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  1. [Rejected] Lack of the Ability to Communicate

    the reason we all call you toxic is the fact that you blame someone for not doing something and have false claims when you have no proof he tp himself when he has no command to do when he is mod so don't blame someone if you don't have all the evidence.
  2. [Rejected] Lack of the Ability to Communicate

    can we put this in the meme section
  3. [Rejected] Lack of the Ability to Communicate

  4. Good post

    Good post (you happy now emo)
  5. found something new

    If you play on ttt their is a way to make yourself proving when you are a T. You have to kill a person with a zeuz when you are a T then you can take it and zeuz someone to make yourself proving.
  6. Introduction

    Hey my name is XxDukexBeastxX's I am 17 years old and I have a job at Emtec. I think the Defy server has one of the best staff.