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  1. Dedicated Music Bot

    I mentioned something like this earlier, glad someone made a post.
  2. Stewie saying his goodbyes

    Who's your gay lover nerd witch.
  3. napkin's cool thing intro

    T h e c h e a p e s t f o o d y o u c a n b u y .
  4. Karma Power

    Most of the people that get karma banned rdm others on purpose.
  5. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    lol get beaned.
  6. 2000th post?

    You still got a while yet. Hey, you're close to 1000 though!
  7. Hey. That's Pretty Gpod

    Karma does not determine rank.
  8. Today was the day.

    We lost another good member today boys.
  9. Do yOu tHiNk eLmO H0e sHoULd be B4NNED?????"

    If that means less heavy metal, I'm all for it. <3 heh.
  10. Music?

    Actually, I listen to pretty similar music.
  11. NAME CHANGE!!!!

    Nigg- No wait, I don't know.
  12. How to Keep Jailbreak Interesting

    Great post Emo! I think if this some of these things are acted upon, players will return.
  13. Jewie2k's Introduction :D

    Congrats on becoming a member.
  14. TeamSpeak

    Nice, you should join the TTT channel every once in a while. ;D
  15. Idea for TTT

    It's a sweet idea.