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  1. TTT Death Leaderboard

    I dont like this and I this is just worse then before and the faded version is better. I barely even noticed when people are dead there is just a little - next to their points/karma.
  2. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    Nah. Too much work.
  3. Ban System

    Yeah especially active members
  4. Ban System

    I just want to say that the ban system isn't as great and how it goes. I don't understand why it goes 1 week, then 1 month, and then Permanent. it would be better if it were something like, verbal warn (except for something like mass rdm,mic spam etc) I don't think that its a good way to ban people. I'm saying this because I have been a member since June 5th and have been active ever since. I would be on maybe 4 times a week maybe, and getting perm banned after 3 bans would be just straight bullshit. And the fact that people that actively play on the servers and that joke around and get banned and then get banned again for something accidental and then after that just get perm banned. If anyone agrees comment down below something to support me in this.
  5. IcePack AiMl0CK????

    I knew he wasnt that good
  6. IcePack AiMl0CK????

  7. Fake Taser - TTT

    But using that taser on a T would show that they a T but with these it wouldnt Realized i spelled Tazer Taser
  8. Fake Taser - TTT

    For TTT I would like to see in the shop for the Traitors a fake taser. What would happen is a T would buy it for about 10k credits. What it will do is if u buy it and scan an innocent it will say they are a T. And if your a T and you use it on your T buddy it will show they are Innocent. If they die and someone discovers the body it will show as what they were scanned by. So if someone was scanned by a T as and innocent it will change their role saying they were traitor. But if an innocent kills that innocent they will lose karma and will know they person who scanned is a Traitor. This works the same way with a T scanning their T buddy. The only person that will know it is a fake taser is the Detective because when they ID/Discover the body it will show them as their original role and will show who tased that person. If an innocent discovers a buddy it will be the same as a regular ID.
  9. Joke Time

    Kelly,I told you when u put at the end of something it ruins it. Like my Profile Name
  10. Funny Offensive Joke

  11. Joke

    What is Black, and Gurgling? A Baby in a Casserole
  12. Stevey's actual intro

    It's not fake I swear on my life
  13. Stevey's actual intro

    Hey, My name is Stephen but my friends at school call me Stevey. I'm 13 years old, tall for my age at the height of 5'11''. Im in to Basketball, Video Games of course, and I perform on stages by singing. I got blonde shaggy hair with blue eyes and im single rn since im only in 7th grade lol I love doing magic with cards and im really good with sleight of hand. If u want to leave some comments go ahead.
  14. talking really fast

    This all reminds me of Masterrich since no body understands him when he gives orders lol. literally gives orders in 3 2 seconds.
  15. Ct can buy certain items from shop.

    Why, even if someone would try and rdm with them you would need to play and gain credits to even buy one.