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  1. How am I supposed to slay them if the update broke source mod Smh
  2. Good thing no one knows you've been on because we would get complaints on complaints
  3. Like I went on the server and everything was so messed up. Like there were like 6 CT's while there are 3 T's. Nothing was playable. Every ct was freekilling and everyone started mic spamming at some point, and there were like some tango world wide people lul. And then I just left and went on a surf server and then a bhop server and every one was knifing and killing each other. It was kind of fun Idk
  4. Wut
  5. Wut
  6. Heh

    Wait A Minute
  7. ::::::::::::::::::::::[CHANNEL GROUP NAME]:::::::::::::: ::::::::[Channel group name]:::::::: U get what I mean yes
  8. But like that doesn't matter, the point is that why would u tell us that
  9. But is it really racism?
  10. What if the guy u were beating up told u to stop
  11. Heh

  12. Define "scope"
  13. Define "Define"
  14. But that's when they ask u to stop politely and if they don't then thats a mute So if no one asks u to stop they hen ur good but if they do ask u to stop and u don't u get mute NIGGA