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  1. The only problem with this is that if someone comes on, plays for a week or two, and get mod, they can mute players unfairly when there are no staff on. I think its fine at where it is at right now. If you have a problem with a mic spammer/chat spammer just message me on steam, or any admin, I can usually get on.
  2. This would be a good idea, but we already have ban logs, just search their name on the ban logs. If you need any help with the ban logs just ask me!
  3. +rep active
  4. Sad that you did this but you have to learn from your mistakes, just dont do this again.
  5. Any more information about this?
  6. +rep cool guy, seen ya on lately
  7. your steam ID has to be a series of numbers. If you link me your steam profile link, I can find your steam ID for you.
  8. for your steam id type your steam profile link HERE
  9. what place did you get the price from, just link me the website
  10. yes +rep
  12. Sorry for click bait butttttttttt i want to ask mark when he will do a face reveal same with some_person and Martha. just say in comments. plz soon dad <3
  13. how do you get that defy clan logo, i need that
  14. fuck, dont do that please <3
  15. you mean quarter of a mile