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  1. The game slated him for cheating a LR not a staff member
  2. I am the official start of Mr.Bam is Russian
  3. you're lame
  4. +rep We should get these added in rules ASAP!
  5. +rep I agree DEFY should be for Staff either way this doesn't make staff blend in VIPs clearly have the [VIP] in game tag where members/staff only have as their in game tag.
  6. I hear @ImNotRacist is linked to Pablo Escobar he should hook it up
  7. i made this before your comment lol
  8. We should make "bomb rushing" to beacons have freeze implied, people always try loop holing and screaming when the warden forgets to say it.
  9. make freeze implied to "bomb rushing" to beacons
  10. well in this community we take being member as a serious position, because you're representing the server as the staff are.
  11. dude i have i know because you said its your brother, still reflects on you
  12. you're my lover
  13. hmu with offers - account (csgo vac) has H1Z1 -