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  1. Secret use during LR

    Is it allowed to use T secrets during LR? like in a race. if so can we make it so that isnt a thing thanks
  2. Why???

  3. Prop blocking?

    best convo right here
  4. Tac gernades

    Is using a tac grenade count as seeing the t enter the vents?
  5. Gamestas intro

    So most of you know me as Gamesta. most admins dont have a problem with me, some members dont like me but i really dont know why. i mainly play on the JB server and i have been playing for a long time, i have lots of hours on server and i just like to have fun. this is me my names Gamesta nice to meet you.
  6. Clouds Catwalk?

    yeah I am talking about on freedays would it be a catwalk?
  7. Clouds Catwalk?

    Im just wondering on the map clouds if the top of main cells is a catwalk or not. if it is tat means its kos right?
  8. CT's playing T games

    i would like to revoke the rule that states CT's aren't allowed to play T games when its a freeday. i feel as if CT's should be able to play T games if its at freeday. who else agrees with me?