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  1. Ok so if you see a prisoners outline by use of a TA Grenade you may enter armoury or vents. Holding remove the rule nobody in the community likes the rule what so ever. You need to remove it. Listen to the community!!!!
  2. Technically you shouldnt be KOS because you did it at the same time. Thus meaning it wasnt an unnecessary command. They shoul donly KOS if someone does another repeat 3-5 secs after the firsdt one was asked for x
  3. You only need 10 games
  4. LOL
  5. 7/11 were staffthough lol
  6. Instead of saying +rep give him rep it will help out members be able to get their ranks higher
  7. True lol
  8. Ya I agree did you?
  9. Trivia would be nice
  10. I actually agree that this would be a good idea besides a lot of people are getting bored of math so implimenting something new would be great to the server. I understand that people don't have to do math but it's still would put some flare into the server. Before you reject this new rule think about what the players on the server would want they would love this idea. I mean it would bring music(at times) and also bring a guessing/rememberance game into jb. It will also make a new game that wardens can play on the map razor. I believe we should implement this into jb and if emo doesn't want to do it I will when I have time so the players are satisfied.:) This is SIR signing out peace:)
  11. I will be retired in 2 weeks time guys
  12. I hope i can because i love the server and still want to moderate it but im going to be pretty busy here soon so wont be able to get on much. If im able to this is my notice of retirement.
  13. 17 scrubs lol
  14. Wtf lol
  15. Im done with minecraft so its ok lol