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  1. Today was the day.

  2. [Denied] JB Bubble tag.

    Other T's could just look at the map, so I don't think that would work...
  3. [Accepted] Weekly Newsletter?

    Damn, everyone is stealing Uncle's idea xD
  4. Jailbreak Games

    Backwards race
  5. Ask me Anything

    All of the above
  6. Uncertain about certain rules...

    Yeah I knew catwalks were KOS I've just been told Undertale catwalk wasn't a catwalk because It's connected to surf controls.
  7. introduction

    Your parents named you lab_leader? I feel bad for you.
  8. Starting Simon Says Before Cells Open

    So if i were to start Simon says and say, "Simon says take one step out of your cell, face the back of your cell and afk freeze" that wouldn't be allowed?
  9. So I'm not sure if these things are true or not: Undertale catwalk isn't a catwalk/isn't KOS --- If you see a T in vents or in armory but don't see them enter, you can pursue --- If previous one is true then if you see them in vents with tac can you pursue.
  10. New Event Days

    Or maybe an event day where the ct's become t's for a round and the t's become ct's
  11. I like this joke

    Okay, so my pc started to slow down, so i painted it black so it would run faster, but instead it stopped working...
  12. What is the difference between a black guy and an elevator? An elevator can raise a child
  13. Tac gernades

    Tac grenade doesn't count as seeing them enter vents, you have to physically see them enter the vents, not the room with vents in it.
  14. how??

    Also, if you are on the server if you type gametracker in chat it pulls up the website.
  15. Rexsoro's Introduction

    ikr i'm like super cool