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  1. The alpha is all done and done! Beta testing will be coming on the server below To join you must download the raw file here: Download and Install in the maps directory of your cstrike directory. Beta testing will begin at 1:30 PM EST on the 6/28/2017 DISCLAIMER: I am not intending this to recruit members from other servers to gain reputation on another one. This is merely a test server and is temporary. Any people on the server will be removed and the server will be closed when map testing is finalized and finished.
  2. New screenies And map download To install: Drag file into following directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps for 64 bit systems) Drag file into following directory (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps for 32 bit systems)
  3. Oh, well I didnt see this until now.
  4. Nah dude. Its kinda useless in most cases as that just adds a few secrets. Plus clouds already has enough secrets for this size a server.
  5. Sensational doesn't need proof to ban you. You need proof to unban yourself. It's kinda funny this person was staff on this server. Plus you were micspamming a lot on the server anyways.
  6. Also, I cant edit this topic anymore. so I have to made edits through side posts YAY
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  11. Note: This is not the development forum. At the time, the only edits I will make are for critical bugs or extra information (jailbreak server ip used for testing). Any bugs lower than the rank critical will not be fixed until the full version comes out. Hello, DEFY. As some DEFY members may know, I have been working on a map. Its dubbed by the name jb_warehouse. It makes me feel proud that this is the first exclusive map for DEFY and I cant wait to release the beta. But, as all betas, we need beta testers of the map before I release the beta. Im just calling these beta testers "The Omega Team". These people are not gameplay testers. These people are to test that everything works. A beta test server will go live a little bit after I upload the beta onto a server, but that might take longer than anticipated. Ω The Omega Team Roster Ω Ω Omega (Operation Holders) Ω @autistic fuck @TS-Dream. Ɣ Gamma (Admins of Test Server) Ɣ Noone, expecting Princess Luna ϐ Beta (Raw Map Testing) ϐ Noone, at the time ɑ Alpha (Server Testing) ɑ N/A at the time How to apply for The Omega Team? Its simple, post on this topic, with a @ your name, and any comments about the project (if you have none, then dont post any comments.) Currently, you can only apply for Beta rank, but one the test server is out, you can apply for Alpha. Upon a new version of the map, the map file will be pmed through forums. Same thing with Alpha, but once a full version is complete, the test server will be released to the public, and the 2 day suggestion/bug period will commence before the upload onto DEFY. If you would like to be a admin, you need to be part of defy and be known by me. Then ill give said person a knowledge test of the rules and your in. Its temporary, so its not a vigourous recruit process. 🐛 Bug Levels & Reports 🐛 New maps comes new bugs, of course. There is still a few bugs on obama that involves the low-grav. These are bug levels, how we organize those pesky things. 🎉 Fun Bug - Tier 1 Bug - A bug that has no effect on gameplay yet is fun to experience. Examples - Bug that puts a T prop way high above his/her head. Estimated time of fix - Never, unless it becomes a... ߀ Zero Bug - Tier 2 Bug - A bug that is neutral. Or its a fun bug that has been requested to be fixed (only one person needs to request the fix, and it will become a zero bug) Examples - Bug that makes a T purple, A fun bug that was requested to be fixed. Estimated time of fix - Every major release. 🛠 Exploits - Tier 3 Bug - A bug that has any change in gameplay at ALL. It can be a negative change or a positive change. Examples - A bug that lets you kill everyone in a certain T game. A bug that kills you when you do something to cause it. Estimated time of fix - Any minor release before a major 🍪 Bite Sized Bug - Tier 4 Bug - A bug that has a positive change for any T or CT that gives them a unfair advantage. Examples - Scrapped game or weapon that is still accessible. A catwalk that has a gun on it that isnt a T secret. Estimated time of fix - Every minor release 🔸 Minor Bug - Tier 5 Bug - A bug that has a large positive change on any T or CT that gives them a unfair advantage. Examples - Randomly all T's get a weapon. Estimated time of fix - Every minor release (if it takes too long to release a major, it becomes critical (long is 2dys)) ◆ Major Bug - Tier 6 Bug - A bug that has serverwide consequences Examples - All players die. Estimated time of fix - Force major release. 🗴 Critical Bug - Tier 7 Bug - A bug that has server-related consequences Examples - Server Crashes Estimated time of fix - Patch. Bug Reports None, at the time! Yay! How to submit a Bug Report? Fill out this form: Map Version Organization This map comes in different versions, which if you have ever updated CSGO, you would know what a version is. Versions of this map are funny. This is how they are sorted out. jb_warehouse_ v1 < Major Release. Each major is released onto DEFY servers .3 < Minor Release. Released to the jb_warehouse dev forum (which is this one) .15 < Build Release. Released to friends if they want them _defy Majors are versions of the map where major changes of the map are released to DEFY servers. Majors are determined by what changes have been made to make a major for it. These are listed here. 0/1 NEW GAMES CREATED 0/3 BUGS FIXED 0/2 CHANGES TO SECRETS 0/5 FOILAGE CHANGES 0/5 MINOR CHANGES or 0/10 MINOR RELEASES Keep in mind these stack on each other. Its needed that 200% of stacked changes to become a major. So if I created a new game, and fixed 3 bugs, it would become a major. It would also mean that if I made only 2/5 minor changes, 1/2 changes to secrets, 1/1 new games created, and 1/5 foilage changes, it would still be a major. It can also become a major if 10 minor releases have been made. Majors are also made indefinitely if no milestone is met by a month's time. Minors and Builds are just changes to contribute to the changes for a major. Keep in mind, this map may only make it to v3.0.0 before reaching a stage where the map nears perfect. Patches are wierd, because they are fixed in a timeframe of a hour and released as v1.3.0.patch. Patches wont be used due to the sheer rarity of a glitch. So thats it of the beta dev page of jb_warehouse. Im happy to be building this map with DEFY! Thanks for reading, and bye.
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