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  1. I need a name change

    yea i finished it in 3 days it was so good
  2. I need a name change

    well i wanted to change it before but then i relised i can just ask for a new one.
  3. I need a name change

    I would like to change my name to saitama i will be keeping this name for a long time
  4. Music?

    best music ever
  5. Jailbreak: How Many Maps?

    tbh i love all the maps i just cant get on that much because im going from vacation to family to vacation again
  6. antivirus bs

    what emo said.
  7. DEFY on Google images

    i know u dont even have to scroll mine is already there
  8. how did u get ur name

    i have my name because harambes last words to me was take on the tradition.
  9. Steam Account Giveaway?

    daddy give it to me
  10. [Denied] remove other player models

    its hard because the picture or the head is a different sise/ shape so you would shoot directly at them but since the hitbox is the same you would miss
  11. I MADE IT/ whats your fav gun

  12. admin joke but maybe

    the mods/mark
  13. admin joke but maybe

    if you want to be an admin then apply when your a seinor member/sargent and above
  14. admin joke but maybe

    what? if your asking how to be admin you have to apply and if this is a joke put it in the jokes section
  15. New Logo For DEFY?

    the y looks like a unfinished k and it looks sorta weird