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  1. Retiring ??

    I know we all staff have done what we can to help the server so i think im going to retire for a little bit for a month or 2. I notice how more days go by and more ppl are acting toxic so ye i want to go enjoy my time while i can because i want to enjoy other games and play and hang out with my family. -Cozy
  2. He is Gay <3

  3. Rules while doing LR

    I Agree I'm on a lot and theres people who take way too long when they can just do gun toss but they delay so as admins and staff can we just slay them for delaying?
  4. AFK check

    I Agree with all but the round starts at 4:40-4:50 so they have like 40-50 seconds to get ready .But I still agree with all points
  5. Thanks to our staff!

    Wow that was really Beautiful <3 ;{ I'm crying
  6. Slient Day

    The only bad thing that is the slay command only for this day and what if the cts abuse it ?
  7. Morning & Mid-Day Admins/Mods

    I wish I could be on and help u guys out but I got to leave at 8:00 EST then my bus gets home late around 4:35 EST . Sorry for everyone who is suffering
  8. Shoot Or Dont Shoot

    It is too much work
  9. Shoot Or Dont Shoot

    Hello Guys i think everyone knows the game shoot or dont shoot so i think its opiniated because everytime people target me since im staff or they hate me for no reason so can we please do something bout this. -Cozy❤️
  10. Id Love to be on the competitive team because not only do we rank up as a team we can have and play with each other.
  11. GIVAWAY!!!!!

    Slot : 22 Steam Trade Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=178519320&token=58rrzpMu Ps: Good Luck To Everyone !!!
  12. Not active..

    Sorry if any one looked forward to playing with me i wasnt that active bc my computer is having some issues and my internet isnt working ill fix it as soon as possible 😕 -Cozy❤️😆