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  1. Well im on da team im better then icepack
  2. GUD
  3. Do you eat people on the internet named ImNotRacist
  4. silly goose
  5. we got u
  6. It's baddd
  7. So basically favouritism which is already a rule? So if I say EZ get killed everyone else he's killed for saying EZ COOL
  8. What position u play in soccer myself I'm goalie
  9. just do it
  10. I luv u uncle
  11. This actually got a lot of attention wow!
  12. Wow!:/
  13. Wish I cud donate in sorry I can't
  14. :(

    My dog turned one on May 8th and we've had a home a year on the 25th of June I'm sorry the hear the news
  15. One shot with a dead???