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  1. so you want me to come back but you voted me to quit? edgy
  2. vote in the poll!
  3. this is true man! <3
  4. gonna miss you man ill forsure add you on snap, you were def. a big part of Defy and making my own personal expirence better, im glad I got to meet you man! <3
  5. I dunno dawg just the audacity some niggas have
  6. Today I am fully announcing I will be leaving Defy as a whole. This is something I have thought about for a while now but now I see that having some bitch ass Server Mod on my sack 24/7, im just done with it. I would like to thank: Mark, Some_Person, Psycho, Cozy, Krim, Deadbolt, Weasel, Cope, Emo, Gabe(spring), Hoodini, Racist, Barry, BOT Albert, Icepack, Serb, and many more, for making my expirence at Defy as enjoyable as possible. Steam - Twitter - Signing Off, Yours Truly, Daniel кгเtเςคlร.
  7. mg right here
  8. well make it atleast you have to have 1 and half hours played so its certain people really some what understand rules
  9. well tbh I don't think it'd be right for free because we wouldn't want people spamming it or maybe at the start of the round we can give "live check" starters to certain players maybe like 2-5 or more depending on the size of the server at the point in time but I definitely think the credits would work as well
  10. I think this would be very cool to have on the TTT server which is a Live Check System were lets say if they type !live or !lc or even have to send 2500 credits to show all the players whom are alive and/if want bodies that haven't been identified. Something like this in my opinion would definitly help allot hence when you start a self live check not everyone types in chat or responds. Comment what you think! <3
  11. Me and a Server Mod were talking and we thought of this idea with would restrict most people from becoming CTs and to meet new requirments to join CTs. CT Requirments: Must Have 250+ Mins. (4.1hours) played on the server. Another thing which might not be as good but convinent would be members could only be CTs. How this helps: Less Freekill Less People Complaining About CTs Not Knowing Rules Forces People To Play The Server And Learn Rules A Bit More Let Me Know What You Think!!
  12. allow misleading commands on jailbreak. check out my post about it.
  13. Misleading Commands. I for one do think misleading commands should be allowed on the server, 1. they speed up the duration of rounds. 2. CT's can kill off T's faster. I think its really idiotic people can follow simple commands and hear what the warden is actually asking you to do and complain about themselves being freekilled over it, I mean its really the persons fault for not listening or following valid simple orders. Let me know what you think about commenting! If any Server Mod or Admin wants to know more about what im talking about message me! Steam Link -
  14. get on i miss u