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  1. Happy's Office

    For those who dont know, in teamspeak i designated the 1v1 channel as my office. That is where i would spend most of my time in teamspeak when i wasnt doing much. But after the teampseak changes the 1v1 channel was destroyed and sadly it no longer exists. This poll is here as kind of a petition to see if i should get my office (the 1v1 channel) back.
  2. ALLAHU AKBAR... i mean uhhhh, if we worked together we would all be living on the moon by now
  3. 10000 Credits!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes everyone give me your credits @Pinkie Pie @Never Done
  4. STEAM_1:0:56604435 have to put this here for now until the ban report page actually works so i dont lose it.
  5. 10000 Credits!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I finally hit 10000 credits. id like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. @SensationalUnicorn you gave me probably around 1 credits and i think it was for a freeday but yanno. @Norflayflay giving me those last 91 i needed. and @IcePack for being my dad. and to @Zarakattack for giving me a warning point that was for a joke. Heres to 10000 and 67382964 more.
  6. jailbreak is not fun

    like juggeling and shit? news flash you cant do that. every talent show its more like screaming in the mic and saying dumb shit like" my talent is that i can cum on your sister"
  7. IcePack AiMl0CK????

    I did this in black ops 2 once, there was 2 seconds left so i jumped of the cliff and turned my crosshair really quick and fired and i got a headshot. we tied tho so it wasnt the final killcam. im still mad about that to this day.
  8. Corrupted Freeday

    i agree with this idea. maybe it could be !corrupt
  9. [Denied] number of reputations able to be given

    this idea sounds like you just want to be able to get more rep on your posts
  10. jailbreak is not fun

    Nobody on the server is good at anything they all suck and just mic spam. but thats whats so fun
  11. jailbreak is not fun

    This is an opinion, I believe that jailbreak is way more fun than TTT. I went on TTT asking people whats going on and all they do is just " high sus this high sus that" really doesnt make sense to me I dont know how people find that even slightly entertaining. And im just constantly killed over and over again for doing something that i dont even know of. Really just isnt fun AT ALL.
  12. The Meme Is Finally Over

    nobody's ideas helped @milo
  13. Corrupted Freeday

    this is a great idea good job
  14. The Meme Is Finally Over

    I'd like to thank everyone for the bullshit things that they said would help but didnt help at all, and to the people that said to pour water on my mac would help (p.s it didnt) and i'd like to announce that my mic finally works in teamspeak.