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  1. you look hot
  2. couldnt find it
  3. where do i put this some stuff happened on the forums thta i dont know about
  4. I know that i havnt been very active in the past couple of weeks, this has been due to some life issues that i need to sort out and i just havnt had time to deal with everything on defy. So i am now going to try and be more active and do a better job, i will be away for about a week in new york but when i get back i would like to start playing jailbreak again. oh and if anyone knows where i cant request a name change hmu thanks :)) <3 love you all
  5. burger king mcdonalds sucks major dick
  6. dx
  7. in-game name: DEFY | Weasel Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198291605336/ Why you wanna win: because i like dogs other: please daddy fuck me number 56
  8. kkk
  9. make it at 8 and ill be maid of honor
  10. 1.shroud 2.jdm 3.skadoodle 4.swag 5.roca
  11. im to lazy to read this
  12. change it to 6486378527521q7572582852852762257258285i28i52387i573256721578u2852858i23
  13. glove case 420
  14. kys
  15. PING 30 ms DOWNLOAD 15.43 Mbps UPLOAD 8.98 Mbps