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  1. Kelly,I told you when u put at the end of something it ruins it. Like my Profile Name
  2. Feminism
  3. What is Black, and Gurgling? A Baby in a Casserole
  4. It's not fake I swear on my life
  5. Hey, My name is Stephen but my friends at school call me Stevey. I'm 13 years old, tall for my age at the height of 5'11''. Im in to Basketball, Video Games of course, and I perform on stages by singing. I got blonde shaggy hair with blue eyes and im single rn since im only in 7th grade lol I love doing magic with cards and im really good with sleight of hand. If u want to leave some comments go ahead.
  6. This all reminds me of Masterrich since no body understands him when he gives orders lol. literally gives orders in 3 2 seconds.
  7. Why, even if someone would try and rdm with them you would need to play and gain credits to even buy one.
  8. I dont know if someone already gave this idea but I was thinking on ct's being able to buy things from shop. Imma give a few examples like. Tac grenade - 100 credits Armor - 25 credits Open Cells from anywhere - 250 credits And there could be many more ideas, if someone already had this idea just reply so I can know.
  9. So in the game First Reaction & Last Reaction if i say first reaction jump and if more then 1 person jumps I can kill them all?
  10. When did I say this XD!
  11. Hi, my name is Stewie, I like long really sexy walks on the beach. If you say no homo to any gay thing its ok. Trust me it works ;). @Kelly