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  1. Increasing our member count.

    I mean, I assume most of our members do this already.. but notifying people may get a couple of more people's attention.
  2. TTT Death Leaderboard

    Yep, seeing them faded out was better. It's hard to tell now.
  3. Today was the day.

    I got below 50 Karma again. What does that mean? a permanent ban. cya later fuckers ill still be part of the community somehow though
  4. napkin's cool thing intro

    you like TRAPS
  5. I need a name change

    one punch
  6. cranberries/blueberries's intro

    that's some pretty cool redemption. wElcome to the cOmmUNITY!
  7. Karma Power

    you gotta be super cool to get karma banned 3 times in a matter of 1 month
  8. drac0's Intro

    but do you jump on mousetraps?
  9. Today was the day.

    ew no perma
  10. Today was the day.

  11. Today was the day.

    fucking liar xd
  12. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    I'm not even on the roster hehe xd
  13. Idea for TTT

    i have a GeForce GTX 740M. FIGHT ME!
  14. Music?

    what do you like? photoshopped abominations moaning?
  15. Music?

    i listen to jazz some rap and weebu music xd
  16. Idea for TTT

    sounds like fps drops.. nice!
  17. antivirus bs

    So, I have two anti-viruses on my computer, avast and Norton 360. Apparently there's a lot of crap on my computer that's viruses (even though I haven't experienced viruses xd?) so I get notified and tabbed out every 5 - 10 minutes. It sucks. It's the damn avast especially, and it's gotten worse. I've had trouble with avast before, but it's gone to crap. I can't even delete it and now it has an audio cue and it's annoying af. send help suspicious item detected suspicious item detected suspicious item detected suspicious item detected
  18. Jailbreak: How Many Maps?

    Maybe the overplayed once could get taken out for a while, it would make Jailbreak a lot better. Edit: I said once instead of ones xd
  19. How to Not Get Karma Banned

    I can't play smartly. MORE KARMA BANS!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
  20. Once again.

    I got karma banned for the second time. I blame Xeno the weebu. See you guys in a month?? I think since it's the second time it's a month, but uhhh i am sad now.
  21. voxxie confirmed scammer

    Dude, I do those trades all the time. It's not a scam, it's called testing if someone's retarded or not. some people are retarded and accept those offers.
  22. Ban System

    I doubt people would still play after a year ban, so that system would be useless basically. You may as well perma them.
  23. Why.

    Why do people on the server say "silly goose" I've heard it so many times this past month and it makes me want to hang myself in minecraft and drink bleach. why do people say it
  24. Why.

    i know what it means but why