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  1. [Resolved] Krimzson (singer)'s Player Complaint

    no evidence, forging evidence
  2. [Resolved] Krimzson (singer)'s Player Complaint

    all staff who was part of only got 'warning' all other member got insta ban the fuck? member disrespect, staff priv.
  3. Favorite Head Admin

  4. S/O to @ks

    looks great

    I tried to make a joke (straight line word hting) but formating changed when I posted it, fuck, it ruined the joke. [DELETED POST]
  6. [Accepted] Deleting posts

    In defyclan website, there is no option to delete the posts you uploaded. So, it would be great if one of you add this option to the website. Sometimes people post something regretable and want to delete it. How about having a cooldown and announcing when post is being deleted. lmao racist
  7. Hi, this is Ks. If you don't know me I play on defy server and a member, who play on defy server, and enjoy playing on a defy server. Also, like playing defy ttt server, and defy jailbreak server. Play csgo too. And my in gamecc name is Ks. If you wanna see me in game I'm on almost everyday except weekdays (unless vacation). You can call me ks in game. I play more ttt than jailbreak. Imnotracist is such a nerd
  8. Would you rather?

    what if ur dick is small, so nipple is small as ur dick