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  1. Dedicated Music Bot

  2. This Should be Defy Server.

    I agree with you. I never said it wasnt
  3. This Should be Defy Server.

    Just like what uncle did like 5 days ago with that alien thing. Seven and a lot of other people were there, and it eventually turned into that defy shitstorm of a 5v5 competitive that you were shunned out of
  4. Happy's Office

    If theres gonna be a Happy's Office there should be a Pinkie's Office. No reason at all, just to be there.
  5. The "L" For Stewie Griffin:A Story of sadness

    Hold this L
  6. Dedicated Music Bot

    Add a dedicated music bot on the discord. I reccomend FredBoat or Rythm, just anything besides dyno. Dyno has a lot of stops and skips and Dyno's music system is extremely buggy. Lots of people use the bot and with dyno going offline and skipping portions of the music, its really not a good bot for music.
  7. Sell my knife?

  8. Name: Bot Honor Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:116081897 Date of Incident: 07/29/2017 Complaint Prop Surfing, Delaying, Camping. Evidence https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1xN_XCPIAuRemFrbmluNGs3aEE/view?usp=sharing (Sorry for the TV in the background, my family watches TV in my room because its the only clean one.) Have you read How to Post a Complaint? 1
  9. Special someone?

    No, but 2$ is 2$ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. How do you rank up?

    I PMed hoodini 2 days ago, but hes been offline for 2 and a half.
  11. Ban System

    Oh, alright, I did misunderstand. Thats actually quite clever.
  12. Nightly Poll: Tell me a little about yourself.

    Oh wow I JUST remembered the Dust2 thing. I loved that update
  13. Whats The Most Morally Wrong Thing You Have Done

    Ur name ISN'T emo hoe?