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  1. Auto ban

    Well then why is it when I go on servers and use my soundboard, I get muted automatically But if I play music through my Mic, I don't unless an admin is on. There has to be a way
  2. Auto ban

    Their is a way that servers detect a soundboard. Idk how.
  3. Add drops to the TTT and Jailbreak servers

    Watch someone get a d lore
  4. Auto ban

    It's on sooooooo many servers already. Their is a plug in for it, I'm pretty sure. Most servers just detect that you are using a soundboard.
  5. Auto ban

    It would only mute soumdboards.
  6. Auto ban

    I agree with auto mute but not auto ban You could accidently rdm someone if they t baited. Dosent mean you should get slayed for it. But yea u to mute would be great.
  7. What type of music do you listen to?

    I like rap
  8. Defy Mobile App?

    The website already works really well on your mobile device. Just go to Google chrome then it automatically formats it for your device.
  9. well its not that easy to wipe out a lot
  10. It worked on cleansing the nazis.
  11. This Should be Defy Server.

    Yea I know but spending money on a hide and seek server is kinda pointless.
  12. This Should be Defy Server.

    Hide and seek servers don't really attract a lot of players. You can just make a private server with friends for this.
  13. Seven!'s Player Complaint

    Did he leave on the same round as the slay?
  14. ABUSE

  16. napkin's cool thing intro

    Welcome to DEFY! I like ramen too.
  17. cranberries/blueberries's intro

    Welcome to defie.
  18. Hey. That's Pretty Gpod

    Lol karma banned
  19. drac0's Intro

    Welcome on DEFIE CLAN.
  20. Today was the day.

    He's banned for a week chill out guys. It was because he appealed on the first two and the bans were removed.
  21. Do yOu tHiNk eLmO H0e sHoULd be B4NNED?????"

    I saw that cheeky polls forum section edit.
  22. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    Makes sense
  23. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    So if hoodini is gonna be inactive for a month. No one will get accepted or promoted???
  24. Can i make my name Fizzio