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  1. Add a logo for the website

    have u used the free trial or if you're in school do it there, that's what i Do so, or use Pixar its the same just search it up and its no download
  2. Canada?? ehh

    Ehh? who doesn't celebrate the fucking July 4th and only July 1st cuz Canada eh..
  3. [Denied] senior not enlisted

    the gud succ is right I'm talking about in-game but also the forums what I mean is "enlisted" on the forums shouldn't be "member" On the actual games on Cs
  4. Differnt gamemodes

    KAY lol
  5. BDAYS

    Wots Ur Bday mines 7/31 is anyone the same !??
  6. Not playing by the rules

    you need to post this in complaints which are found here on the homepage at complaints and you need evidence (video Picture, or any source) that will prove your case right and just add icepack or sensational or Zeno cuz they're on enough so just get OBS and every time u play to turn it on, yes I was there for it but we have no evidence to (name) will get him kicked but you have to have his Steam ID which looks like one of these STEAM_0:1:147666277 thanks/your welcome
  7. [Denied] senior not enlisted

    So, I think that seniors + should get the (member) thing so yea, take it away from me i
  8. Masks and decorations :D

    So why do seniors + have masks cuz its really annoying when u look down and how Slash did the lasers get removed for warden or am I retarded if removed add it back in but staff get rainbows and enlisted- just get a solid colour like blue or red then maybe add like the halo effect to when you get a headshot/ confetti
  9. S/O to @ks

    how tf do you put videos on
  10. Differnt gamemodes

    but can it be added for cs or is that not possible
  11. Differnt gamemodes

    aight man arent u adding murder tho
  12. Differnt gamemodes

    I know that it would take a long time but add an SK or 5v5, or add !knifes and !ws to JB and TTT Sorry for the time it will take you but that means more members! people are awesome that I've met and hopefully this will encourage more people to join Defy! And I know its stupid but add a fat kid server cuz that game is fun!
  13. [Accepted] Weekly Newsletter?

    Uncle...???? lel
  14. Favorite Childhood Game?

    raping littler kids and playing pokemon ruby <3
  15. New Jb game

    i like it but i dont think it fits in JB