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  1. Getting my Symmetra Golden Gun Soon :D #thegoldendream

    1. Saitama


      whats your battle tag i would add you

  2. NAME CHANGE!!!!

    welll current friends are calling me Nyquil ;p
  3. if there is anyway you can check this out but on my profile it says Im Enlisted... But I was told that my membership application got accepted. But it dosesent say member. Is this a bug, glitch, Error? Thanks for your time.

    1. SensationalUnicorn


      No Enlisted is a member rank

  4. How the hell do I change my name on here ;/

  5. NAME CHANGE!!!!

    Hi my old name was Vja and now it is Nyq. YAY NO MORE VAGINA
  6. Were would I make this post (that i'm changing my name)
  7. Hey, from all of the people telling me this I think it is time that I should change my name so it isn't thought to be a play off of Vagina. It isn't but people are dirty minded idiots. I remember reading something that you aren't allowed to change your name once you get into defy membership. If someone could tell me it would be HIGHLY appreciated <3. Thanks <3
  8. Sporks Introduction

  9. Introduction?

    Oh I forgot to add i'm a little 12 year old squeaker. Uhh what else....... uhh Oh yeah I only wear bathing suits and t-shirts because I dont give a fuck what people think about my looks... I dont have a personal opinion on others people options to judge or rate me ;p your choice. OK i'm done Now I think.
  10. Introduction?

    Hey, my In real life name is Alex, most people get confused when they meet me and ask me what to call me. You can call me V, Vj, Vaa, Alex, or.... vajina because it has gotten to that level ._. Personally I dont really care but I would prefer if you decided between those names. Parents are divorced, so at dad's house its Overwatch until I die and at moms house its MC and CSGO. Im a lazy ass who doesn't really leave the house. If Im not on its cause im at dads house (Inactivity notice was just said for you people who dont listen to my girlish voice even though Im a guy (GUY, MALE, PENIS, HAIR, (some of you ppl are like YO IS THAT A GIRL GAMER and i'm like dafuk?)) Im pretty boring to be honest. But I do have to come out and say that my favorite staff member is SIR <-- cool guy.
  11. Sushi

    I just came back from a sushi resteraunt. It was good, I had a Kumi-Un Roll and a California Roll. I need more. Just thought I should share.
  12. Profile Reguardments

    ok seems hard to use but I got it, thanks