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  1. make an Zombie server and I'll play every day
  2. lets get 4 warnings :()
  3. ;()
  4. maybe never
  5. wtf defy I have 3 fucking warnings for just replay #hitler maybe make it like 1 year after don't replay this community is shit at the moment (mark plz man) fix it
  6. I have more then 1000+ on my profile bitch can I buy poop ?
  7. another one sooon no staff
  8. yea say sorry ;()
  10. dam that look sexy gonna fap to that
  11. lol he do this so he can get admin lmao
  12. you don't need to say the rules if you shot him and hit him then it's no rules.
  13. how long is your pp nice facts
  14. wtf I made a post like this and everybody sayed no ;()
  15. Emmmmmmm, I don't have Internett we use pop smell nice