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  1. No. Only moderators (forum mods) can hide post, then only certain staff can see those post.
  2. You can edit your post to say something like "I didnt mean to post this, could you delete this." But yes i agree with you, there should be a way that the owner of the post can delete it. Btw why am i not in your tags? Ima cry m8
  3. I'm losing brain cells reading the replies on this post...
  4. Post a response why you feel it should or shouldn't come back if you want
  5. Post your result.
  6. I want it back. Why was it taken out in the first place. The server crashes on all maps. #BringBackBowling Need to add a 2nd line to make it not spam.
  7. Don't click it.
  8. Now we know that your name is true. 11/10
  9. What rank are you?
  10. The only thing we changed with the rep is that in member apps, it takes the +rep with the green arrow. Staff apps are still the same thing, and you arent suppose to see how many you have.
  11. No it's because he shot me 4 times. And it takes 5 to get banned.
  12. "Does make map" *It is never voted for in the map vote*
  13. Ender is banned
  14. aRe U gUyS rEtArDeD oR sOmEtHiNg
  15. Make it a png and it would look nice. Just not white, make it a dark grey or black would look nice.