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  1. Opinions

    couldve just said orange ppl
  2. Monkey Freeday?

    yea i didnt even think of that man
  3. Monkey Freeday?

    i see where ur coming from if people mic spam its not my fault and there choice and there punishment if they do
  4. Opinions

    Black people or white people?
  5. Opinions

    Star wars was good when disney didnt own it but star trek was good before all the 65543 remakes
  6. JailBreak Highlights!!

    u dont need music man u cant hear the ppl and what do u record with? it looks bad maybe use obs?
  7. Monkey Freeday?

    i did say u dont need to jump when standing still and u dont have to bhop u can jump walk like 2steps then hop again
  8. Slient Day

    +rep my only problem itd be hard for ppl to be like wait hey idk what im doing or can u help me
  9. Monkey Freeday?

    Yea exactly and funnier plus alot of ppl love it!
  10. good bye from Mrbam

    Not u man i was talking to legacy
  11. good bye from Mrbam

    Lol u say the server isnt good anymore but man ur really disrespectful and rood
  12. WTF

    Um you may be wondering why i make this post and i get why but we have a problem. Krim as u know is a mod and does so much work for the server and is so active and helps so much. but tbh he doesnt deserve mod at all. He deserves admin and is to afraid to pull it up with highers up. So Like can we Get krim admin soon? #Krim4Admin2017
  13. Monkey Freeday?

    I have a idea called monkey free day its where u have to hop / bhop everywhere you go ive been using this for a day now and alot of people seem to like it Mostly because they like making monkey sounds and bhoping monkeys can only right click no left clicking or Kos Normal rules like primary kos secondary u have to ask to drop it then kos if they dont Not hopping = kos they dont have to hop during T activites [ Unless its bhopping ] Yea and this is my idea - The legend the mith the weeb Animu