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  1. [Accepted] Deleting posts

    I'm not a forum mod yet I can hide mine
  2. Possession?

    I don't even think there is a plugin out there for that. It would need to be made fresh from start and would be very hard to do.
  3. [Accepted] Deleting posts

    You guys can hide your post if I'm not mistaken. This makes it to where no one else can see it
  4. Coming out of retirement

    This upcoming Friday I will be out of retirement and back on the main staff team. Can't wait to help and cooperate with the other staff members and members in general. Can't wait to be back see you guys soon
  5. Official DEFY Clan Competitive Team?

  6. Tac awareness grenade

    Ok so if you see a prisoners outline by use of a TA Grenade you may enter armoury or vents. Holding remove the rule nobody in the community likes the rule what so ever. You need to remove it. Listen to the community!!!!
  7. [Accepted] Hacking

    oh ok
  8. [Accepted] Hacking

    I understand this but nobody acts on it.
  9. [Accepted] Hacking

    I think that any member of defy who gets vac banned on csgo through a main account or alt account should be kicked out of DEFY. No matter if they are staff or member.
  10. this some bullshit

    Technically you shouldnt be KOS because you did it at the same time. Thus meaning it wasnt an unnecessary command. They shoul donly KOS if someone does another repeat 3-5 secs after the firsdt one was asked for x
  11. Ranked before 10 WINS???

    You only need 10 games
  12. [Rejected] Camping

    Usually when I'm on ttt I will warn anybody who camps as is the protocol. Then they are lawyer if they don't comply. A lot of staff members are strict about the camping policy and warn campers first. We can't slay unless they continue to camp until after the warning
  13. This is pretty lit

  14. This is pretty lit

    7/11 were staffthough lol
  15. Pardoning..

    Instead of saying +rep give him rep it will help out members be able to get their ranks higher