc: Type /shop to purchase items. Taser does not kill players, it identifies them.


    @TS-Drumsticks What would you like your new name to be?
  13. Ct Banned

    I have lifted your ctban as yesterday their was a minor issue with the website and Ct bans were not being removed properly. If you are still CT banned though feel free to PM me.
  14. Vip

    Thank you for supporting DEFY. I have issued your Bronze VIP. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  15. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    Are you the realz ownwr of DEFY?
  16. how??

    Like Icepack said, you can use game tracker to check your hours. We have not yet released our tracker to the public yet.
  17. woot

    @Some_Person do you agree?
  18. how did u get ur name

    Simply put my real name is Mark. Some believe that my real name is Patrick, that is not the case. I went by the name Patrick cause it was kind of a meme.
  19. #1 On JB

    Nice dude!
  20. [Accepted] Why'd u remove the warden mutes rule??

    This should be fixed now. If it occurs again please create another post. Closed.
  21. Ranked before 10 WINS???

    So I was playing comp on my ALT account and... How did I get a rank before 10 wins, We tied the game but still???
  22. [Rejected] Cts

    Even if we added something to prevent players from Joining CT until they type !rules, this does not guarantee they will even read the rules. Its sort of like a TOS(terms of service) most people just skip to the end and hit agree without reading them. Forcing someone to do something they do not want to do will just more likely annoy them and have them disconnect.
  23. Ranked before 10 WINS???

    According to this post https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312582297 Unranked & Expired Ranks section. "Every new account will display its skill group after 10 Wins (NOT 10 games)" Maybe something changed though idk.