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  1. Thanks for sending this.
  2. I also would like it back. xp
  3. What is the name of the first electricity detective? Sherlock Ohms.
  4. I know most of Defyclan doesn't use discord, but there's a few people that do. I haven't seen any rules in place for discord and it would helpful to have.
  5. Roast session? Haha, could be interesting.
  6. Not so much secrets, but just guns. For example the map "Island" only has a few guns such as smgs, shotguns and like two rifles. I was thinking it would be better if more rifles were placed.
  7. There's a few maps in the map rotation that have only a few guns. ex. Island My idea was to add more guns on these maps and give more weapon variety.
  8. Yeah I completely missed this. Haha.
  9. You sir, will have my babies.
  10. no.
  11. I've been on other sites that have community events and have rewards.
  12. What's jailbreak?
  13. I was the one that brought up the idea. I would still love to see this implemented if possible.
  14. There's a genre for that too sir.
  15. My job is to target you. Why else do you think I go on ttt? ;D