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  1. You can't be too offensive because they wont post your quote. I like the cheaters never win quote. But to be fair the real quote is cheaters never prosper because cheaters always win.
  2. Why are black people so tall. Because their Negros.
  3. We could play civ online. Get some good political deals happening. Really show everybody who we love.
  4. This is fake.
  5. So the area that is connected to cells is considered a catwalk. But its literally connected to cells. So why is it a catwalk. I feel like it needs to be changed cause if I'm in the top cell and can walk to it then it should not be a ct area.
  6. Last time I checked no its not implied.
  7. I agree there
  8. I'm not sure on the talking to fast thing it seems very subjective. On one hand there is such thing as not saying words cause you are talking to fast. On the other a lot of people do not listen while they are in their cells. I know that for me personally i talk fast but then 3 people don't listen and they are saying its an invalid command when everybody else was paying attention. Just a thought from someone who talks quickly as warden.
  9. To be fair I talk hella fast when i give orders and nobody complains sooooo.
  10. You're not wrong. <3
  11. Hi I'm Kelly and I like to rebel occasionally and play jump rope. I also like bending over.