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  1. fff

    Im confused
  2. I mean, if they get hurt then that would be unfair which is cheating. But idk You pickin up what I am putting down?
  3. Ohh ic ic
  4. I'm confused
  5. Wuts a chat box?
  6. Wuts a shout box?
  7. I mean, if they see a t go through vents ig they can just wait for the t to come out of armory. But if they dont see a t show signs of going to armory but they still waiting there then iggggg that's camping armory. If u Picken up what I am putting downs my good man's
  8. "Hey krim you did ct ban on you pussy"
  9. Hahaha
  10. Yes yes
  11. I remember that
  12. Well I have read the forum rules. Hoodinis fat
  13. R u high
  14. I liek the blue one
  15. "Niggas in my butt"-Hoodini 2k17