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  1. yea if im not mistaken emo doesnt have accses to server plugins
  2. what did carbon say to dioxide u smell bad XDDDDD
  3. ok thank you btw u forgot to make me a vetran and now seinor member
  4. just saying you shouldn't be talking you havnt even been here for 2 months
  5. yes what??
  6. there was a double xp weekend in overwatch and 27,000 people bought it over that time
  7. maybe as wardon you cant be done with orders within a certan amount of time like 5-10 seconds and if there done before then it would be inaudible or dont pourposly talk inaudibly
  8. i posted this when it happened so this is the first post about it
  9. this dudes a god 18 posts 10 rep thats like 60% or something like that
  10. on jailbreak jrr21 always talks so fast then we say can you please talk slower then he says no because your cansoures can we make this slayable its really anoying to die and wait 10 minutes to respawn when u cant even hear orders. papa giraffe have a nice day peace out.
  11. I thought that was emoe's job
  12. ban anyone who does the bottom ones
  13. emo did heavy metal for sure
  14. lol