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  1. What the crap?!?!?!? You guys missed me.
  2. I will do a face reveal when you hunt me down and try to kill me. p.s. you will fail, I will take you as an intruder, and you will be murdered. (end of story)
  3. Dude! this setup is soooo legit!
  4. My hair used to be blonde, then it turned red. I dyed it. Well, more other people died, LOL amarite?!!?!??! I am not straight, I am so frickin' crooked, and in case you didn't hear, unicorn or someone found out that I am trans, whatever that means. There are only two genders, Oh wait, there are three. Male Female and Stupid. I have no teeth, they all fell out eating the bodie-I mean hair dye. Ich habe keinen Schnurrbart. Ich bin neunundsechzig.
  5. Naw, he's already way past geometry. His math skills are sooooooooooooo good, his teachers had to call in stephen hawking to invent a new math for his to study. His math grade is sooooooooooooooooooo high, his teachers invented an A+A+A+A++A+A+A+A++A+A+A++A++A+A ² ² ² ² . but his others grades are lacking.
  6. How about, a prophunt server. that would be fun. and a TTT server.
  7. Depending on what type of ban you are talking about, a ctban or a server ban, I would recommend to staff to make absolutely sure that the perpetrator did, in fact, break the rules severely enough to ban them. Unless you saw them freekill and entire stack for illegitimate reasons, always make absolute certain of rule violations. (This is a message to all staff members)
  8. Nein! Wasser!
  9. Would you still be able to use team chat, or is ALL working together prohibited? And if so, how do you tell if the Ts' are working together? I do like new ideas for fun, or different event days.
  10. Just as a friendly hint, those that review applications look at many things. One of the simple things that most application reviewers look at is correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It might help you if your application is at least partly legible. Maybe take a few seconds and review everything over and make sure it makes sense. But hey, I'm weird. Me and my mostly proper grammar(usually not spelling) are sort of abby normal. I glance at correct spelling and sentence structure. If your application contains mostly correct spelling it always gives a point in your favor from me. If it is not spelled quite so well, it doesn't hurt you too much(or at all). (I rather like long forum replies)
  11. Oh well, you shall never know then.
  12. I like this rule suggestion. It could occasionally lead to chaos, but who doesn't mind a little chaos!?
  13. On the Steam store there is a game called murder miners. Murder Miners is a blocky fps made in Halo style. Currently it is on a fair sale, at $.49 for one copy, and a $.98 for 4 copies. I would reccomend buy at least 4 copies. The game itself is quite fun and is being worked constantly by its small dev team. Every Wednesday the have a "come play with the devs" with a server and a whole lot of people. IT is very easy to create private servers for you and your friends or for everyone. I would recommend picking it up on sale. Here is a a link to the steam store sale; If anyone already has this game, or just bought it, I would love to play with them! just hit me up!
  14. What you could try to do, would be to record the statistics of the game. Record how many player there are, when you are chosen, and who who dies at each stage of the game. Then you could do it again with multiple games of SODS. you could make a graph of the numbers coming together. Then you you do it again with a changed name or alt account and you could be offline. After you have repeated the experiment you can compare the results and draw your conclusion as to whether or not you are being targeted purposely. Or you could try to be more nice to people?
  15. Nein!