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  1. кгเtเςคlร

    "peepee" Hold on a second Netherlands needs to get high with weed. *Tjoem tjoem ffffff* Holy crap this shit is good *Kuch* *Kkuuuuccchh* Welcome mate! *Kucch* enjoy your stay *Kuuucchh* *Ffffff* Holy crap boy *Kucuh*
  2. Introduction.

    (I know that you're here bam.) What's up guys I'm the guy with the m9 ruby with the howl and dlore jk. Cashed out 80% of my inv so i have shitskins left. I'm Sim (AKA YoutubeSim) I'm from CLWO I'm bored because my PC went up in flames. So I'm stalking people arroun on the internet. My hobbies are: Golf, Hockey, Blading and Gaming. My inventory btw. http://steamcommunity.com/id/YoutubeSim/inventory/