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  1. Emmmmmmm, I don't have Internett we use pop smell nice
  2. Ofc not
  3. Roses are red violets are blue I cry myself to sleep masterbaiting for you
  4. where is my fucking name cya man I just started to play again
  5. cool
  6. welcome
  7. #Make Defy Gerat Again
  8. yea I did but not so many did see it.
  9. hello, i just wanna say that I'm leaving Defy. that's why I have been unactive a lot. gonna come back in many week. I gonna post a video on yt where I say god bye to all of you. mark I fucking love you ( gay as fuck) cyya. Mrbam stand for #MakeDefyGreatAgain. love you all so bad and been with you all for so long. remember when I was like 5 people on the server max. fun time.
  10. lie lie lie
  11. in the sky of my as
  12. I don't like the ting with force player to play, they play because they thinks it's fun but the rest +rep
  13. same here lets start a # it called #NoAuToOpenShop