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  1. ABUSE

  2. Today was the day.

    thats a month ban and this time Im pretty sure never will not appeal it
  3. voxxie confirmed scammer

    thats how summit 1G lost his asimov
  4. RA

    Herro, Im just want to thank all of you guys that made me laugh on this community and making me happy every day. With love Albert<3
  5. BDAYS

  6. Emo x Xeno Fanfic

    You where horny when you where doing this right?
  7. VAC flick

    IDReport 1555129445885 Reason: Hacking
  8. [Rejected] 1 vs 1 - Server Suggestion

    yeah I agree that we should have a 1v1 server it will bring a lot of pp in (btw i love your gif copes)
  9. I am the AWP god.

    Uncle is so fucking gay in the background jk
  10. People Blasting Me For "Racism"

    this was something that i knew was going to happen
  11. IS EMO GAY?

    smexy af
  12. [Accepted] Forum: Your Profile "About Me"

    oh shit xeno facebook check your friends request
  13. My inventory giveaway

    IGN: DEFY | BOT Albert steam link: idk i will later post it why do i want to win:idk i want to be gredy af Number:13 other: dx bois
  14. Family

    what about me dad?
  15. Read(mrbam)