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  1. Senior Member

    Message Hoodini about it.
  2. Ass Or Titties

    Tits, why? more fun squishy xd
  3. /tp command

    damn whatever engine the server runs on seems like its sucks LOL
  4. /tp command

    it should only be available if the server can detect if the client is in a place where they shouldnt be and it teleports them back to spawn and its a 1 round per command
  5. That feel

  6. New Logo For DEFY?

    i need to learn more about paint.net or learn photoshop.
  7. Suggestions?

    add more into the LR room like another AWP secret in a cell but theres an obstacle to get to the AWP. add a bigger pool because idk MAKE A BIGGER POOL WITH COOL AESTHETICS TO IT more activity rooms like bhop, surf, etc.
  8. I got a 1080 Ti now

    jokes on you i own the new i12 core
  9. Add a logo for the website

    yeah its emo's dog
  10. I got a 1080 Ti now

  11. I got a 1080 Ti now

    Suck it xeno, IM THE GOD OF THE SERVER NOW! but really i got one and its hot
  12. an odd question

    You can do it, but don't encourage it and spread it around like a dumbass.
  13. Add a logo for the website

    It should be easy enough to add the huge red D in the site's thingy
  14. Corrupted Freeday

    alright im going all in
  15. Corrupted Freeday

    then it would just ruin the meaning of a corrupted freeday and it would just be a normal freeday in a way