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  1. what did the white scientist say to the black scientist. you're a nigger
  2. ill eat it
  3. lol i hit this when i was like 13 so you can hear my reaction
  4. i mean its a fake clip lol
  5. throwback to when i faked clips on cod lol
  6. okay okay look this is added into the rules now because i said so
  7. you blocked him after? yeah right
  8. some kid that plays on JB he came crying to me and showed me screenshots of handicap asking him for skins and then sayong he'd give him better skins later, and then handicap blocked him.
  9. i just said fuckoff
  10. would you eat ass?
  11. depressed as a mother fucker.
  12. lol you scammed someone on our server fuck off
  13. screenshots of a conversation with this "buyer" is out of context, like i said anyone can fake it.
  14. cant keep my dick in my mouth
  15. my last name