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  2. ok perfect
  3. we are accepting all wedding presents <3
  4. -rep
  5. -rep he no know rules very well
  6. Me and IcePack are having a wedding reception on 3/21/17 slash this Tuesday everyone is invited and if you wanna be the my maid of honor just ask and if you wanna be Ice's bestman just ask him It will be hapining in TS in General Chat 1 @9:00pmEST. Thank you for all that attend <3
  7. for sure
  9. change it to 8=D ---> ({})
  10. I think that it should be a offense if you send a false freekill report. this should be enforced because being a warden and trying to keep track of Ts, place markers, play games (i.e Krimday, math, ect.). ~
  11. Lol
  12. I think that on the map clouds where the T has LR and he does a race from one point to another where the start point is in front of a portal and the end is on the other side the T has the unfair advantage because the ct spawns farther away from the ending point
  13. I did he said idk so i am going to talk to him rn