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  1. This Should be Defy Server.

    clickbait but noone in stagff wants a server
  2. Today was the day.

    where did your other bans go xd ADMIN ABOOSE
  3. Good Logo?

    I designed a new logo for Defy, since we only got text as a logo tell me if it is good. The resolution is shit because its scaled up a lot.
  4. Hey. That's Pretty Gpod

    why xd
  5. Idea for TTT

    thats some pussy shit
  6. ez

    Hella Littty Boys
  7. Monday Moments

    Worst Monday moments thread, gimme some good ones boys. It's like 3AM rn just got done watching shot caller w/ my family when it finished I said "gg" instead of good night.
  8. How to Not Get Karma Banned

    or tell ur t buddys now to walk infront of ur spray xd
  9. TeamSpeak

    u smell, but ts isnt fun unless ur in the purge

  11. I just dumped a bowl of burger patty under the fridge, keep in mind, my fridge is hella nasty it's full of dog hair and rotten grapes and shit, and after I picked them up I put back in the fridge, I come downstairs half an hour later and I see my family eating them, they asked me why I was Smiling. That got me thinking of the worst thing I've ever done which was probably kicking over a two year-old at Ripley's Aquarium and not telling anyone, the worst part about it was I told him "If you tell ANYONE, the octopus will EAT YOU" Whats the worst thing you've (n)ever done?
  12. More perks for TTT V

    OOF for real tho it sound fucked up how vip can get autos
  13. It's 4:14 AM and I was just thinking about deep shit, like what happens when you die, do you go to a place with white fluffy clouds and your family or a vast cavern with people on spikes writhing in pain as their flesh is slowly eaten by maggots. Who knows maybe it's just, nothing, no floating in darkness, no walking into the light, but as your blood slows to a halt and your neurons stop sending that tiny little pulse of electricity, that your mind, your very soul itself, gets snuffed out as easy as flicking off a light. What if the only good thing you ever did was have children, but, your children don't matter you don't matter, none of the things that humanity thinks are our "Biggest Achievements" are just meaningless, and don't get me wrong, it's cool being alive and all, but whats the point of it all. On a cosmic scale you're nothing, you can't change anything and you will never matter. The best thing we humans do is kill each other, we've been doing it for all of our existence, one nuke could wipe out the whole planet everything you ever loved, hated, spent years of your meaningless life on, Gone. It could happen too, Russia's Dead Hand System is an automated system that detects radiation in Russia, if it's triggered it send nukes all around the globe at every major country, no praying to a non existent god this time, your dead either way. What do you think about all of the fucked up shit happening in the world around you?
  14. Milo IRL

    I actually watched it like 2 or 3 times.
  15. Milo IRL

    XD Bruh Milo IS FAT.