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  1. Ok So I Got Ct Banned For 4 Hours And It Has Been 2 DAYS!! Today It Said 53 Minutes The Server Then Reset And It Went Back To 2 Hours!!!!!!!!!!! this makes me very mad
  2. Vip

    I Just Got Some Things From The Store And I Still Haven't Received It Was Vip For One Month Can Some Admin - Staff Check It Out Pls
  3. ok its fine now
  4. Ok So An Admin False Slay Me Because I "Didn't See Him Go To Vents" Even Tho I Clearly Saw It And I Have It On Video Pls Contact Me On Discord
  5. i wasn't rebelling
  6. Ok So A Guard Killed Me For Doing Jump Contest And Saying No Rules I Have It On Video If An Admin Contacts Me I Will Send The Video.