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  1. Seven!'s Player Complaint

    Like 5 secs after i slayed him
  2. Name: Cuurryx Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60771496 Date of Incident: 08/17/2017 Complaint Leave to avoid Evidence https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/857227537364163149/10F52845A25746525DA29BA5191B7B50C5D7C23F/ Have you read How to Post a Complaint? 1
  3. Xd

    Not the hero we need or desire but the one we got.
  4. Today was the day.

    Just perma this kid already Xd
  5. Idea for TTT

    Sounds like something we need then
  6. Jewie2k's Introduction :D

    Congrats my dude
  7. Freekill idea

    I meant this for jailbreak tho
  8. How do you rank up?

    First you got to be a senor member my dude
  9. Freekill idea

    Can we make it where if you got freekilled you have the option to send a message of why you think you were freekilled. This would help lot for when you dont know what happened and why they want to be respawned.
  10. Ban System

    No you misunderstood what I was saying. So once you get your first ban it's a week. Then say 1 year later you get another then you have a month ban although it's been a year. All I was saying maybe there should be a long process to remove a ban mark so that when you get banned again it's only a week and not a month.
  11. Ban System

    Maybe after a certain amount of hours after the ban you get relieved of it. But if you get another ban before then you have to start over and the time is longer. I'm thinking like 150 hours to relieve a week ban and idk for a month edit: Oh and permanent is just permanent 3 strikes your out I say. Just don't mess up that much.
  12. Today is the day

    Fresh I was fishing walleye