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  1. ok stop commenting so no one sees this post.. shhhh
  2. hopefully no one joins except for u and me krit
  3. ... ... Ok well DsYr (I probably spelt his name wrong) wanted to make this a thing and then he went away for a while but I think he's gonna actually follow through with his idea now that he's kind of back.
  4. It's a great map and pretty balanced for both sides and involves traitor secrets aswell that include a little extra fun.
  5. Yes please add this Mark.
  6. 20 questions... not even worth it.
  8. Did Chilly leave on the same round he rdmed someone or after the round? because its only leave to avoid if they leave on the same round as the offense they committed.
  9. Someone already talked about this and I do not know if we are going to implement this into the TTT server. Just to revise, we need to make a custom banner for when the round ends and it says "Terrorists Win" this can be stupid because if Traitors win it should say "Traitors Win" because they aren't a terrorist just a traitor, It should also have a cool background (red or something symbolizing war and blood) sounds emo.
  10. Imma get struck by lightning lol
  11. No it's not You can use t secrets if it involves a race...
  12. Type !join to join our community as a member and remember read rules before rdming...
  13. I asked hoodini and he said seeing them through tacs counts as seeing
  14. If u see a T in armory or in vents through a tac grenade you may pursue. Undertake catwalk is KOS.
  16. Thanks Guys
  17. So u want to enable autobhops for everyone even though u have scripts?
  18. I'm also really TRIGGERED that you made the 3 green and not red... it should go red, yellow, then green.
  19. Is the DEFY comp team gonna win any majors?
  20. No it would not be. Unless the warden said it's a restricted freeway and he specifically says that part is kos.
  21. Well the warden has to be fast enough to open cells by themselves lol. The game has to be challenging for both sides. We aren't just gonna make everything super easy, and plus it's a slayable offense.
  22. You are in black mamba land. Get some KFC. Jeez white ppl...
  23. Well Ct's have to open cells from there so... you could just come up to them and knife them easily.
  24. I agree with you you seem smart and know about this lol