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  1. Add drops to the TTT and Jailbreak servers

    You get drops but you dont see it unless you go to the home page and it says 1 New Item
  2. Auto ban

    and how would that be implemented. I doubt there is a software that does that
  3. DEFY Clan Community Event Idea

    Was ist Brawhalla
  4. Auto ban

    Good idea though
  5. Auto ban

    I dont like the auto mute feature because someone might be explaining something or telling a story. Yesterday, there was a guy playing music because the people were ok with it. If you actually have a problem report it and if 3 people report a man for mic spam he will probably get muted.
  6. TTT Death Leaderboard

  7. Defy Mobile App?

    Hard to do but would be cool. I think there was a suggestion like this but then it got denied because the owner is too busy
  8. test

  9. Seven!'s Player Complaint

    You dont need to make a complaint if you are mod
  10. The "L" For Stewie Griffin:A Story of sadness

    Omega Loss
  11. napkin's cool thing intro

    What is ramen?
  12. Cards Against Humanity


    Its a channel in our ts
  13. F1ash's Introduction post :)

    congrats, welcome
  14. Kind of a big deal.