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  1. I know we all staff have done what we can to help the server so i think im going to retire for a little bit for a month or 2. I notice how more days go by and more ppl are acting toxic so ye i want to go enjoy my time while i can because i want to enjoy other games and play and hang out with my family. -Cozy
  2. He is Gay <3

  3. Wow that was really Beautiful <3 ;{ I'm crying
  4. Id Love to be on the competitive team because not only do we rank up as a team we can have and play with each other.
  5. Slot : 22 Steam Trade Link: Ps: Good Luck To Everyone !!!
  6. Sorry if any one looked forward to playing with me i wasnt that active bc my computer is having some issues and my internet isnt working ill fix it as soon as possible 😕 -Cozy❤️😆