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  1. Fuck no, I don't like religion and this world is just fucked up,
  2. Name: TheKingReynolds Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:195693707 Date of Incident: 07/23/2017 Complaint Prop Surfing. Evidence https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1xN_XCPIAuRYjYwZTNSZ0xvRm8/view Have you read How to Post a Complaint? 1
  3. New Roles Suggestions

    I mean like head of news = Uncle's post and head of graphics = logos and pictures in photoshop etc.
  4. New Roles Suggestions

    I'm talking about what @Uncle posted about the news
  5. New Roles Suggestions

  6. New Roles Suggestions

    (They can be changed and modified and anyways needed..) Some new roles that I've been thinking of are these: Head Of Graphics: (Can Be Changed) Requirments: Have forums account for 3+ Months 70-80+ Hours on DEFY Servers Good knowledge of designing and drawing Must submit at least 3+ pictures of their work and MUST be accepted by a Staff member Etc... Head Of News: (can be Changed) Requirments: Have forums account for 3+ Months 70-80+ Hours on DEFY Servers Good grammar and writing skills Etc... Please leave opinions below to help improve the servers and hopefully get this suggestion accepted!
  7. Uncle we should do this
  8. @Hoodini @Uncle Very good idea, There should be a news team for DEFY so that the enlisted and others can catch up on things happening around the servers
  9. Seven's Introduction

    You were racist when I joined the game and that's a very bad first impression when making an introduction... gl
  10. Seven's Introduction

    Toxic m8
  11. [Accepted] Senior member is too easy to obtain.

    Yeah add a certain amount of time like 70+ hours played
  12. DEFY Donut Picture

    I can't capitalize the "d" because it looks weird but you gave me an idea
  13. DEFY Donut Picture

    https://gyazo.com/fdddd5accfa5a3bcaadd734f46aac95b https://gyazo.com/fdddd5accfa5a3bcaadd734f46aac95b https://gyazo.com/fdddd5accfa5a3bcaadd734f46aac95b https://gyazo.com/fdddd5accfa5a3bcaadd734f46aac95b What do you guys think about it, I made it last night while I was bored. Suggestions On It?
  14. Official DEFY Clan Competitive Team?

    I mean, you named like every bad person in DEFY, I'm better
  15. Which Is Better?

    Which Is Better? Roblox Or Minecraft