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  1. its not that were not smart theirs just conflict of disagreement.
  2. Ban System

    why is this even a post dont be mental and dont get banned if you get banned and you did nothing wrong post something about it lol
  3. voxxie confirmed scammer

  4. [Denied] remove other player models

    player models dont affect hitboxes period quit being dumb.
  5. [Accepted] Extra perks in TTT for VIP

    this isn't a pay to win server, we're not that shit..
  6. What's your favorite genre of music?

    j pop falls under pop
  7. was there a problem yesterday?

    shut up ender answered it already
  8. IcePack AiMl0CK????

    yeah i can come back from a 3 week break and still woop your ass
  9. Free for all

    if the servers are full and YOU wish not to play on those servers to where our servers are "empty", this sounds like a personal problem, if you wanted a "FFA" there's clearly many Free For All servers....
  10. Free for all

    go to a different server if its empty
  11. Free for all

    thats not the point of TTT lmaoo
  12. S/O to @ks

    ik /:
  13. S/O to @ks

    @Ks is a fucking legend
  14. Yes lmaoo its im pretty sure alot of you guys expected it but yeah time has come, gonna be flat out honest this shit is boring, and ive really stopped caring, lmaoo im mainly focusing on my real life, making money, etc shit like that. First off gonna thank Mark, Emo, Racist, Hoodini, Icepack, Xeno, Never, Duke, Milo, Kelly, Cozy, Psycho, Uncle, Stevey, Benji, not gonna name every member but if you knew i liked you i liked you... You guys definitely made this fun and enjoyable. and if you're not on that list i really dont fucking care about you.
  15. Getting vote banned for the XD's

    i did this