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  1. aww i got one so, Obama, when he says a speech has bulletproof glass to protect him and I don't get it cuz I don't think he ain't gonna shoot no one
  2. lol I over exaggerated but it was June 5th here's the link
  3. so I went on to this website called where you can win or lose your skin for another, anyways I lost 100 dollars, I went by putting in 2 dollar skin then getting a 20 dollar skin so I was friggin hyped then i lost my ak for ten dollars, i then got an Asimov lost the 20 dollars then lost the Asimov on a 90 % chance win for a knife FUCK MY LIFE
  4. Hey can u change the cloud's version we have to change it to the new one and thatll add more secrets and make it more fn for ts
  5. kewl thanks bro
  6. so I've noticed that people are straight up lying about their rank on the Defy forums which points them to make DEFY in their name instead of what they're supposed to do which is Defy can someone send me a link to the name system or whatever that be useful cuz I don't know shit about that...
  7. cool cool
  8. ahhhh yea not 2 months ago?
  9. So some people come on and figure out u can only use AFK freeze once and for gun checks.. so they decide to instead say everything is a gun check then shoots all that disagree with his stupid choices. so can u slay for this or not
  10. exactly its thier fault
  11. most people say it was implied but i dont think it is yet if they said freeze your kos cuz u probobly moved
  12. hey so I've noticed that plenty of times a new player will come on and sometimes pretty old players and just open cells whenever they want to ruin the wardens chance... So could you make it so warden and deputy always have to open cells... thanx
  13. you can just shoot cell button with an awp or sumthin
  14. there was already a post about this lel
  15. U mean a ZEUS X27