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  1. lol i was doing lr <3
  2. im not gonna say im back or nothing cause that will mean im back for something. new account feel free to add ----> rank - MG1
  3. if what Emo suggested said doesnt work you can factory new reset your pc long process but works 100%
  4. there no point in adding you witnessed if i clearly Admitted it to a Admin & wasnt trying to run from it?
  5. no lol
  6. Hey first off I would like to apologize to everyone whom i freekilled or caused stress to in this progress. Tonight on 01-16-17, on the server I mass freekilled which led to my 3 day server ban, my reason being ridiculous was because "I was bored." and T's were saying, "No balls." I understand how difficult this is for people to deal with idiotic issues like this one and I would like to apologize for my actions. I thought it'd be a funny joke but i realize it's not and it back tracks to me in the end. My Apolozies, Daniel Kriticals.
  7. Im кгเtเςคlร (kriticals if you can't read that) hola, ive been vaced for hacking on the server, im kinda a rebel god, and yeah im boring ;0 <----- insert penis
  8. why?
  9. Hey guys just wanted your opinion of I were to do a give away what skin would you guys want? ($10 or less)!
  10. Hey guys just wanted your opinion of I were to do a give away what skin would you guys want? ($10 or less)!
  11. So look i've asked him to stop and told him about my own personal expirence and he just keeps harassing me and other players, literally when something happens that he doesnt like or go his way he literally spams chat how he wants to attempt suicide and tells everyone how he doesnt like his life. I understand people have ups & downs in life but this is literally going on everyday. proof ---
  12. link new updates list like what came in the update if you can please
  13. well agreed
  14. Update - had to leave my pc at Best Buy because geek squad doesn't know shit about putting a disk in a disk tray and installing windows
  15. so many staff for to cry on forums about might take you a year to do that /: