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  1. Sciency Jokes Only

    I was hungry for some Ramen Noodles, and the bag said "step 1: boil water". then I was like, Boil water? What am I a chemist? Its funny because I am bad at cooking. even boiling water can be difficult and confusing. Actually, that wasn't the joke, I am.
  2. My Senior Quote ( I need your help )

    People are pain. Push through the pain.
  3. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    Then Why am I Head of Human Resources?
  4. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    Ass or Tits?
  5. Do You Put Milk First or Last

    I eat a bowl of nails for breakfast. . .

    I explode. Watermelons don't have a great explosive resistance. Then I take my already pre-recorded conscious and implant it in a new melon. Suicide for you, Immortality for me.
  7. Heh

    Dude I love this pic of your mother! I definitely see the family resemblance.
  8. Any suggestions where to eat?

    The Roadkill Dinner. They have the best food there. I'm talking fresh raccoon, armadillo, and even on occasion little children. I eat there every night. Plus they also server breakfast in their luxurious cardboard rooms! So you you're too hammer from all the pools of blood-wine, you just stay the night, so you don't have to drive home hammered!
  9. Stock Photos of DEFY Members

    What the crap?!?!?!? You guys missed me.

    I will do a face reveal when you hunt me down and try to kill me. p.s. you will fail, I will take you as an intruder, and you will be murdered. (end of story)
  11. Head Admins

    My hair used to be blonde, then it turned red. I dyed it. Well, more other people died, LOL amarite?!!?!??! I am not straight, I am so frickin' crooked, and in case you didn't hear, unicorn or someone found out that I am trans, whatever that means. There are only two genders, Oh wait, there are three. Male Female and Stupid. I have no teeth, they all fell out eating the bodie-I mean hair dye. Ich habe keinen Schnurrbart. Ich bin neunundsechzig.
  12. Head Admins

    Naw, he's already way past geometry. His math skills are sooooooooooooo good, his teachers had to call in stephen hawking to invent a new math for his to study. His math grade is sooooooooooooooooooo high, his teachers invented an A+A+A+A++A+A+A+A++A+A+A++A++A+A ² ² ² ² . but his others grades are lacking.
  13. OMG (new servers)(read)

    How about, a prophunt server. that would be fun. and a TTT server.
  14. wanna add staff rules ( READ FOR NUDES XD )

    Depending on what type of ban you are talking about, a ctban or a server ban, I would recommend to staff to make absolutely sure that the perpetrator did, in fact, break the rules severely enough to ban them. Unless you saw them freekill and entire stack for illegitimate reasons, always make absolute certain of rule violations. (This is a message to all staff members)
  15. Opinions

    Nein! Wasser!