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  1. Nerd
  3. 17 -reps!!! I think I hold the world record Thanks for helping me get here <3 I hope to Get even more on upcoming staff applications
  4. I was an 11-year-old nerd playing Xbox 360 and I wanted a cool name, so I started putting words together and got Linxus, later on in the year I noticed there was Linus. Then i just felt dumb...
  5. Ok dad, Thanks <3
  6. Oh ok
  7. I know they took out the +reps and -reps on responding but how come when you make an admin post, you can't see how many you have. the only way I think I found out how to check is to look at your reputation because I have 7 but it only shows 6 on the recent activity. Is that extra one from my admin forum post that I cannot see?
  8. general

    That's why I said Mark should add things to make some money to keep the server up
  9. no df
  10. general

    Comp and minigames would probably be the best and the easiest
  11. general

    I Feel like we need to make a new CS:GO server (Idea From Uncle). If we make a new CSGO server, we could have many more players plus things like VIP, MVP or whatever you want to implement into the game to make some money. I'm just coming up with Ideas to help the community so we can make money while growing bigger and bigger. I'm also not saying that we are going to be some fucking billionaires either. Surf or BHOP would be good, or just making a community competitive server to warm up on or just to have fun on. I could make any logos/pictures if you need (Just message me). Just throwing erratic ideas into the air and please vote in the poll which one you would choose (Competitive, Bhop, or Surf) ~Love Linxus <3
  12. Well, Not a lot to say but I'm Linxus. I am hated by some and loved by many, Emo is my dad because he lets me tickle his penny I'm black and white I like Chicken I've been VAC'd 4 times I'm getting a tattoo next year (14) I dyed my hair gray I laugh like the joker on a late night when tired I Believe I'm the youngest mod/admin (13) That's It Folks <3
  13. amazing.
  14. Dank Memes