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  1. IDReport 1555129445885 Reason: Hacking
  2. misc

    yeah I agree that we should have a 1v1 server it will bring a lot of pp in (btw i love your gif copes)
  3. Uncle is so fucking gay in the background jk
  4. this was something that i knew was going to happen
  5. smexy af
  6. rip sesnsationals droping the bass on ts
  7. IGN: DEFY | BOT Albert steam link: idk i will later post it why do i want to win:idk i want to be gredy af Number:13 other: dx bois
  8. what about me dad?
  9. xd?
  10. fuckkk dude im going to miss you ;-;
  11. Any case number:13
  12. until

    OHHH SHIT this is gonna be lit af im down bro
  13. I like every kind of music but i mainly listen to jazz
  14. Bruh its giving me options i chose basketball dude how about learning some spanish so you can give a better opinion dude
  15. So the main reason that i'm doing this topic is to say i'm a be busy to try stay on high school, if not my father is gonna drop me out and i will have to start working in his company. He gave me a list that i'm supposed to do in the weekends its on Spanish but still i'm gonna share it with you guys. If you know Spanish nice, if not then rip go look it up in google translator. (btw remember that google translator is weird and it will give some strange word or it will not give the word :D) so yeah ill leave you my xdof luck xd. bois take care y'all.