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  1. I have a few suggestions for crim days... My first is that any rebelling T's should have a significantly higher chance of getting chosen. The prisoners being good shouldn't be punished first. This would help a lot with rebellers being the ones to withstand crim days. My second is that every time you are chosen, you should have a chance to escape the punishment, whether it be timebomb or the lightning. Maybe you should have to complete a small minigame but within a certain amount of time, such as something like the cell from undertale where you have to walk on a thin line. But make sure the minigames are hard to complete or too many people will escape crim days. My third suggestion is mainly so that CT's go straight for crim days when people are rebelling. I think that there should be a decent chance of a chosen T to be teleported to a rebelling spot in the map, such as the UMP or Scout secrets in Clouds. This will make the CT's think about whether or not to risk it and have more rebelling T's or have a chance to take out the rebellers. My final one is probably not going to happen, but it's still in the dream. When a T gets chosen for timebomb, it's easy for the guards to kill him if he tries to get to them in order to blow them up. I think that the guards should be frozen for 3-5 seconds when a prisoner is chosen for timebomb to give the prisoner a chance to blow them up. This will also make guards think about where they could put the prisoners in order for them to be unable to blow them up. The guards being frozen also gives rebellers a chance to kill them, so the guards will also have to find a decent spot to hide from any rebellers. Just some thoughts. Thanks for reading.
  2. Sir Tav III Introduction

    Hello there, I am Sir Tav III. I found this server because I was bored and my friend suggested it to me. This was only about 2 or 3 months after I bought the game, as I'm still pretty new to it. My favorite DEFY server is the Jailbreak server, which I mostly am on. Then I sometimes play TTT. Not really much to say, nothing exciting has really happened other than becoming a member.