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  1. @krit honestly I don't give two shits about the current situation. I'm just gonna be a nice guy and give him some skins. Why don't we access the situation of morties 100 ious to everyone. Nope u care about some ducking butthurt kid don't ya. Honestly dude, I'll give him skins but idc what ur input is
  2. @krit what u dont get is that it wasnt me who said i would give better skins. im still trying. my birthday is tomorrow so thats the only time i can get money.
  3. @ImNotRacist I didn't scam anyone. Would you like me to ask everyone for Christ sakes.
  4. Lawl I didn't scam anyone. I didn't hear the full story. I wouldn't say fuckoff jackass
  5. ive left csgo for a while just so i can do h1z1 with friends. im not a huge gambler and i love my life currently. i will return to csgo so thanks for not noticing i was gone ~Handikappa
  6. Hello fellow persons i am handicapped. no srysly im handicapped but i play mostly ttt and sometimes jailbreak. i wanted to say hi and goodbye. Im a male around the age of 911 and i love memes. send me memes on my phone number at 911. Thanks!!
  7. @Emo Hoe it was a ducking joke u cunt.
  8. If mark needs help with this I have the plugin but it will make the server run a bit slower for the first couple runs. This makes it to where it says you are idle/afk and you will be moved to spectators shortly. If in spectators for more than 3 minutes then they will be kicked by console. However this does not affect people who joined spectators on purpose.
  9. I do have recoding but I was ark during the whole event so you might not see it. I'll have to check back on my one drive. Will post separate topic about
  10. Doesn't crash ttt. Go to local files after right clicking counter strike in your steam library. Look for ttt and delete community bowling. Then go back and wait for the map
  11. I've hit better shots against global bro
  12. Base off of dust 2 surf and bhop basketball and climb dive maybe. warday
  13. jailbreak

    It would just be good because people would be able to not have to call an admin and if someone is ask for three rounds and comes back as an admin kicks him it gets annoying. The command is easy if you need me to code it.
  14. youtube

    Wait like personnel comp matches or what cause I play like global with no hacks
  15. general

    Yo I can say that the whole defy comp team can use the comp server for rectruiting and stuff. Bhop and surf would be chill