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  1. :(

    I Im sorry. they all have to go sometimes.
  2. :(

    Hey guys. I just wanna talk about the importance of having a good loyal pet. my dog that has been with me my whole life died today and i just wanna talk to the people who really love their dogs. Don't take them for granted and make sure you make every day count. One of these days they wont make it and they go to a better place. I wanted to share this with you guys because you all are like family too me so yea.
  3. defy

  4. defy

    I know i said this before but I just love this server so much. I'm so corny but idk this server never makes me bored and i just played it all day tomorrow and probably the same tomorrow it just makes me comfortable knowing that everyone is my friend and i can play relaxed and just having fun with my friends. I want to be more involved in this server.
  5. How long have you guys been with DEFY?

    yea i love this server
  6. How long have you guys been with DEFY?

    december 2016
  7. Introduction

    Hi, If you don't already know my name is CactuZ, and i love jailbreak and ttt. I am pretty good at cs.go and i love long walks on the beach
  8. private

    Hi, I am wondering if i could try to go forward in rank to private and take the knowledge test. Please tell me how that is possible. -thanks cactuz
  9. whos mans is this

    Whos mans is this
  10. Defy server

    I just wanna say that this server Is my favorite thing ever. Whenever i'm bored i just play this with my friends and hours and hours go bye. I just love the community and i love being part of it and id rather play this than comp lol that is hard to say. Im in a good mood today so i want to be nice to the server. I love roasting kids who sound like air horns and love being roasted by admins. I just love this server and i want to see it grow